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Quick Tips: Compress Video Windows 10 Movie Maker

feature compress video with windows movie makerVideo has become one of the essential media files in our modern world. With our technologies and devices' diversity, capturing videos takes a tremendous amount of file size in our storage. An average of one-hour duration of a single video will take at least 3GB to 70 GB to store on our device. This will cause trouble if you are using a smartphone to store video files. We usually have 64GB up to 256GB on our mobile devices; storing one video with 70GB of file size is not recommended. Luckily, we have different video compressors that can compress MP4 that is available. Yet, are you familiar with what tool to use? If you are a Windows user, you have compatible software to utilize, Movie Maker compress video. Below are the detailed walkthroughs to utilize Windows Movie Maker and its alternative. Check them out!

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How to Compress Video Files with Windows Movie Maker

Distinctive Feature: It has the ability to export compressed video directly to YouTube and DVDs.
Supported Formats: ASF, AVI, DVR-MS, MPEG, MPV, WM, WMV, etc.

Windows Movie Maker is a pre-installed video editing software for Microsoft computers. It is a pretty comprehensive and user-friendly tool. All of its functions are located at the uppermost part of the tool. It is equipped with essential editing tools such as trimming, cropping, splitting, and video background changer. It is also designed with advanced editing functions such as photo stabilization and voice-over recordings. Moreover, it has a free stock of music that users can add to their project video. Though this tool is not intended as a video compressor, it has the smart way to reduce file size on its functionality. Beneath are the detailed walkthroughs on how to use Windows Movie Maker compress video.

Step 1 Launch Windows Movie Maker

To begin on Movie Maker compress video process, launch the software on your desktop screen to circumnavigate its functionalities. If you are using Windows7, this tool is pre-installed editing software. If you are using higher versions, download it on the different web stores. Then, familiarize its navigations and features for a smooth process.

compress video with windows movie maker inteface

Step 2 Compress Video Windows 10 Movie Maker

Next, import your file on the tool’s interface by dragging it on the storyboard. Wait for the system to analyze the video. After that, go to the File menu and look for the Save Movie option. Hover over on the video preset that you want to have on your project video. These video presets are for high-definition display, email, Android Phones, YouTube, and more. You can also modify the video file size by customizing the bitrate, frame rate, and aspect ratio of the video. Click on the create custom settings and modify the parameters. Hit save to export the video.

compress video with windows movie maker process

Step 3 Play the Compressed Video Video

Lastly, go to the output folder of the software on your computer. Look over the compressed video and check the file size of the original video and compare it to the compressed one. Tap the video to preview and play it. To re-compress, the video with Movie Maker follows through the process above.

compress video with windows movie maker play

Movie Maker Alternative to Reduce Video Size

Distinctive Feature: It uses the latest acceleration technology and advanced video processing algorithms for fast speed compressing that Movie Maker does not have.
Supported Formats: It supports MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, WebM, MXF, M4V, XviD, DivX, ASF, DV, VOB, MPEG, 3GP, FLV, and more.

Since the discontinuation of Windows Movie Maker, we are all aware that it is hard to acquire its license on the internet. Some web stores offer the tool's installation package for free. Yet, the file is a malware computer virus that can harm our computer system. Thus, instead of acquiring the last version of Movie Maker, we can utilize an alternative tool. AceThinker Video Master is a fully-fledged video compressor that can compress large video like Movie Maker. Whether a video was captured in the camcorder or recorded using a smartphone, this tool can compress MP4 50x faster. This fast compression process without losing the original quality of the video is possible with its Blu-Hyper technology. In addition, it can do the batch conversion and compression process, which enables users to instigate compression for multiple videos. Moreover, it is entirely free of charge to use. Underneath this description is a full guide on how to compress video Windows 10 Movie Maker alternative.

Step 1 Download the Movie Maker Alternative

First, to start the compressing process with the Video Master, download the tool by ticking any download button below. Wait for the system to analyze the package. Then, pass through the wizards and installation prompts. Once installed, acquaint yourself with its functionalities and navigation for a smoother process.

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vm interface

Step 2 Import Video Files

Next, go to the Toolbox menu to add video on Video Master. This menu will let you access the different video editing functionalities. One of these features is the Video Compressor. Select its button to access the Import Box. Hit the "+" to add media files on the software. Wait until it fully imports the media file.

compress video with windows movie maker vm import

Step 3 Compress Video with Windows Movie Maker Alternative

Once the video has been imported, a dialogue box will appear. This box will provide different video parameters that you can utilize to reduce video size. These are the File size, Video Resolution, Bitrate, and more. The standard way to reduce the size of a file is by toggling the marker on the Size menu. Swipe it to the left to modify the file according to your preferred size. Then, hit the Compress button to initiate the compressing process.

compress video with windows movie maker vm compress

Step 4 Play the Compressed Video

Finally, go to the tool’s output folder and locate the compressed video once the process is done. Next, select it to preview and play the video. To re-compress, follow the guidelines above.

compress video with windows movie maker vm play

Comparison Chart

This comparing table will provide you extensive knowledge on what tool to use for your to compress videos for Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and various video-sharing platform. Look below to know more other functionalities for these video compressing tools.

Features Windows Movie Maker AceThinker Video Master
License Freeware Freemium Service
Device Presets iPhone, Android, DVD, etc HTC, Samsung, Android, iPhone, Apple TV, and more.
Supported Platform Windows Only Windows and Mac
Concerns and Limitations It was discontinued. Not yet available on mobile devices.
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