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How to Use AceThinker Video Editor Premium

AceThinker Video Editor Premium is one of the best video editing software that enables you to edit videos by rotating, cropping, trimming, combining, adding watermarks, applying effects, enhancing videos, etc. easily and quickly. Follow the step by step user guide below to learn how to use this video editor to create an eye-catching video in clicks.

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Create fantastic looking videos within a few clicks.

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Getting Started

Download the install AceThinker Video Editor Premium following the wizard and you will get the simple interface as below. As you see, there are 8 main video editing tools. Generally, it takes 3 steps for you to edit a video. Firstly, choose the editing feature for your video to proceed. After that, you can add the target video files and start to edit them based on your needs. Finally, click Save to save the edited video to your computer.

main interface

Rotate Video

1. Select Rotate from the main interface to get access to the Rotate video panel and click Add File or directly drag the video you want to rotate to the program.

2. Adjust the video orientation by clicking the options on the left to rotate video in 90 clockwise or 90 counterclockwise. Moreover, you can also perform horizontal or vertical flip to correct the video direction.

3. When all the settings are OK, simply click the Save button at the right bottom to save the rotated video.

rotate video

Crop Video

1. Click Crop from the main interface to enter the Crop feature and you will be able to remove the unwanted black bar or letterbox from your video. Click the Add File button to load the video you want to crop or drag it to the interface directly to add it.

2. You can then select the crop area size with the original aspect ratio or set it as 16:9 or 4:3. You can also set the left margin and top margin for accurate cropping.

3. Lastly, click Save to save the cropped video to your local hard drive.

crop video

Add Effect

1. Click Effect from the main interface and then click the Add File button to add the video you want to add effect or directly drag it to the interface.

2. After the video has been loaded, you can then adjust the audio volume from 0 to 200%. And for the video effect, you can slide the bar to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue to get the best video effect.

3. All the adjustments can be seen in real-time on the right preview window. If it’s OK, then click Save to get it done.

add effect

Basic Clip

1. Click Basic Clip to enter the clip video feature panel and add the target video by clicking the Add File button or via simple drag & drop.

2. Drag the slider to set the starting and ending point of the selected video and choose to remain or remove the selected part.

3. Click Save the video editor will start to process and generate the clipped video for you.

basic clip

Advanced Clip

1. Click Advanced Clip and you will be able to clip 1 or multiple segments from the video as you like. Drag and drop or click Add Files to import the video you want to clip.

2. Drag the slide bar to set the starting and ending point of the video clip and click the new clip icon to clip another part. Or you can click the split icon to split the video into 2 parts. You can save all the video parts into separate videos or select Merge into one file to join the clips.

3. When all the settings are OK, click Save and it's done.

advanced clip

Enhance Video

1. Select Enhance Video from the main interface and you will be able to improve the video quality in multiple ways. Click Add File to import the video you wish to enhance.

2. As you see, there are 4 options for you to choose to enhance your video quality.

  • Upscale resolution: When you want to convert lower resolution video to higher resolution video, this function will be very handy for it will help you increase the video resolution with great output quality.
  • Optimize brightness and contrast: It is quite similar to the Effect function, but it's better because you don't need to adjust the parameters yourself. This function will automatically apply to get the best video viewing experience.
  • Remove video noise: With this function, you will be able to remove the annoying and unwanted dirt-like noise on the video to make it clear.
  • Reduce video shaking: Get a shaky video and want to reduce the shaking motion? This feature will be superb to help you get that done.

enhance video

3. Tick the functions you need and click Save to apply the enhancement to the video.

Video/Audio Joiner

1. Enter the Video/Audio Joiner panel by clicking the corresponding icon on the main interface and then follow the directions to add many video/audio files either way you like. Note that you can merge video and audio files in different formats.

2. Select the desired output format from the list and browser to choose a destination folder to save the joined file.

3. Click Save to combine all the files you have added in the format you want.

join video and audio

Add Watermark

Choose the Add Watermark from the main interface and add your video to the program to start adding customized watermarks. Tick Enable Watermark and you will be able to add text or image watermark on your video.

Text Watermark: Click Text and enter the text. You can then click the 2 buttons beside it to customize the font, font style, size, color, etc. to create a unique watermark.

add text watermark

Picture Watermark: Click Picture and upload a picture from your computer. After that, you can customize the watermark area on the left side or directly stretch it to put it in the right place with the best width and height.

add picture watermark

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