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Best Alternative Windows Media Player Reduce File Size

feature compress video with wmpIn the era of having high-quality videos such as 4K and 1080P, media files are enormous in file size. 4K footage with an average 60 minutes duration is a whopping 300 GB in file sizes. In this matter, you need to have a large amount of storage to store high-quality videos on your device. The most common technique that regular people do is to expand their storage capacity. Additionally, some of us resort to downloading low-resolution to save storage capacity. However, there is an unknown technique that most people need to learn. This technique is by compressing a video file into a smaller size. One of the convenient tools to use is Windows Media Player. This media player can reduce video file size quickly and efficiently. Yet, this tool was discontinued to be associated as the pre-installed program on the newest version of Windows OS. Therefore, this article will provide an extensive review of ways to compress video using Windows Media Player alternatives.

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Best Alternative to Windows Media Player to Compress Video

Distinctive Feature: It has batch conversion and compression, allowing users to process multiple media files in a small amount of time.
Why it can replace Windows Media Player: It is equipped with an advanced multi-core processor and hardware acceleration function for a quick compression process.

AceThinker Video Master is an ultra-fast media converter and compressor that preserves the 100% attribute of the video quality. It can compress high-quality videos including 4K and 1080p. This feature is perfect for devices that have a small amount of storage capacity. Users can modify the file size while monitoring the different video aspects such as the bitrate, the resolution, formats, and more. Additionally, it has a preview option that pre-convert the video files to have a better insight into the outcome of the process. Users can also modify the name of the output video to give a personal touch on the outcome of the process. Moreover, it has a built-in video editor for vlogs, a screen recorder, and more that can enhance the output video.

A detailed walkthrough on how to compress video in Windows Media Player alternative.

Step 1 Install WMP Alternative

The first step is to download the AceThinker Video Master on your device. Tap the download button below to save the installation package. The first button is for Windows OS, tap the latter button for Mac operating system. Wait and pass through the installation wizard to continue with the process. Once installed, the popup interface will appear. Familiarize its functionality and navigation.

vm interface

Step 2 Reduce Video Size Windows Media Player Alternative

Next, on the Video Master’s interface, go to the Toolbox menu to access different features of the tool. Select the Video Compressor to go to the compression tab. Hit the “+” sign to add video on the tab. Browse over on your device folder to locate your input video. Hit the open button to import it successfully. Afterward, the system will analyze the video and will provide features to reduce the size of the file. Toggle the marker to reduce video file size. Click the compress button to initiate the compression process.

compress video with wmp vm process

Step 3 Play the Compress Video File

For the finale, wait until the system fully finishes the process of compressing the video file size. Once done, go to the output folder to preview and play the video. The compressed video output is shareable on different media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Google Drive, and more. To re-compress video files, follow through the steps above.

Other 3 Tools to Compress Media Files

In this part, we will tackle other reliable tools like Windows Media Player to reduce file sizes. We will scrutinize supplementary tools for you to have a better insight into different ways to reduce video file size. Check them out below to learn more.

1. Clideo

Distinctive Feature: It has fast compression parameters that quickly analyze the video files for a quick compression process.
Why it can replace Windows Media Player: It has secured encryption on its server allowing users to access and compress their files in a secured server.

Clideo is an online video compressor that enables users to reduce video file size while retaining the original quality of the video. This tool is completely online which means users don't have to download any plug-ins or software to utilize it. It has a simple yet comprehensive interface, with a single button you can upload and import your media files into its server. Moreover, it enables users to see the preview of the compressed video before the compression process will start. Thus, it lets users change some video parameters to reduce the quality distortion of the output video while compressing it.

2. VideoProc

Distinctive Feature: It can reduce file size up to 90% without losing the original quality.
Why it can replace Windows Media Player: This tool can compress high-quality video files up to 8K resolution.

VideoProc is a versatile video compression tool that is beginner-friendly and has professional control on its video codec options. This tool uses lower CPU usage up to 40 percent. Therefore, it can process video compression smoothly and quickly on all recent computers such as Windows, Mac, etc. Additionally, it can increase the value of GOP (Group of Pictures) - these are the visible frames that can improve the compression process efficiently. Furthermore, it uses the coding scheme of H.265/HEVC, which is the standard video encoding technique of most video compressors.

compres video with wmp videoproc

3. Sunshine Video Compressor

Distinctive Feature: It automatically optimizes memory space. It deletes, overwrites, or saves compressed video up to 90 percent of memory space.
Why it can replace Windows Media Player: It can compress multiple large video files simultaneously.

Sunshine Video Compressor is a video compressor application that is a perfect alternative for Windows Media Player for mobile devices. It can compress SD, HD, and FHD (Full High Definition) while preserving the original quality of the file. Additionally, it can transfer compressed files easily on your device output. It can also make the output file transferable and shareable on different social media. Thus, it can compress video for WhatsApps, Messenger, Emails, Instagram, and other messaging applications. Lastly, it indicates the percent of file that has been saved when running the video files on its compressing tools.

compress video with wmp sunshine

Comparison Chart

Tools Supported Formats Supported Platforms Concerns and Limitations
AceThinker Video Master 3GP, WebM, M4V, MP4, MKV, MOV, ASF, and more. Windows and Mac Not available on mobile devices.
Clideo MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, AVI, etc. Web Browsers It limits the video import upto 500MB only.
VideoProc MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. Mac and Windows The tool lacks a social sharing feature.
Sunshine Video Compressor MP4, WMP, MOV, and more. Android devices It can compress videos that have been captured on a mobile camera, can't compress downloaded videos online.
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