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Review of the Top 6 Best Free MP4 Video Splitter

feature free mp4 splitter MP4 videos are a cute way of capturing memories, moments, and proofs. Sometimes you can catch the bounties of nature in your camera lens too. It is not easy to record small and catchy clips, so you need to cut unnecessary parts. Many online tools, i.e., free MP4 splitter, split your video into two or more pieces. If you are new and do not know how to break video without losing its quality? Dividing an extensive video into numerous small clips is effortless as long as you get your hands on a good video splitter. Here let's check some of the best free MP4 video splitters you can use to trim and split long MP4 videos into clips.

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AceThinker Free Online Video Splitter

The first on our list of MP4 video splitter-free is Acethinker Free Online Video Splitter. This video splitter and cutter are uncomplicated to use. It should be your first choice when you want to split your videos into several parts to keep only the clips you want. There is a “+ box” on the browser; you have to drag the video file over it to split. You can pick any video clip from any of your devices or systems. Afterward, click on the “Start Splitting” button to keep the video clips you want. The non-selected part will be discarded automatically. Lastly, click the “Export all” button to save the clips.

free mp4 splitter fovs

Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter is a free web app online if you need to split an MP4 video file. You do not have to install any software; all the work is done on the browser. You can perform cropping, rotating, formatting, trimming, and effect editing online. Open the file or directly drag and drop it to the browser. Format the video by selecting your preference. Start trimming the video with the help of a time slot moving forward and backward. You can easily clip the MP4 video parts you want to get rid of. There are many editing options available on the online video that does not affect the quality of your MP4 video. You can also convert the format and export it to the device.

free mp4 splitter online video cutter


Clipchamp is an MP4 video splitter online that also supports WebM, AVI, and MKV. This MP4 splitter cuts and edits in your browser and offers a complete set of features for long video editing. They have social media templates and a simple-to-use interface for beginners. Moreover, advanced features like transitions and color adjustment tools are also there. Sign Up on Clipchamp for free and choose a video. Open the video file to edit on the website. You can perform three functions, i.e., video splitting, split or combine videos, and trim excess sections. You can export videos up to 480p with the free version, and for the 720p full HD videos, you must use their paid account.

free mp4 splitter clipchamp


VideoToolbox is an MP4 video splitter free that supports huge video files up to 1.5GB in size. You can crop, cut, merge, and split your favorite videos into sections. You can even upload multiple files simultaneously to customize and the output of files too. It is a freely available MP4 video splitter; the procedure is a bit lengthy. Still, it is worth a try for huge videos. You can even upload a movie to split. Play with the features available on the splitter and do as much formatting as you want. You can edit and export the file in MP4 format on any device you want.

free mp4 splitter video toolbox


Clideo is a multi-purpose online MP4 video splitter with a vast range of editing and formatting features. If you are a social media video maker, then this online splitter is for you because you do not need anything else from start to finish; you have everything. Select a video through the browser. Format, split, squeeze, cut, merge, crop, and add subtitles to your MP4 videos. Watch the preview and save the result.

free mp4 splitter clideo


Kizoa helps you customize your MP4 videos by adding text, inserting picture-in-picture captions, adding filters and special effects. It is also famous for splitting MP4 video. Kizoa also does video conversion to other formats and allows you to export your videos to online social media sites directly. As it is a mobile and desktop application, you can pick up the file from any device and drop it to edit, resize and split. Now add your music or customize it as you want with many features offered by this free online MP4 splitter. Preview the result, convert if you want, or export it to the device.

free mp4 splitter kizoa

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Last updated on August 8, 2022

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