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Better Solution on How to Flip a Video in Premiere Pro

feature flip video premiere proHumans are fond of preserving unforgettable memories in our life span. Whether we attend a wedding program, dance recital, or blog about our grandparent's good old days, we always make a copy of them by video. Although we have different tools to capture videos, such as camcorders and professional cameras, we always use our smartphones. The output video can sometimes be in the wrong placement or disoriented by doing this. For instance, the subject moves left to right in one shot; then, switching on the next frame with the right to left movement can throw off the audience's eye's trace. Maintaining eye trace is the third rule of video editing. Yet, most enthusiasts tend to forget about this error. But, we have a great solution to remove this mistake. There are tools like Premiere Pro that can do the job for you. We have curated different ways on how to flip a video in Premiere Pro. Read them below!

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Step by Step Guide to Flip Video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Distinctive Feature: It uses a plug-in to flip the project video with lossless quality.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a reliable video editing utility that can provide a cinematic output. This tool uses different video editing processes to enhance the video, flipping the project video. This function can create a mirror image effect on the original video. What is on the right now appears on the left. Additionally, its third-party plug-ins, such as basic 3D, can turn around the project video. What is more, this plug-in can flip videos stored in different popular formats. These containers include MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and more. Furthermore, users can easily navigate and perform the flipping process effortlessly with its comprehensive interface. All the function that needs to utilize how to flip video in Premiere is located at its source panel.

Here are the steps to flip videos in Premiere Pro CC.

Step 1 Install the Adobe Premiere Pro

The first guide you need to acquire a cinematic result is installing the Adobe Premiere Pro. Go to its product page to acquire and download its installer. Then, run the downloaded file on your computer. Finish through all prompts and wizards. After that, launch the tool to better understand its features and navigation. By doing this, it will provide you with an excellent workflow experience.

flip video premiere pro interface

Step 2 Flip Video Premiere Pro

Next, import your media files by utilizing the Project panel. Drag and drop your media files to add them successfully. Then, transfer them on its Timeline panel to edit and flip it further. To apply the flip effect on your project video, go back to the Project panel and access the Media Browser option. Use its search bar to locate the Basic 3D plug-ins. Then, drag and apply it to your project video. By doing that, the effect will provide users access to its parameters located at the Source panel. Locate the swivel effect and toggle the indicator to flip the video up to 180 degrees. Make use of the inbuilt media player to preview the flipped video.

flip video premiere pro process

Step 3 Export and Play the Video

Lastly, save the project video by clicking the export button. Then, wait until the process ends. A notification will inform you that your video is ready to play. Locate it in the designated folder. Afterward, play and preview it to check if the changes are now in effect. To re-flip another video, follow through the walk-through above.

flip video premiere pro play

You can also flip video vertically. Use the Tilt effect of the Basic 3D plug-ins to do it.

Flip Video with Adobe Premiere Pro Alternative

Distinctive Feature: This tool has a built-in flip button. This function is much easier to utilize Premiere Pro since it uses an intuitive button instead of a degree indicator.

Looking for a cross-platform and featured pack video editing utility for your computer? AceThinker Video Editor is a suitable candidate. Its functional editing features can edit project videos to a Hollywood-like video output. One of its significant features is flipping a video. This function provides a quick way to swirl your video from left to right. It can flip the video up to 180-degree, applying a mirror effect. It can also flip videos without damaging their original quality, not as other tools do. This tool has a comprehensive button, Making this software intuitive enough for its user. Its basic editing functions consist of video background changer, adding effects and more. Furthermore, it is considered one of the excellent Premiere Pro alternatives due to its independent editing functions. This dictum means its editing functions are not dependent on any third-party plug-ins. This is its main advantage against Adobe Premiere Pro.

Below are the detailed Guidelines on Premiere Pro flip video horizontally alternative.

Step 1 Download The Premiere Pro Alternative

The initial guide you need to follow is to install the AceThinker Video Editor. Get its set-up file and run it on your computer. Finish through the prompts to continue with the process. Then, launch the tool to familiarize its navigation and features. This way, you will have a better editing flow and experience.

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ve interface

Step 2 Import Your Video File

The subsequent step you need to perform is to import your video files into its system. Hit the import button located at the Media tab. Then, select the import file on the drop-down, and it will provide you access to your device folders. Choose the file you want to flip and hit the open button to import it successfully.

flip video premiere pro ve import

Step 3 How to Flip a Video in Premiere Pro Alternative

To continue, drag-and-drop the video on its Timeline panel. Then, highlight the video by clicking it twice. A new toolbar will appear, and it will provide you with a list of different features to enhance the project video. Next, select the "Flip Horizontal" button under the rotate feature to swirl the video 180 degrees opposite its original orientation. After that, hit the OK button to save the effect entirely.

flip video premiere pro ve process

Step 4 Export and Play the Flip Video

Eventually, to save the effects applied to the project video hit the export button. A helpful reminder will appear to notify you that the rendering process is done. Subsequently, go to its output location to play and preview the video. To flip the video again, follow the steps above.

flip video premiere pro ve play

Use the vertical flip button to tilt the project video upright.

