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The Best Free Video Cutting Software to Trim Large Files

feature free video cutter Suppose you are a photographer by profession or even a hobby of filming and video shooting. In that case, you must have used some fine video cutters to edit your long and large videos for editing purposes. The best way is to trim video online free if you are not professional. On the other hand, you can purchase a paid or go for a free video cutter. You need to have immense knowledge about the available free online video cutter for large files in both cases. In the following article, you will know the 10 best online video cutters for free.

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Acethinker Free Online Video Trimmer

Acethinker Free Online Video Trimmer is the best free online video trimmer that cuts video to the precise and accurate length you desire. There are only three easy steps to cut video online free with this trimmer. Simply upload your video directly to the web page by drag and drop or browse option. Start trimming by clicking on the Processing tab. Next, input the time by yourself or set the slider by setting the start and end times of the video. The Acethinker keeps the desired cut-out part of the video and saves it in the format you want, including MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, WebM, 3GP, and more.

free video cutter fovd interface

Free Video Cutter

If you want to split your video files into short clips, you need this Free Video Cutter. It has been popular to cut video online for free for years now. It also gives you the utility to cut and split recorded files and download them in excellent quality. It would help if you closed your thumbs to trim video online free while using this video cutter. There are two options of selecting a video, uploading it by drag and drop, or going to browse. Input your settings and hit the Process option to start cutting the video. Select the beginning and ending by moving the cursor back and forth on the time bar. Select the video formats from the given AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MPEG 1/2, MP4, VOB, MPEG4, DivX, Xvid. Save the video on your device.

free video splitter free video cutter

Video Edit Master

Video Edit Master is one of the most user-friendly free video cutters. To trim video online free, you need to upload the file and then select the time frame. You can also save it fast in the original video quality. The only drawback of this free online video cutter for large files is that it only supports AVI and MPEG video files. Browse your video from the system and select it or directly use the drag and drop option. Select the time settings from where you want to pluck out the desired part to start the process. As it only supports AVI and MPEG, the video clip will be saved in these formats.

free video cutter videoeditmaster interface

Moo0 Video Cutter

Moo0 Video Cutter is one of the free video trimming software you can maximize as it allows you to trim large video files available on the internet is the Moo0 video cutter. It is best for those who are new to videography and want an easy-to-use interface. It is also best to use when you do not know much about pixels and do not want to lose your video's excellent quality. The process is also fast and simple to cut your desired clip out of the large video file. You just have to go to the video cutter site and drop the video on the slider. Start trimming the video by selecting your desired time frames on the slider and start the process. Save the best quality video file in any format.

free video cutter moo0 video cutter interface

Media Cope

If you want a video to be saved in many different formats, Media Cope is the best to do that. The additional quality of this free video cutter is its multi-purpose interface. It is a media player, cutter, and converter. However, it exports the video to a bit lower quality than the original one. Go to the Media Cope website and select the video you want to trim. The easy-to-use interface will guide you throughout the process too. Check out the slider and select the time interval from where you want the video clip. Start the cutting process. Save the best quality video file in any given format mp3, aac, WMA, FLAC, mp4, Mkv, 3gp, WMV, MOV, Avi, Divx, Mpg, Flv, Rmvb, VOB, DAT.

free video cutter media cope interface

Free Video Cutter Joiner

Editing is an exciting aspect of videography; when you have the privilege to cut the video, many of us also want to join the video clips sometime. Free Video Cutter Joiner is a unique free video cutter that allows you to cut the unnecessary and boring parts from the video and join the interesting parts wherever you want. There are two sections: Video Joiner and Video Cutter. First, select as per your preference. Instantly import the file by clicking "Add File." Click on the 'Cut' button to initiate the process. Before that, but the start and endpoints of the video. This video cutter and joiner are compatible with 3GP, MP4, MPG, RMVB, AVI, F4V, MPEG, RM, MOV, WMV, VOB, MKV, ASF video file formats.

free video cutter freevideocutter interface

Cute Video Cutter Free

Cute Video Cutter is a free video cutting software that provides an online facility to cut your large videos into one or many small clips. The advantage of using this trimming tool is that you do not lose the quality of the video, and it can be workable for diverse file formats. Add the file to the browser, select and start cutting video segments of your favorite file. Chop off the undesired portions and keep wanted clips. You can cut various video formats MP4VCD, VOB, DAT, AVI, MPEG-1/2, DVD, MOV, WMV, DIVX, XVID, and MKV. Save the cut clips on the device. Save the clip without losing compression, and retain the best quality video.

free video cutter cute video cutter free interface


This free online video cutter for large files allows you to move the two markers at once to select the beginning and end of your clip. Clideo is nothing short of the simplest yet most useful online video trimming utility for beginners. Open a file up to 500 MB directly in the browser, and start cutting video segments of your favorite file. The video trimmer goes with all the conventional formats such as AVI, MP4, VOB, MPG, MOV, etc. Move the marker to choose the desired part. Save the clip to your desired location.

free video cutter clideo interface Online Video Editor Online Video Editor is a free online editing tool that allows you to split and cut your video into several clips in just a few clicks. You can further cut each video clip separately if you want. Just drag and drop the edge of a clip to trim it chunkier. Split your video into many parts or rearrange the clips as you want it on the timeline; move the marker forward and back, or put it in any location. You can export the clips as one video file to your desired location when you are done with your edits.

free video cutter veed interface


Video2Edit is an incredible tool to trim video online free. It is a multifunctional editor that lets you rotate and rotate, cut, compress the video, and normalizes the audio. In short, it is a Do it all free video cutting online software. Choose the video from your system or the cloud backup. Before starting the process enter the timestamps to cut your video. The format is Hours: Minutes: Seconds. You can convert your edited file in many file format options given on the website.

free video cutter video2edit interface

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