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Trusted and Tested Ways on How to Use Green Screen on iMovie

feature imovie green screen effectChroma Keying or the green screen process is a universal technique post-production companies use to enhance and beautify a movie. Back in the day, we only used physical props and prosthetics to create unearthly effects associated with the film. Nowadays, as the world embraces new technologies, making special effects and visual effects on films can be done using a computer. With the help of different video editors and applications like iMovie, we can now achieve a Hollywood-like video output using our personal computers. If you haven't encountered the tips and tricks on how to add green screen to iMovie, you are really late on the trend, my friend. Therefore, you need to look at the content below on how to beautify and enhance your video using the Chroma Keying technique.

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How to Do Green Screen on iMovie

Distinctive Feature: This tool can change the background of your video even if the backdrop of the scene is in color blue.
Supported Formats: M4V, MOV, MP4, AVI, and more.

iMovie is a reliable video processing program developed and founded by Apple Inc. It is most notably known for its green-screen effects that users can utilize freely. You can replace the backdrop of the video by inserting other video clips, graphic photos, and still images that can elevate the appearance of your video. Furthermore, it is equipped with basic editing features such as video filters, transition effects, adding logos, and others that can create uniqueness and identity on the project video. Moreover, users can easily take over the video processes and methods due to its intuitive interface. It only consists of a preview player, editing panel, and editing functions located at the uppermost part of the tool.

A quick tip - read through below on how to do green screen on iMovie this brief introduction.

Step 1 Launch iMovie

First on the process is by launching and opening iMovie on your device. This tool is pre-installed on Apple devices, thus making it readily available for users to edit their videos. Once launched, circumnavigate its features and functionalities to get used to its processes.

imovie green screen effect interface

Step 2 Edit Videos using Chroma Keying

Next, import your media files by ticking the File menu to access the dropdown, which consists of the Import Media Files option. Select the files that you want to edit and hit the Import button to do so. Once done, utilize the editing panels by dragging and dropping media files on the storyboard. Highlight the video by clicking on it. Then, hit the overlay button and select the green screen effect to insert the image that you wanted to add as a backdrop. Afterward, hit the export button to save the video.

imovie green screen effect process

Step 3 Play Output Video

Finally, once the exporting process has finished, open the video file on your device's folder to play and preview it. Follow through the steps above to re-change the background video in iMovie.

imovie green screen effect process

Alternative Tool to Add Green Screen Effect to Video

Distinctive Feature: It is equipped with a color dropper to select the color you want to cut out on the scene. This feature is much easier to identify the color backdrop that iMovie lacks in its functions.
Supported Formats: MKV, AVI, MP4, M4A, MOV, WMV, and more.

AceThinker Video Editor is a prominent video processing software that can change the background of your project video. You only have to capture your material with a green screen backdrop and edit with this tool to achieve a cinematic output video. It can use still images, other video clips, and magical sceneries to be the background set-up of your project video. Additionally, it is equipped with basic editing functionalities that can beautify the appearance of the output video. These editing features are trim and clip video, picture-in-picture process, cropping aspect ratio, compress MP4 movies, and others. Not only that, but this tool can add watermarks in videos, screen capture screens, and record audio with a microphone that can be inserted into the project video.

Step 1 Install the iMovie Alternatives

To understand how to do green screen on iMovie alternative, you need to install AceThinker Video Editor on your device first. Tick any download button located underneath this step. Finish through all wizards and installation prompts to continue with the process. Afterward, open and launch the tool to browse on its features and functionalities for a better workflow experience.

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ve interface

Step 2 How to Use Green Screen on iMovie Alternative

After that, insert media files by hitting the import button on the uppermost corner of the tool. Browse over your folders to select your project files. Once imported, drag the files on the storyboard to edit and change its background. Then at the uppermost part of the editing panel, select the Chroma Keying functions. Its functionalities will be available for the editing process. Cut out the green backdrops and replace them with still images or any files that you wanted to input as a backdrop. You can also use some other functions to enhance the video further. Then, hit the export button to save the changes made on the file.

imovie green screen effect ve process

Step 3 Play the Edited Video

Lastly, locate the video on the output folder to preview and play once the rendering process is finished. To re-change its background appearance, follow through with the guides mentioned before this step.

imovie green screen effect ve play

Comparison Chart

Features iMovie AceThinker Video Editor
Target Audience Basic Basic, Prosumer, Professionals
Other Functionalities Video compressor, photo slideshow, video trimmer, video cropper, and others Screen recorder, audio recorder, video compressor, video enhancer, video trimmer, cropper, and etc.
Advantages It is a pre-installed software for Mac devices. It is compatible with Windows and Mac making it more flexible than iMovie.
Concern and Limitation Sometimes the Chroma Keying output is messy and unorganized. Not available on mobile devices yet.
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