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Edit FLV Files With These 10 Leading Video Editors

icon of flv files and video editorDid you know that FLV is a file extension primarily used with a player to transmit video files online? It is a format that can store video files with high-quality resolutions. It is also often compared to MP4, a video format that can hold large files with high quality. Videos with FLV format are usually found on YouTube, especially when you download the video to your device to create a new video out of the original video. Therefore, you will need a perfect FLV video editor that can produce your desired video output.

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Top 10 Free FLV Editor

1. AceThinker Video Editor

Distinctive Feature: It has over 50+ transitions, filters, and overlays.

First on the list of FLV video editors is the AceThinker Video Editor. It is a tool that is rich in video editing tools and features. It includes the following tools: cutter, trimmer, cropper, and more. Aside from that, there are also excellent features that you can use for free. You can add subtitles, audio and video effects, filters, and ready-to-use outro and intro templates. You will enjoy utilizing this tool since it has comprehensive navigation and functions that are uncomplicated to use. Lastly, this FLV editor offers over 40+ video filters that you can apply to your videos.

inserting music on video with acethinker video editor


Distinctive Feature: It can produce high-quality videos with 4K and 8K resolution.

If you are looking for a versatile FLV editor, you have to check out VSDC. It is a tool that has many advanced video editing tools and features. The features and tools include a built-in conversion tool, DVD authoring, audio, and video effects, and numerous transitions. You can also edit green screen effects with VSDC. Aside from FLV, you can also edit other videos with different formats such as MP4, M4A, MOV, and many more. Did you know that Hollywood moviemakers used to edit their videos in VSDC? Some of the famous 3D animation movies like Avatar are edited in VSDC.

split screen and edit videos in vsdc

Use this tool for long videos like movies and series.

3. Avidemux

Distinctive Feature: It provides various languages for interface, including French and Italian.

Avidemux is another tool that allows you to edit FLV video Windows 10. This tool offers configuring options and features that are free to use. You can insert background music, audio, and video effects and insert subtitles. Aside from that, you can edit FLV videos in Avidemux offline. This tool is free, and it supports a wide range of video formats such as MP4, MOV, WMV, and more aside from FLV. Lastly, Avidemux has a simple and clean interface that helps you have a smooth editing process.

avidemux white interface with preview window

Use this tool if you are a beginner in video editing.

4. Movavi Video Editor Plus

Distinctive Feature: It renders and processes videos quickly.

Another tool you can use to edit FLV files is the Video Editor Plus of Movavi. Aside from the essential editing tools, it also offers many advanced features. The advanced tools and features provided by Movavi include ready-to-use intros and outros templates, special effects. Moreover, you can also use this tool to stabilize your video, add voiceover, keyframe animation, and create a picture in picture with webcam videos.

media bin tab of movavi with preview window

Purchase their Pro version for $59.95 to utilize their advanced features.

5. Veed

Distinctive Feature: It offers over 100+ elements and stickers that you insert on your video for free.

Veed is an FLV editor online. It has a video editor's essential tools and functions, such as split and inserting subtitles. You can also apply filters, add text, transitions, and other elements like emojis, logos, shapes, and music visualizers on your FLV file. Its basic yet powerful interface has many features to offer for free. But with its free version, you can save your video with watermarks. You have to subscribe with their Pro version to remove the watermark, and they offer their Pro version for $24 annually.

veed interface with navigations in color white

Use this tool when editing short video clips.

6. OpenShot

Distinctive Feature: It has waveforms as the visual of the audio in your video.

OpenShot is a cross-platform and free FLV editor that can be used by Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Aside from that, you can also use their other advanced features, such as the animation framework, which allows you to have a smooth video since it offers transitions like fade, slide, bounce, and more. It also has unlimited tracks and layers that you can use to add watermarks, audio tracks, and background videos. Lastly, using OpenShot’s video effects engine, you can remove the background of your video, adjust colors, and invert the colors.

openshot dark user interface with preview

Create 3D animated titles and effects with this tool.

7. Shotcut

Distinctive Feature: Shotcut has many hotkeys from the name itself that you can use to have a quick start of editing.

Shotcut is considered one of the best FLV editors since it supports a wide range of input and output formats of audio and video files. It also has multi-format timelines, framerates, and resolutions that you can apply to your projects. Did you know this can export videos? High-quality like 8K and 4K resolutions. It also has a lot of new versions that are free to download. Lastly, Shotcut is a free open source video editor perfect for professional video editors. It is not automatically updating, so you can keep your favorite version of Shotcut.

edit video in shotcut with navigations around interface

With this tool, you can create your video thumbnail.

8. Movica

Distinctive Feature: It offers comprehensive and straightforward editing tools.

If you are looking for a perfect video editor for FLV video files, you should check out Movica. This tool has the tools you can use to edit videos, and it includes cut crop, split, and more. It also has minimal advanced editing features such as adding subtitles, background music, and voiceover. Aside from that, Movica allows you to play your video while you edit it with their powerful tools. Moreover, this tool is compatible with any output and input formats like MP4, MOV, M4A, and more.

movica icon and interface

This tool is perfect for beginners.

9. Free Video Dub

Distinctive Feature: Supports a wide range of sharing platforms.

Free Video Dub is another tool that you can use to edit FLV files. It is also a freeware tool that supports various video formats like MP4, MOV, M4A, and more. With this tool, you can retain the original quality of your video clips. Although its user interface looks simple beyond its navigation and tabs, powerful tools such as cut, crop, split, and more. Free Video Dub is an FLV editor that supports a multilingual interface that makes it easy to use for all people worldwide. Lastly, Free Video Dub has a simple process of exporting videos.

video editor with audio visual

It can be used to learn how to edit videos.

10. VideoToolbox

Distinctive Feature: It can also be used as a converter.

Last on the list of FLV video editors is the Video Toolbox. It is an online free editing tool to crop, trim, and split FLV video clips. This tool allows you to edit videos up to 1500 MB. Aside from having the essential editing tools, you can also use its advanced editing tools such as audio extraction, filtering, adding embedded subtitles, and watermarks. Aside from editing videos, you can also convert videos into different types of containers by adjusting the video’s bitrate, frame rate, and resolution.

dark interface of video toolbox

Edit short video clips with this tool to create a complete video.

Suggestion and Comparison Chart

After reviewing every video editor, you can use to edit; we highly suggest checking out the AceThinker Video Editor you can use to edit FLV video files. You can also download the tool using the download button below.

Try it for Free.

Tools Supported OS Disadvantages Price
AceThinker Video Editor Mac, and Windows Unavailable on mobile devices. $39.95 Yearly
VSDC Windows It doesn’t have a video stabilizer. Free
Avidemux Linux, Mac, BSD, and Windows Editing tools are basic. Free
Movavi Video Editor Plus Windows Not compatible with other operating systems. $59.95
Veed Windows Free trial has watermarks. $24 Yearly
Tools Supported OS Disadvantages Price
Openshot Linux, Mac, and Windows It crashes sometimes. Free
Shotcut Linux, Mac, and Windows Sometimes it has bugs. Free
Movica Windows It has basic tools. Free
CFree Video Dub Online Based Tool Editing tools are basic. Free
VideoToolbox Online Based Tool It has limited tools to offer. Free
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Last updated on August 8, 2022

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