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In-depth Review of 10 Best Alternatives to Filmora

feature filmora alternativeChange is inevitable and no one can resist it. As our modern world continues to innovate, so do the ways in how we please our entertainment cravings. Nowadays, we mostly rely on different social and video-sharing platforms to fill and kill our excess time. Over 45% of net users watch over an hour of video content on YouTube and Facebook a week. With that in mind, many content creators and video enthusiasts utilize video editors for vlogs such as Filmora, to enhance and beautify their content. This tool is well-known due to its simplicity and suitability to different operating systems such as Windows and Mac. But like most software, this tool suffers from its fair share of drawbacks. Most notably is a watermark on its trial version, and more. So in light of these limitations, this article gathers around the most reliable Filmora alternatives that you can utilize for video editing.

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Best 10 Alternative Software to Filmora

1. AceThinker Video Editor

Price: $49.95
Hardware Compatibility: Windows and Mac
Why can it replace Filmora?: It can insert a watermark and product logo that Filmora does not have in its feature.

First on our list when it comes to creating stunning videos and software like Filmora is AceThinker Video Editor. This tool can turn creation into an eye-catching video by combining and merging different media files into a cinematic video within a few clicks away. Whether users wanted to produce a business promotion video, software review, family vlogs, education tutorial, and more, these are possible with its functional features. Some of its features are, video trimming and cutting, rotate and crop, splitting and combine, adjust brightness, and more that can enhance the video output. More so, it offers a variety of visual effects including vignette, jitter, grayscale, and more.

A detailed walkthrough on how to use AceThinker Video Editor.

Step 1 Download the Filmora Alternative

First, install the AceThinker Video Editor by clicking the “Download” button provided below. The first button is for Windows operating system and the latter is for Mac. Pass through the installation prompts by following the guidelines and instructions of installation wizards. Once it is fully installed, launch the software and familiarize its functionality.

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ve interface

Step 2 Edit Video

Next, to start editing the video click the “Import” button to add clips and video footage on the software. Then, drag down the uploaded media files into the “Timeline” pane to start enhancing and editing the video. Utilize different editing features such as filter, overlays, effects, transition, and more to beautify the output. Click the “Export” button to render and save the video.

filmora alternative ve edit

Step 3 Play the Output Video

Lastly, to locate the output video, go to your device’s folder, and browse over its output location. Then, click the video to preview and play it. To re-edit videos, follow through the steps mentioned above.

filmora alternative ve play

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Price: $20.99 monthly.
Hardware Compatibility: Windows and Mac
Why can it replace Filmora?: It can do project sharing wherein many users can edit and enhance a project video instantly.

Others would say that when we are talking about a video editing software like Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro is the cream that rises from the top. With its editing features, users can create Hollywood-like movies in an instant. Some of these are multiple project importation, Photoshop sharing, graphic panels; including text and title templates and so much more. Furthermore, this tool has a Lumetri Color Panel that editors can use to modify and alter the hue and the brightness of the project video. Moreover, it can do audio-video auto-syncing to match the beat of the music into the video clips that are being modified. This feature is perfect when it comes to making lyrics and music videos.

filmora alternative adobe premiere

3. Final Cut Pro X

Price: $299.99 one-time price.
Hardware Compatibility: Mac only.
Why can it replace Filmora?: It has a Multicam feature wherein users can create video clips with different camera angles with the same time codes.

Final Cut Pro X is a stunning video editor software similar to Filmora that can add 3D titles into the video. It can also remodel lighting, aesthetics, and animations. It uses a magnetic timeline which is not mostly found on non-linear editor software. This magnetic timeline utilizes clip connections to keep clips and secondary lines in sync. Additionally, media files that are recorded on different devices can be synced automatically by utilizing audio waveforms, timecodes, and markers. Moreover, users can create closed captions or subtitles in the timeline or import an external file on the timeline to add a subtitle.

filmora alternative final cut pro

4. Blender

Price: Free and open-source video editor.
Hardware Compatibility: Linux, Mac, and Windows.
Why can it replace Filmora?: It comes with unbiased rendering engines such as a Multi-core GPU rendering feature with SIMD acceleration.

Blender comes in handy as a video editor alternative to Filmora when it comes to open-source software and freeware editors. It is well-known for its 2D and 3D animation features wherein users can interchange 2D and 3D videos and vice-versa. It also has motion tracking wherein users can trace the motion of the objects or camera in the project video. More so, its basic editing features include live preview, luma waveform, histogram, chroma vectorscope. It can also modify video clips using audio mixing, syncing, waveform visualization, and scrubbing.

filmora alternative blender

5. KDenlive

Price: Free and open-source video editor.
Hardware Compatibility: Linux, BSD, and Windows.
Why can it replace Filmora?: It facilitates multi-tracking editing which allows users to facilitate and work on an unlimited number of video projects.

