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Review of the Best 10 Free Video Editing Software for Mac

feature free video editor mac Earlier the task of video editing was perceived to be a difficult one by beginners. The video content creators depended on professional video editors to trim or add unique elements to their videos. However, the advent of several user-friendly applications and tools has made the task easier. Now even beginners can edit the videos from scratches and accomplish the task with precision. Mac users can edit the videos hassle-free by using some top-grade applications that allow the users to merge different videos, incorporate unique elements, switch audio tracks, etc. The selection of the right video editor determines the quality of the task. So it would help if you chose the tool after a thorough scrutiny of the user's requirements and the features available in the software. Now the availability of these tools has enabled Mac users to avail of the free software for video editing.

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Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is one of the best free video editor Mac, ideal for beginners who are not much aware of the nuances of video editing. It is an essential tool for Apple users. It is already installed on Mac devices, and it is free to use. It allows the users to edit videos of up to 4K quality. Apart from the beginners, the experts can benefit from it as a tool as well. For instance, it comes with some professional-level features for including unique elements in the videos. If you are a Mac user, you can easily create small video clips, split the videos, add audio tracks, and seamlessly import videos from iPad or iPhone. It also allows sharing the video project on iCloud. However, the number of advanced features in the applications is limited, and experts often find the scope of this tool limited. The best thing about this tool is that it creates a platform for beginners to learn and gradually attain mastery over video editing.

free video editor mac apple imovie interface


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • It allows 4K video editing.

  • It includes a lesser number of advanced features.
  • It comes with fewer editing tracks.

Movavi Video Editor Plus for Mac

Movavi Video Editor Plus for Mac is extensively effective for both Amateurs and Professionals. This free video editor comes with highly advanced and professional-level features. The seven-day free trial makes it easier for the users to check the application's compatibility and use it accordingly. You can use it for any video editing purpose as it has been designed to serve multiple requirements. Even if you are looking for video editing options for personal use or your social media, you will find several features that enhance the quality of your content. You have to select the video and drop it into the timeline for adding some special effects and intros. Again, you can use advanced features to create videos with different clips, merge audio tracks, and add visual effects for creating professional videos. Standard features like transitions, chroma-keying, and video stabilization are used to develop complex videos. Again the in-built features of recording voiceovers for editing the videos and introducing background commentary can be added by the expert video makers for added effects. After availing of the free trial period, the video creators often shift to the paid version of this tool.

free video editor mac movavi interface


  • It is easy to use.
  • It comes with many special effects.
  • It allows voice overs using the built-in camera and microphone.

  • More features are available only in the paid version.


Lightworks is an ideal tool for adding special effects to the video. It is mainly used by professional movie editors and has been used to edit famous Hollywood films. Since many features of this tool are one of the best free video editors for Mac, experts and beginners can make the most of the unique elements of this application. The time of the application is user-friendly as it follows the expected standard for editing videos, and you can incorporate audio tracks in the videos using this tool. It also comes with a set of tutorial guides for beginners and the videos' music clips. However, the accessible version of this application allows only 108p output. Therefore, it is also excellent for team video editing.

free video editor mac lightworks interface


  • It has a massive stock of special features.
  • It is ideal for professionals.

  • It has more benefits for paid versions than the free version.

DaVinci Resolve

Professionals mostly use it. It is also replete with highly advanced features that are effectively utilized in the movie editing process in the Hollywood industry. Moreover, DaVinci Resolve has a wide range of benefits for free users. It can support up to 8K video and incorporates AI to enhance the editing quality. The HDR support enables improving the color in the videos and helps in making required adjustments. If you want to trim the videos, you can use it seamlessly for adding transitions and cutting videos.

free video editor mac da vinci resolve interface


  • A wide range of features and special effects.
  • Supports 8K video editing.

  • Some features are complicated.


OpenShot is ideal for the open-source community and the best free video editing app for Mac. This tool also supports operating systems like Windows and Linux. It is pretty easy to use as it has a simple interface. Here you can insert photos and video clips and also merge them. You can also avail of basic video editing features for trimming your clips. Moreover, you can include other essential elements like animations, slow-motion effects, etc. It also supports over 70 different languages with the help of translators and supporters.

free video editor mac openshot interface


  • It is suitable for beginners.
  • It supports around 70 different languages.
  • It has animation features.

  • Its speed is limited.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express offers around 400 special features which beginners and experts can use. The interface is user-friendly, and beginners can manage the features without any hassle. The built-in features allow beginners to build up their knowledge. The animations also improve the video quality. Moreover, you can also turn the photos into 3D-style scenes and also develop commentary-style videos with pictures.

free video editor mac hitfilmexpress interface


  • It comes with VFX features.
  • It allows 3D-modeling.
  • It supports up to 4K video.

  • It is a bit complicated to attain mastery.


Instead of focussing on advanced video editing features and 3D animations, Avidemux highlights the essential video editing qualities. The core tools of the application enable the editor to introduce special effects. You can use it for all major formats for video editing. You can also change the design of the videos, add subtitles, cut and trim the length of the video and introduce an audio track. This free app has no watermark. Although there are limited features in this application, the functionality has immense scope. For automating the tasks, you can also create customized scripts using Javascript. If you are adept at coding, you can also create separate plugins. Although it appears to be a bit outdated compared to the other video editing tools, its simple approach makes it perfect for beginners.

free video editor mac avidemux interface


  • Simple video editor with the basic features.
  • It allows making separate plugins.
  • It has no watermark.

  • The layout is somewhat outdated.
  • It has limited features.


If you are looking for options for 3D modeling, Blender is the ideal choice. For Mac users, it is another option, especially for handling complicated projects. If you want to create complex 3D videos, Blender can help you with its advanced features. Blender offers advanced features at the primary level, such as audio editing, chroma-keying, transitions, slow-motion effects, etc. You can also combine various video clips, add special effects, and preview to have a final glance at the changes made. Moreover, you can create 3D-modeled scenes once you attain mastery over handling the different features of this tool. Again it allows creating animations and converting 2D drawings to 3D. Furthermore, you can give shape to your imaginations and improve the video quality. Finally, it also enables motion tracking so that you can reconstruct realistic images in 3D.

free video editor mac blender interface


  • Ideal for 3D modeling.
  • It has several effects and features.

  • It comes with a very high learning curve.
  • It is not beginner-friendly.


Kdenlive is a very easy-to-use tool, and its primary special effects allow color gradients to enhance the video quality and add filters to improve its visual appeal. This tool is perfect for beginners, but for professionals, the scope is limited. However, you can use this tool for editing videos of all formats.

free video editor mac kdenlive interface


  • Easy to use.
  • It is compatible with all video and audio formats.

  • It has only the basic features.


Using Jahshaka, you can add several features of animations and 3D effects using this tool. The viewers can experience these using VR headsets. You can also insert shapes, images, textures according to your preference.

free video editor mac jahshaka interface


  • It is ideal for virtual reality projects.

  • Its video editing qualities have recently depreciated.


The above-said applications are replete with various unique elements that the video content creators or editors can use based on their requirements. Thus, Mac users can use these free movie editor mac and create basic or complex videos with extreme precision and dedication.

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Last updated on August 8, 2022

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