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Tips and Tricks on How to Reduce QuickTime File Size Mac

feature compress video with quicktimeVideo, a leading entertainment medium that has been developed throughout the history of digital entertainment. It has become one of the fundamental ways to disseminate information, stimulate a wide range of knowledge, and develop how we kill spare time. Yet, with its digital innovations comes a prominent complication. The bigger the quality of a video file is, the larger the size it becomes. Although, various ways on the internet can resolve this issue. Yet, there are still a vast number of video enthusiasts that are not satisfied with the outcome. Therefore, this article collected the precise and concise ways to compress video with QuickTime and other alternative solutions perfect for your Mac device.

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How to Compress Videos with Quicktime Player

Distinctive Features: It can support and compress 4K videos into a variety of video qualities.
Supported Formats: AIFF, WAV, DV-DIF, MP3, MPEG program stream, ASF, DivX Media Format, Flash Video, Matroska, Ogg, etc.

QuickTime is a multimedia framework and player developed by Apple Inc. capable of handling various digital containers, including video, audio, image, and more. Although this software is purposely created for playback viewing, it also has a feature that can reduce the video's file size. You can compress the file by choosing the output quality offered by the software. For example, if you are trying to compress 4K videos into a smaller file size, you can choose 1080p as output quality. This process will enable QuickTime to reduce the file size of the video. Additionally, to enhance the output appearance of the compressed video, it is equipped with basic editing features. These features are crop and cut, merging and separating video tracks, modifying the aspect ratio, etc. What is more, it can save existing QuickTime videos from the web and directly download them on a hard drive. Beneath are the detailed tips on how to compress video using QuickTime.

Step 1 Launch QuickTime Player

We all know that QuickTime is pre-installed software on Apple devices. Therefore, we can use the tool to compress video files even without installing any compression application. First, open the tool to acquaint yourself and get familiar with its navigation and function. The tool is comprehensive enough for beginners because its features and function buttons are located at the upper part of its interface.

compress video with quicktime interface

Step 2 Reduce Video Size QuickTime

Next, import your video file by ticking the File menu button> Open File. Browse on your device folder to locate and select your preferred media file. Once done, it will automatically be imported on the QuickTime player. To make the video file smaller, go to the File button once more, hit the Export As option to access the list of video quality. Choose your preferred output quality on the dropdown list. And a dialogue will appear that will indicate the compressing and exporting process.

compress video with quicktime process

Step 3 Play the Compressed File

Lastly, locate the compressed file on your designated output folder. Hit and play the video file to check if the process and changes have been applied. To recompress a video, follow through with the tips above.

compress video with quicktime play

QuickTime Alternative Tools to Reduce Video Size on Mac

1. AceThinker Video Master

Distinctive Features: It can compress video into a smaller size at a maximum speed with advanced acceleration technology that QuickTime player does not have.
Supported Formats: 3GP, WebM, M4V, MP4, MKV, MOV, ASF, VOB, FLV, SWF, AVI, WMA, MKV, GIF, etc.

AceThinker Video Master is an ultrafast software that can compress video and audio with high precision and lossless quality. It enables users to compress 4K quality using different video parameters such as file size, file format, video resolution, bit rate, and more. Additionally, it offers another way to reduce video files into smaller ones. This way is by cutting and splitting video clips into tiny video files. Not only that but this tool is equipped with advanced video editing processes that can beautify the output video. These features include metadata editor, adding filters, video enhancers, and others. Moreover, its interface is understandable and very convenient for beginners. Even without video tutorials, users can circumnavigate the tool easily and quickly. The buttons have a brief explanation of what purpose they have and what function they are suitable for.

vm interface

2. AceThinker Free Online Video Compressor

Distinctive Features: It has a fast importing process wherein users will no longer wait for a few minutes to import the file on its system, which is a notorious problem on QuickTime players.
Supported Formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, MTS, etc.

AceThinker Free Online Video Compressor, from the name itself, allows users to compress video files into smaller sizes online. The compressing process can be done by utilizing four video parameters. These video parameters are file size, format, video resolution, and bitrate. Additionally, it works on web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and even in mobile browsers. In line with these, it works on multiple platforms such as Mac and Windows devices. The great function of this tool is its interface. It has only one button to compress video files. It is easy to circumnavigate even demos and tutorials. It is also free, and no registration is required. Thus, compress video with QuickTime alternative is affordable.

fovc interface

3. HandBrake

Distinctive Features: It has GPU acceleration technology for fast compressing processes that QuickTime does not have.
Supported Formats: MP4 or M4V, MKV, MOV, MPG or MPEG, AVI, and WMV.

Last on the list of compress video with QuickTime alternatives isHandBrake. This tool uses different video parameters such as Bitrate to reduce video files at a good quality. Meaning it can compress video files but cannot retain 100% of the quality of the video. It is also equipped with different video processes such as deinterlacing, detelecine, scaling, and more. Additionally, it can crop video manually and automatically to reduce the file size of the media. Furthermore, if you are well-knowledgeable about video compression software, you can easily navigate this tool, yet it is overwhelmingly not suitable for beginners.

compress video with quicktime handbrake

Final Verdict

All-in-all these programs mentioned above are the most remarkable tool that can compress MP4 or any video format into smaller sizes. Suppose you wanted to compress video using your Mac. QuickTime is suitable for you because it is a pre-installed video processing software for Apple devices. Yet, it is not designed for extensive video processes, unlike AceThinker Video Master. This tool is equipped with various processing functions that can be used on Mac and Windows. In the case of HandBrake, it is an open-source video transcoding program that is not favorable for beginners due to its complicated terms and functionalities. Well, if you don't want to install these three video programs on your device, Free Online Video Compressor. It does not need to install any software for you to operate it. No account registration and subscription is needed. Nevertheless, you can freely choose which software is suitable for your taste. To help you with your decision, please see the comparison chart below to guide you.

Software Target Audience File Size Video Preset
QuickTime Basic Pre-installed for Mac QuickTime Player, iOS, iPadOS.
AceThinker Video Master Basic, Prosumer, Professionals 100MB iPhone, iPad, Android phones, HTC, Windows Media Player, etc.
AceThinker Free Online Video Compressor Basic, Professionals Web-based tool iPhone, iOS, WMP, QuickTime Player, more.
HandBrake Professionals 19.4 MB Android, iPhone, iPad, and more.
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