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How to Crop Video in Windows 10

video cropping on windows 10 Video editors and content creators use lots of video editors to make their content amazing. It's in high demand to crop video in Windows 10 when you want to concentrate on a particular part of the video or remove unwanted areas. For some beginners, selecting an application that they can operate independently might not be simple. This article will demonstrate how video editors crop Windows 10 using the most popular methods with no difficulty.

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The Best Solution to Crop a Video on Windows 10

The best and most influential video crop app for windows 10, which also gives you added benefit, is none other than AceThinker Video Editor. It is fast and allows you to create your video in just five minutes. It permits you to carry out every editing task to give an impressive final. It has a range of effects that you can add to your video to reach even higher quality. You can add unique titles and captions that enhance the quality of your video and are unique. With these fantastic effects, you'll be able to create a video that you will be proud of.

Feature Highlights:

  • Cut and trim videos to eliminate unwanted parts and only get the required parts.
  • Modify the audio files using editing tools such as trim, speed up, split or slow down, change the volume, and more.
  • Over 50 dynamic transitions are available to create smooth photo slideshows and video slideshows since the transition will appear more natural.
  • There are over 40 stunning filters you can use to style the video and alter the style and the feel that the film has.

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Step 1 Choose a video

In the first step, you need to install the AceThinker Video Editor complete the process then launch the tool. After that need to import your media files from the destination location.

ways to import your videos on video editor

Step 2 Cut/crop your video

Next, select the particular video in the timeline and select the Crop option to enter the video crop window.

how to crop video on video editor for windows 10

Step 3 Save your video

After you are satisfied with the video cropping, save and export the finished video.

save cropped video on device

Crop Videos on Windows 10 Using VLC Media Player

Another video cropper, Window 10, is VLC Media Player. It is referred to as a media player, and it can also function as a video cropper. With the VLC crop video feature, you can cut videos however you like. Let's look at what you can do to cut a movie in VLC Media Player:

Windows video editor crop screen guide:

  • If you are using VLC on your PC, then go there to "Tools" > "Preferences".
  • You can set the preferences for cropping. Select "All" under "Show Settings" and then navigate on to "Video" > "Expand Filters" > and then "Cropadd." After that, enter the specific pixels to crop from top/bottom/left/right as you like. After that, click "Video" > "Filters" and then tick "Video Scaling Filter" and hit "Save";
  • You can add video files to crop. Click on "Media" > "Convert/Save" and then press "Add" to add the video file "Add" button to import one of the files for cropping.
  • The video that you cropped should be saved. Hit on the "Browse" button to get the destination folder. Then, press the "Start" button to cut the video.

set up vlc to crop video

Online Video Cropper Windows 10

1. Clideo

Clideo is among the most well-known online crop video windows 10 tools. It has the default sizes for several major social networks to crop a video, which means you won't need to create an equilateral. Additionally, this online video cropper can work with various video output formats, including AVI MOV, MP4, and so on. You can pick the appropriate video format after you have cropped it.

How to crop a video Windows 10:

  • Upload the video you wish to crop. If you'd like to upload it, you can do so to the account you have on Dropbox as well as your Google account.
  • Select the video you wish to cut. Once you have that, you can select the output file format for the file.
  • After your video is edited and converted, you can save it to your computer.

how to crop video on clideo


EZGIF is a different online video cropper Windows 10 to crop your videos. It can work with various formats, such as MP4, MP4, MPEG, and many more. This video cropper makes it easy to cut unnecessary portions from your footage. Additionally, you can change your aspect ratio using one of these presets to make your video square or 4:3, 16/9, and numerous others.

How to crop video Windows 10 Online:

  • Move to the Online Video Crop Tool page and select the video you want to crop, click the video you want to cut using your PC, then click "Upload the Video."
  • Select "crop video" in the toolbar. Select the region you wish to keep from saving the footage. You can also change your aspect proportion and the output file format. Once done, click "Crop video!"
  • You can then preview the video that has been cropped. Select the "save" button to download the video to your computer if you're satisfied with it.

how to crop video online

FAQs About Video Crop Software for Windows 10

1. How do you crop a video in Windows 10's hidden editor for video?

If you've been a long-time Windows 10 user, you're not unfamiliar with the built-in video editing software - Photos. It's undoubtedly equipped with an editor that lets us create a project, add it to a storyboard, and post-process it using basic options. It only lets you cut your video into smaller lengths instead of cropping it to remove the unnecessary space. Be aware that it offers the capability to "remove black bars" if the video you want to watch has. There is no way to crop the specified area manually.

2. Can you cut a video within Windows Media Player?

In truth, Windows Media Player itself has no editing tools. Even if you install the SolveigMM Trimmer plugin, you will only cut the length of the video by trimming the beginning and end. It isn't able to crop videos on Windows 10.

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