Another Alternative To Premiere Pro Flip Horizontal

1. iMovie

Distinctive Feature: Its flip function is associated with the video effects option pre-built in its system.

iMovie is an extensive video editor that provides good quality output to its users. Its flip function is easy yet tricky to find on its features. This is because it is located together with different video filters and effects. In addition, it can flip the project videos 180 degrees opposite their original orientation. This feature makes a mirror effect on the project video. It has extensive video editing functions such as reverse video in iMovie, and more. Unlike Premiere Pro, this tool provides exact 180 degree flipping effects. Additionally, it has a built-in media player where users can preview the ongoing editing process. Furthermore, it is considered one of the Premiere Pro alternatives in the flipping video due to its comprehensive button. Underneath are the detailed guidelines on how to flip video in Premiere alternative.

  • The first procedure you need to perform is to launch the iMovie on your device. Since it is already a pre-installed utility on Apple devices, you don’t need to install it.
  • Next, import your media files and drag them on the timeline editing panel. Highlight the whole video to apply the effects on the whole video. Hit the overlapping circles to access the video filters.
  • Then, select the flip video effect to swirl the orientation of your project video. Click the export icon to store the changes. Afterward, locate the video in its designated folder and play it.

flip video premiere pro imovie

You can also flip video with your iPhone device with this tool. It has a similar walk-through mentioned above.

2. Clideo

Distinctive Feature: It can also convert flipped videos to any video format.

Clideo is one of the prominent tools that are web-based. It provides a precise function purposely for video flipping. It consists of only two buttons to flip your video. Additionally, it can flip videos up to 180 degrees, making it an illusion that the video was captured in a mirror. It also works with all popular formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, VOB, WMV, and others. Furthermore, this tool is one of the best Premiere Pro alternatives due to the advanced API that makes the process faster. Below are the listed guides on how to flip a video in the Premiere Pro alternative.

  • First, access Clideo on your web page to navigate its interface. You can access it using Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer, and more.
  • Next, on its interface, hit the flip video button to import your media files. Then, a new window will appear to provide you with two buttons to flip your media file.
  • Lastly, tick the Horizontal Flip function to swirl your video 180 degrees opposite its original appearance. Click the export option to save it on your device. Then, Locate it in its designated folder and play it.

flip video premiere pro clideo

Users can also flip their video vertically by utilizing the latter button, Flip Vertical.

3. Kapwing

Distinctive Feature: It can flip videos saved in different cloud-based storage such as Drive, Photos, and more.

Kapwing is a cross-platform editing utility that better adjusts while flipping the video project. It is equipped with a powerful UI that provides a smooth and precise flipped output video. Additionally, it uses the Mirror option to flip the video 180-degrees from its original orientation. You can both flip videos horizontal and vertical with its mirroring function. It has essential editing functions, including video filtering, YouTube trimming, and split-screening. Lastly, this tool can flip videos from the internet by utilizing its web search bar to import the video file. This feature is lacking in Premiere Pro, making this tool one of its suitable alternatives. Beneath is the listed walk-through on how to use this Premiere Pro alternative.

  • First, go to Kapwing’s interface by accessing it on your web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and more.
  • Next, hit the start editing to access its web-based editor. Then, upload the video file by dragging it on its platform.
  • Lastly, select the Mirror function to flip the video horizontally. Afterward, hit the export option to save the changes applied to the project video. Locate the file in its designated folder to play and preview it.

Final Thought and Comparison Chart

After reading this write-up, you will be educated on the suitable tool perfect for your device. Suppose you want to access advanced editing features such as motion tracking aside from flipping videos. In that case, Adobe Premiere Pro is the one you should use. Yet, suppose you are looking for a free and reliable tool to compete for Adobe Premiere. In that case, AceThinker Video Editor is the one you need. It also provides a comprehensive and easy way to flip your project video. On the other hand, if you are looking for a pre-installed flipping tool for your Apple device, iMovie is the one you can hold on to. Nevertheless, Clideo and Kapwing provide a primary flipping function without using any computer utility. Below this conclusion is the comparison chart that will guide you further on which tool you should use.

Software Supported Platform Target Audience Concerns and Limitations
Adobe Premiere Pro Mac and Windows Prosumer, Professional For flipping functions, utilizing this tool is too technical.
AceThinker Video Editor Windows and Mac Basic, Prosumer, Professional Not available on mobile devices
iMovie Mac only Basic Restricted only for Apple devices.
Clideo Chrome, Firefox, and more. Basic Too slow to import video.
Kapwing Chrome, Opera Mini, and mobile browsers Basic It needs to avail its premium access to have 1080p output video, which costs $24 a month.
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