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Complete Guidelines: Adobe Premiere Pro Freeze Frame

feature freeze frame in premiere proFilms and movies are abundant nowadays. They revolutionized the way we spent time with our loved ones and friends. With a vast number of films created each year, many directors and post-production staff innovate and create different ideas to make their output films shine through. One of these techniques is freeze-frame. This methodology is when a single frame or scene is repeatedly shown on the output playback. Many video editors can apply this effect on the project videos. One of these video editors for vlogs is Premiere Pro. This software is well-known in the video editing community, providing a sleek and clean freeze-frame effect on videos. Yet, have you known the tips and ways to create a frame hold Premiere? If not, then this article is custom-made for you! Read through below and learn about these solutions.

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What is the Freeze Frame Effect?

The freeze-frame effect is a technique wherein you hold or pause a specific scene of the project video. It can be extended into a more prolonged duration creating an illusion that the subject is not moving. It is usually used in different films, more so in action genres, to highlight a specific fight scene. For example, director George Roy Hill utilized this technique to depict the death scene of one of the characters in the movie The World According to Garp. Also, it can be used to create a snapshot effect of the frame. Additionally, this effect can be handy in extending a title animation to provide natural and smooth effects on title cards. Moreover, an excellent way to explain this effect is like pressing the pause button, fantasizing that the moving objects suddenly freeze time. Below are the methods on how to execute this effect properly.

freeze frame in premiere pro introduction

Methodologies to Freeze Frame in Premiere Pro

Supported System: Windows 7,10, Mac OS X, macOS.
Supported Formats: MP4, MPEG, MPE, MPG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2), M2V (DVD-compliant MPEG-2), MTS (AVCHD), MOV, FLV, AVI.

Adobe Premiere is storyboard or timeline-based video editing software developed by Adobe Inc. It uses a non-linear editing system meaning it can edit media files like audio, video, images offline or without the help of the internet. It supports high-resolution videos of up to 10K video quality. Moreover, it uses different basic editing functions such as trimming, cropping, adding filters, annotations, merge GIF, and enhancing the video. It uses different ways to add Adobe Premiere freeze frame effects. Read through below on which method is suitable for you.

Key Features:

  • It uses chroma keying to provide cinematic effects together with frame-freeze.
  • It has 32 bits of the color channel, making the effects applied are more enhanced and vibrant.
  • It is equipped with essential graphics and motion graphic templates.

freeze frame in premiere pro interface

Below are the guides on how to apply the Frame-freeze effect in Adobe Premiere

Method1: Premiere Pro Frame Hold

Inside the Adobe Premiere, it has a timeline editing panel where you can add effects to your project video. You have to import your video files on the software by dragging them on the project menu. To apply the Hold Frame effect, see the listed steps below.

  • First, you have to drag the video file on the timeline-editing panel. Then, utilize the built-in media player to preview the project video. Select the scene that you wanted to hold the frame.
  • Next, right-click the video to have access to different features. Afterward, select the Add Frame Hold menu to apply the effect.
  • Lastly, the effect will cut the video into two clips, where the first clip ends at the scene you wanted to freeze. Extend the duration of the first clip, which depends on your preferred length.

freeze frame in premiere pro hold frame

Method2: Insert Hold Segment

There is another option to the process of Adobe Premiere freeze-frame, which is to insert hold frame segments. It is similar to the first method stated above, yet it provides a different approach. Take a look at its listed walkthrough below.

  • First, add the video file on the storyboard and utilize the inbuilt player to select the specific frame you want to pause.
  • Then, right-click on the video to access a different video process. Select the Insert Frame Hold Segmen, and it will split the video files.
  • Finally, it will provide a new clip on the paused frame with a duration of two seconds. Extend the effect by dragging it to the right to create an illusion of a freeze-frame.

freeze frame in premiere pro frame segement

Method3: Adobe Premiere Pro Freeze Frame by Export

In this last method, you can create a freeze-frame effect by using the Export Frame button. This button is located at the Source Monitor. With the aid of a program monitor, you can directly export your preferred still frame. Beneath this description is the listed guide to do it.

  • First, position the playhead on your desired frame. Utilize the media player to select the exact frame.
  • Afterward, hit the export frame button, and a dialog box will appear. The specific frame from the original frame will be transformed into still images.
  • For the finale, extend the still image according to your preferred duration. By doing this, it will create an illusion that the frame has frozen for a long period of time.

freeze frame in premiere pro export frame

Why Do We Need To Freeze-Frame Our Videos?

The method of applying the freeze-frame effect can be used on several scenarios and project videos. You probably came across some of these effects on different movies or TV series you have watched. Below are the most critical aspects of why you need to do the Premiere Pro pause frame.

1. Narrative

This technique is well-known to many narrative films because it adds exposure to a specific scene or frame. Whether the film’s character is taking a photo, a freeze-frame will highlight the scene well. Many directors also use it to create title sequences allowing actors’ names to be displayed on the screen.

2. Emotive

Freeze-frame can also highlight a dramatic scene to build up emotions and execute them naturally. It can also be used on some comedic reactions or fail videos to boost the comedic environment on the specific frames.

3. Focusing

The methodology on freeze-frame effects is effectively applicable, focusing on a particular object or brand. This will emphasize and highlight a specific product or brand. This method is usually used in advertisements or product videos.

freeze frame in premiere pro the end

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