KDenlive is another free Filmora alternative that can insert video and audio effects on the project video. This tool developed various editing features such as video normalization, equalization, rotation, blurring, and blue-screen feature, that can enhance the input video. It also has dozens of video effects and transitions, it has a color correction and audio adjustments. Not only that, but it has a vast number of video scopes that can monitor the audio level of the video. Some of these media scopes are Audio Meter, Waveform, RGB Parade, Vectorscope, and more.

filmora alternative kdenlive

6. PowerDirector

Price: $19.99
Hardware Compatibility: Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.
Why can it replace Filmora?: It uses Multicam and 360-degree editing tools that allow users to modify and manage four different camera angles at once.

PowerDirector is a well-known software like Filmora that can craft and transform videos into professional-looking output perfect for YouTube, Facebook, and other video-sharing platforms. It can mask and blend video clips with its features such as Layer, Shape, and Blending tools to create artistic scenes. Additionally, it can bring dynamic looks to the video with smooth animated effects by utilizing the Keyframing features. Moreover, it enables users to remove backgrounds and create Hollywood-like movies with its Green Screen feature.

filmora alternative powerdirector

7. DaVinci Resolve

Price: $299
Hardware Compatibility: Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Why can it replace Filmora?: Its free version does not have any usage limit and does not stamp watermarks on the output project.

DaVinci Resolve is a fabulous color corrector and non-linear video editing software this 2021. Even though this tool was initially resolution-independent, users can do a lot of things on its editing features too. Some of these are, color correct, polish, edit, and render videos. Additionally, it has audio mixing and audio effects that can enhance the quality of the soundtrack making the output more professional-looking. Moreover, it uses Chroma Key that enables users to implement overall effects on the video footage.

filmora alternative davinci resolve


Price: It is a free Filmora alternative and its pro version is $19.99.
Hardware Compatibility: Windows only.
Why can it replace Filmora?: It can enhance and edit videos and export them at 120fps.

VSDC is non-linear editing software that is capable of processing high-resolution videos such as 4K, UHD, 3D, and VR 360-degrees. This tool also allows users to apply post-production effects, motion tracking, and color correction on the project video. Its basic editing features include cutting, splitting, resizing, merging, trimming, speed change, and so much more that users can utilize. Furthermore, it is equipped with video stabilization that removes and enhances shaky footage. Moreover, it is equipped with a built-in camcorder and screen recorder that allows users to include recorded activities on their desktop screens.

filmora alternative vsdc

9. VideoScribe

Price: $39 per month.
Hardware Compatibility: Windows and Mac.
Why can it replace Filmora?: It is a web-based video editing software that creates beautiful-looking videos without the need to install complicated software.

VideoScribe is a platform that creates whiteboard creation for its users automatically. This tool was developed and produced by Adobe Flash, QuickTime movies and Flash video. In line with these, the output videos or the exported files can be saved into QuickTime video containers, Flash video, and etc. Additionally, it is equipped with free library images up to 8,000 photos that users can utilize. It also has a vast number of royalty-free music tracks that users can insert on their project footage. Furthermore, this tool has a built-in recorder wherein users can record a voiceover and import them on the project video.

filmora alternative videoscribe

10. Avidemux

Price: Free
Hardware Compatibility: Windows, OS X, Linux, and BSD
Why can it replace Filmora?: It has a Multithreaded video decoding feature which users can edit and render videos quickly and smoothly.

Last, on our list a great Filmora free alternative is Avidemux. It is equipped with simple editing functions such as trimming, filtering, transitioning, and merging video clips. Additionally, the output appearance of the project footage can be developed using its color correction features to change the contrasts and hues of video clips. More so, this tool is essential when editing and trimming recorded video from different video platforms which sometimes have a paid promotion on the content.

filmora alternative avidemux

Comparison Chart of Filmora Similar Software

Software Supported Formats Concerns and Limitation
AceThinker Video Editor AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG, MP3, OGG, JPG, PNG, etc. Not available on mobile devices.
Adobe Premiere Pro MOV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPE, MPG, and more. Some video containers are not compatible, such as specific types of MKV files.
Final Cut Pro X QuickTime formats. MPEG, H.264, and more. It uses too much file space for the project video.
Blender OBJ, FBX, 3DS, PLY, STL, etc. Blender's Interface has seemingly-cluttered menus.
KDenlive QuickTime, AVI, WMV, MPEG, and Flash Video, others. Not Stable, crash frequently.
PowerDirector HD MPEG-2, DVR-MS, DV-AVI, DAT, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, VRO, ASF, WMV, WMV HD, MOV, etc. Ads for upgrading to the pro version are obviously distractive.
DaVinci Resolve ARI, MTS, MXF, AVI, CIN, DNG, DPX, CDX, MP4, MXF, EXR, MOV, more. It has inconsistent functionality and features that aren't clearly explained.
VSDC AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, WMV, MKV, Real Media, SWF, more. No Video Stabilization tool on its free version.
VideoScribe AVI, WMV, MOV and more. Too many bugs.
Avidemux Matroska, MEPG, MPG, and more. It crashes sometimes.
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