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Straightforward Walkthroughs to Crop Video on Premiere Pro

feature crop videos in adobe premiereVideo is one of the prominent media in the entertainment industry. We, humans, are fascinated by watching video clips, movies, and news reports every day of our lives. With this fascination and interest, we created different ways to acquire videos. We usually capture them using our smartphone cameras, screen record our favorite live stream shows and download movies from different sites. Yet, not all sources are of good quality or appearance. Some downloaded videos have watermarks or logos that can be irritating if you want to enjoy watching movies. At times, when recording live stream videos, content creators are inserting borders on their videos, which can ruin the entire content. Therefore, tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and other video processing programs were created to easily resolve this issue. And, this article accumulates and collates the easiest tips on how to crop a video Premiere Pro and its alternative.

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Ways to Crop a Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

Distinctive Feature: This tool is compatible and works well on different third-party plugins that can create stunning cinematic output.
Price: $27.62 per month, which includes 100 GB of cloud storage.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video processing and editing software developed by Adobe Inc. It has become one of the prominent tools used in different award-winning movies such as Gone Girl, Deadpool, Terminator, and more. Cropping a video is simply like adding a filter to the video. It enables users to manually crop videos from left to right or top and bottom. It offers three functions to crop the video: the circular ratio, the rectangular ratio, and the latter is the free-form selection. Additionally, Premiere Pro crop video frame in high precision by utilizing the percent indicator to guide users to have an accurate cropping process. Moreover, it is equipped with basic editing processes that can beautify the project video. These features are adding filters, inserting transition effects, adding text, and others. Below this description are the detailed guidelines that can help users crop videos with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Step 1 Install Adobe Premiere Pro

First, to use Premiere Pro crop video, you have to download it on your device. Look for the latest conversion of this tool. Install and download it on your drive. Then, wait for the wizards and prompts to finish to save it entirely. Once done, launch the tool and get familiar with its processes and navigation.

crop videos in adobe premiere inteface

Step 2 Adobe Premiere Pro Crop Video

Next, right-click on the Project Media panel to import media files on the software. Then, drag-and-drop the videos file on the Project Media Bin located at the centermost part of the tool. Afterward, highlight the video on the Media Bin and go to the Effects panel. Then, type CROP on the search bar to access the features and drag and drop it on the bottom part of the video. By clicking the crop effect, the software will provide the different functions to crop it: the rectangular, circular, and free-from selection stated above these guidelines.

crop videos in adobe premiere process

Step 3 Save and Export Crop Video

Lastly, go to the File menu, hover over on the Export option and tick the Media. Subsequently, a pop-up window will appear to provide different features to modify video parameters. These are file format, video preset, output location, and others. Once fully exported, go to the designated location of the file and play it to preview and check it. To re-crop videos, follow through with the guidelines stated beyond this step.

crop videos in adobe premiere export

Alternative Easier Way to Crop Video Anyway You Like

Distinctive Feature: This tool utilizes advanced acceleration technology that enables users to crop videos in the precise and fastest way that Adobe Premiere lacks.
Price: $49.95 with lifetime support and upgrade for two PCs.

AceThinker Video Master is a multi-format video processing software that can crop video at ease. Its cropping process is smooth and quick with the help of rectangular markers or borders. With these borderlines, users can precisely crop a portion of a video while seeing the real-time output with the help of an inbuilt preview player. Not only that, users can crop the aspect ratio by modifying the Crop Area or the number of pixels of the video manually. Furthermore, it offers many aspect ratio templates for users. These are 16:9, 21:9, 6:3, 1:1, freely, and more. Lastly, users can easily circumnavigate its processes and features due to the comprehensive buttons and placements of each function. To crop video on Premiere Pro alternative, follow through the walkthroughs underneath this description.

Step 1 Install the Premiere Pro Alternative

To begin the process, install the Video Master on your device. Tick any button on the download links below. Afterward, go to the download folder on your drive and install the software on your PC. Finish through the installation wizards and prompts. Eventually, a pop-up window will appear, which is the interface of the software. Circumnavigate its function and video processes to get-used-to on its functionalities.

vm interface

Step 2 Crop Videos in Adobe Premiere Alternative

Next, import the media file by ticking the “+” button or dragging it directly on the interface. Once imported, click the Shooting Star icon to access the cropping feature. Select the aspect ratio you prefer to apply to your video. On the same window, there are different tabs that can enhance the project video. These are effects and filters, audio, watermark, and subtitle. Afterward, hit the OK button to save the cropped video.

crop videos in adobe premiere vm process

Step 3 Export and Play Cropped Video

Finally, tick the Convert All button to initiate the cropping process to export and render the video. Wait until it finishes. Then, access the video by going to the output folder. Tick and play the video to preview and check. To re-crop the aspect ratio, repeat the preceding steps mentioned above.

crop videos in adobe premiere vm play

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

There we go, these two tools are the most prominent software that can crop video at ease. They both can enhance the video appearance and compress MP4 or any format to become a cinematic video output. Additionally, they are both equipped with professional video processes that can make a video clean and professional looking. Yet, with these similarities, they also have differences. To further analyze these two tools, you can check the comparison table below.

Software License Type Supported Formats Other Functionalities Limitations
Adobe Premiere Pro Trialware MOV, MP4, MPEG, etc. Video editor, slideshow maker, video trimmer, and more. Too expensive for entry-level video editing software.
AceThinker Video Master Freemium Service MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, H.264, MKV, and more. GIF maker, video editor, video converter, compressor, video enhancer, and others. Not available on mobile devices.
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