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Best 10 Free MP3 Cutter Joiner Perfect For Audiophiles

feature free mp3 joinerWhen you feel tired or lonely, music is one of the things we rely upon. We use this entertainment medium to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city noise. There is no doubt that we spend a lot of time listening to music. According to a study by a global measurement company, Neilson, Americans almost listen to music for around 4.5 hours a day. However, that time is not enough for most people to groove and move with their favorite songs. So, most of us rely on video streaming services to listen to more music. Nevertheless, some tools can aid you when you need to listen to a long music playlist without an internet connection. The tools we are suggesting are the free MP3 cutter joiner. If you are trying to look for one, your search is over; this article collected them. Read through below for you to know the better audio joiner for your device.

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Top 10 Remarkable Free Audio Joiner

1. AceThinker Video Editor

Distinctive Feature: This tool has inbuilt free music. Users can merge these free stock songs on their project audio files with these free stock songs.
Supported Music Formats: MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, M4A, WMA, AAC, OGG, and others.

AceThinker Video Editor is worthy of attention when it comes to editing entertainment mediums. Not only can it enhance and create cinematic video output, but it can also produce good quality music. Users can merge and join songs without hassle with its timeline editing panel. This process is possible due to its low hardware requirements; it only needs 1GB of RAM. Even low-end PCs can combine music and audio files. What is more, it has inbuilt music stocks that users can utilize. Users can use this accessible music to transition to other audio clips. These free music stocks make the tool a qualified, free MP3 joiner. Beneath are the steps on how to merge MP3 files with this video editor for vlogs.

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Step 1 Install the Free MP3 Cutter Joiner

The first step to merging MP3 files on your computer is to install AceThinker Video Editor. You can click any available download button above to get the correct installer for your device. Then, run and analyze the file to pass through the different installation prompts. Once it is installed, launch its interface and acquaint yourself with its functionalities.

acethinker video editor interface

Step 2 Merge MP3 Online Free

The subsequent guide is to import your MP3 files on its system. You can drag the file on the media tab to easily add them to the tool. Once all set, drag the file on its timeline editing panel. Then, organize them in the sequence you want to have. You can utilize different beautification and enhancement for the MP3 files.

free mp3 joiner like acethinker video process

Step 3 Export and Play

The last step for this walkthrough is to export the MP3 files. Hit the export option located at the uppermost part of the timeline panel. Afterward, a new window will appear that will provide different export options. These parameters are file format5, audio quality, and output location. Then, hit the export button for the last time. Later, go to the file's output location and play to preview it.

free mp3 joiner like acethinker video play

2. 123Apps

Distinctive Feature: This online tool can merge an unlimited number of MP3 or music tracks.
Supported Music Formats: MP3, WAV, and M4A

123Apps is a single-purpose audio joiner online that provides a seamless MP3 joining process. It enables users to arrange the MP3 files according to their desired sequence manually. This tool's excellent feature is that it can trim down the audio clips. With this process, audio enthusiasts can remove unwanted clips or recordings associated with their audio files. Moreover, it provides a lossless quality process; users can ensure the quality is not distorted due to the merging process. Lastly, its interface is simple, yet it will provide an experience like a pro audio editor. It provides wavelength and audio waves that are pleasing to the eye of the editors. Therefore, this tool is considered one of the most excellent music joiners on the internet.

merge audio files with 123apps

3. Clideo

Distinctive Feature: It has a crossfade effect that can be used as a transition for your multiple audio clips.
Supported Music Formats: MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, and other formats.

Clideo is another web-based MP3 joiner online free for its patrons and audiophiles. It can add multiple MP3 files to its system and combine them in one format. It can also import music clips located at different cloud-based storage. Some of these compartments are Dropbox and Google Drive. In addition, users can import multiple clips and combine them in one MP3 format. This process is why this tool is known as a reliable MP3 joining tool. What is more, it has an intuitive interface. Users who do not have any experience merging MP3 files can easily circumnavigate this tool. It only has one button to import limitless audio clips on its server and merge them in one output.

merge audio files with clideo

4. Free MP3 Joiner

Distinctive Feature: Users can directly select and choose the output location of their merged MP3 files.
Supported Music Formats: MP3 only

Free MP3 Joiner is an excellent MP3 joiner freeware with its straightforward process. It allows users to merge MP3 clips and directly save them on the designated output folder. This quick process is possible due to its uncomplicated interface. There are a few buttons located on its interface, and there are descriptions of the purpose of each button. This button scan merge MP3 songs quickly and precisely. What is more, this tool is entirely free of charge, and no registration is needed to operate its functions.

merge audio files with free mp3 joiner

5. Free MP3 Cutter Joiner

Distinctive Feature: Audio enthusiasts can cut pieces from large music files and merge them into a single MP3 container.
Supported Music Formats: MP3 only

MP3 Cutter or Free MP3 Cutter Joiner is a free MP3 cutter joiner that provides a seamless joining process. As its name states, this tool can cut or trim large audio clips and extract them from its original files. Then, users can merge the extracted MP3 and turn them into a single output. In addition, the process is quick yet provides a lossless quality output file. What is more, this tool is entirely free of payment and usable even without creating an account.

merge audio files with mp3 cutter

6. Simple MP3 Cutter Joiner Editor

Distinctive Feature: It can edit and customize the metadata of the merged MP3 files.
Supported Music Formats: MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, AAC, WMA, and WMV

Simple MP3 Cutter Joiner Editor, as its name iterates, this tool can trim audio clips and combine them into one single output. This process is possible due to its collective number of editing tools. Some of these tools are trimming, cutting, and pasting different sections of MP3 files. You can also merge an unlimited number of clips on this tool. In addition, it is designed with different Muxers and encoders to provide lossless merging quality output. It is one of the notable reasons this tool is tagged as the best MP3 joiner freeware.

merge audio files with simple mp3

7. Helium Audio Joiner

Distinctive Feature: It can edit and customize the metadata of the merged MP3 files.
Supported Music Formats: MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, and others

Helium Audio Joiner is an MP3 joiner freeware that is suitable for your device. It can merge MP3 clips and turn them into one audio output. It has a simple walkthrough on how to utilize this MP3 merger. Users can utilize the Add file button to import the MP3 clips that they want to merge. Then, the system will provide them an option on what location they can save their output MP3 files. By ticking the Join files button, the system will automatically join the MP3 clips without any hassle.

merge audio files with helium

8. MP3 Cutter

Distinctive Feature: It can export merged MP3 for different audio presets like iPhone ringtones.
Supported Music Formats: MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and others

MP3 Cutter is a well-known audio joiner online that provides lossless merge MP3 files. This tool has crossfade effects that create a smooth transition from one file to another. This effect can create an illusion that the merged clips are recorded in one file. Users can also rename the MP3 files under the file name option. In addition, users can toggle the MP3 files up and down to arrange the sequence of the files. Moreover, this tool is compatible with the Amazon cloud, which removes the imported MP3 files 24 hours after the merging process. It is also free of any payment, and no sign-up account is needed to utilize its functions.

merge audio files with mp3 cutter

9. Shuangs Audio Joiner

Distinctive Feature: It has no configuration options suitable for new audio enthusiasts to merge MP3 files.
Supported Music Formats: MP3, WAV, and WMA

Suppose you are trying to merge multiple MP3 files, but you are not tech-savvy users; Shuangs Audio Joiner may lend you a hand. This tool has an intuitive interface where its buttons are located at the uppermost part of the tool. With this feature, users can easily merge video clips without issues. In addition, it presents different information about your audio files, such as the frequency, channels, and samples. Moreover, you can select video quality up to 320kbps, the highest quality for audio files.

merge audio files with mp3 cutter

10. FileConverto

Distinctive Feature: It can merge up to 10 MP3 files and produce a single MP3 file in 320KBPS.
Supported Music Formats: MP3 only

FileConverto is an online and dedicated free MP3 Joiner. The tool helps users merge multiple MP3 files to produce a single MP3 file. Since it is an online tool, it works on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other supported browsers. Furthermore, users have the advantage of inserting an MP3 file at a maximum of 50MB per file. The good thing about using this MP3 joiner is that users can merge the files in a single click. The tool is perfect for beginners who do not want to configure other settings before merging their files.

merge audio files with fileconverto

Different Mainstream Songs Merged Together

As the new era emerged, new music and audio genres were created. Some audiophiles have creative ideas to create new songs with popular harmony. We call these mashup songs. This output music combines or blends two pre-recorded songs and creates one musical output. Beneath this introduction is the listed popular mashup songs created by different artists.

  • Pop Danthology (2014) by Daniel Kim
  • Never Gonna Wake You Up - AVICII & RICK ASTLEY
  • United States of Pop 2009, created by DJ Earworm
  • Anatomy of a Megamix
  • Pop Songs World 2016

mashup songs on mainstream

Comparison Chart

Software Other Functions Supported Platforms Limitations and Fallbacks
AceThinker Video Editor Filtering, merging video clips, background changing, and others Windows and Mac It is not available for mobile devices.
123Apps No other functions Web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and more. Sometimes it has pop-up ads.
Clideo Audio converter Web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and more. The import process is slower than other online audio joiners.
Free MP3 Joiner No other functions Windows 8 only It can only merge two MP3 clips.
Free MP3 Cutter Joiner Trimming audio clips Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista. Sometimes buggy, it hangs when merging multiple clips.
Software Other Functions Supported Platforms Limitations and Fallbacks
Simple MP3 Cutter Joiner Editor Trimming and cutting Windows 8 only It has an outdated interface.
Helium Audio Joiner Trimming, cutting, enhancing and more Windows It has many buttons that can be bothersome to use.
MP3 Cutter Convert audio clips Web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and more. The export process is a bit slower than other web-based MP3 mergers.
Shuangs Audio Joiner No other function Windows It does not have any functionalities for computer software.
FileConverto Convert audio clips Web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and more. Many ads were observed.
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