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Detailed Guide on How to Compress Video for Website

feature compress video for webAs technology innovates, so does our ability to disseminate information. An example is using a video as a marketing strategy; as people say, "videos can definitely grab more attention than text." In fact, according to Demand Metric, video marketing is significantly growing as 83 percent of marketers say that video is more influential than ever. Video content marketing is when brands create video content to raise their profile online. These videos are usually published on either a social network or YouTube, and using them as a header will enhance their appeal if you run a website or a blog. However, on the flip side, if your video takes ages to load, it may lead to a negative experience. Hence no matter how useful or exciting your videos is, they should be optimized to a size that is quick to load. Compressing videos for the web is an excellent technique to speed up the load. This article will explain how to optimize MP4 for the web so you can upload and share videos easily.

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Best Tool to Compress Videos for Web Use without Losing Quality

Price: $55.95 (one-time payment)
Distinctive Feature: It adopted a multi-core processor that allows users to compress multiple files at the same time without compromising the processing speed.

When talking about the best tool to reduce video size for a website, AceThinker Video Master is the most appropriate tool. It has a comprehensive user interface as the feature buttons are displayed on the uppermost part of the interface to navigate easily. This video compressor and converter grant users to compress or convert videos and audio in various formats. In line with that, users don't have to worry about the video quality they need to convert as it grants them to compress or convert without compromising the video quality. Besides, users can take advantage of the editing features of the tool, trim long videos into different parts or cut out unnecessary parts of the video. Modify the video using the different effects and filters to make your web videos more creative and engaging. Below are the step-by-step procedures you can follow to compress MKV or any video format.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Web Video Compressor

To start, download the AceThinker Video Master by ticking the download button compatible with your computer. Then, set up the installation package and follow the instructions to finish the installation process. Once done, the tool will automatically launch, and you can access its interface.

vm interface

Step 2 Import the Video

For the next step, import the video you need to compress. Click on the "Toolbox" panel and access the "Video Compressor" button. From here, a pop-up window will show; tap on the "+" button to import the video file. Browse your device to locate the video you preferred to compress, then double-clicking it will add it automatically on the tool.

compress video for web vm step2

Step 3 Compress the Web Video

When the video file is imported, the compressing panel will appear. In this window, you can modify the video file you are compressing. You can set the file size, and format, modify the bitrate, and adjust the resolution. Once you set up the output for your video, hit the "Compress" button on the bottom of the tool's interface.

compress video for web vm step3

Step 4 Save and Preview the Video

Lastly, after the tool finishes compressing the video, the output folder will automatically show. Double-clicking the video file will play it, and you can preview all the changes you have made to the video. Once you are delighted with the result, you can share it on your website.

compress video for web vm step4

How to Compress Video for Website Free Online

Price: Free
Distinctive Feature: The tool is equipped with advanced settings to customize videos with various functions such as bitrate, resolutions, and more.

If you only need to compress MP4 for the web and don't want to download and install any software, then AceThinker Free Online Video Converter will be the best choice for you. This online converter and compressor can help you convert videos into smaller sizes without risking the quality of the video. In addition, it can merge or trim and resize the video according to your desired duration, which perfectly highlights your point in the video. Another good thing about this online video compressor is that it lets users compress and convert videos without limitations. Below is a quick guide you can follow on how to compress video for Instagram or any social media site.

Step 1 Access the Online Web Video Compressor

The first thing you need to do is visit the tool's official website. Regardless of your web browser, it supports various web browser applications such as Firefox, Chrome, and more. Familiarize the web application interface, then launch the application by clicking the "Select Files to Start" button.

app interface

Step 2 Compress Video Online for Web Videos

Once the application has been launched, your device folder will appear, and you can import the video file by double-clicking it. After the online video compressor analyzes the video, another window will appear. You can access the different features to enhance the video. You can adjust the aspect ratio, rotate the video, or crop it. Click the "OK" button to start compressing the video.

compress video for web online step2

Step 3 Preview and Share the Compress Video

When the file has been compressed, a notice will appear. Hit the "Open" button to access the video output folder. Then, preview the video file. To share the video on your website or social media accounts like Facebook, open your preferred platform and upload it.

compress video for web online step3

Other 3 Compressors to Reduce Video Size for Website

1. Zamzar

Price: $25 (monthly payment)
Distinctive Feature: This online video compressor allows users to directly upload compressed video on websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Another online video compressor users can utilize to reduce video size for websites is Zamzar. It supports a wide range of input formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and other video formats so users can freely compress the video for their website. Also, users can take advantage of its other features, like converting images, audio, and documents, making it a versatile video compressor and converter. Although it is an online application, it offers a plan to access the tool's other features, like no restriction on file size. Besides, users need to note that Zamzar only allows users to convert/compress a file with 400MB for the free version.

compress video for web vm zamzar

2. VideoProc

Price: $29.95 (annual payment)
Distinctive Feature: The tool supports editing functions that stabilize clips, correct video colors, and more to enhance the video output.

Compress video for website with the help of VideoProc. This one-stop video processing software lets users compress or convert any video suitable for any website. The full hardware acceleration of the software grants users the to transcode, optimize or compress video faster than other video processor software. Besides, it can compress high-quality videos, including 4K and HDR footage, into smaller file sizes, making the video more appealing for each website. Furthermore, to make your video more personalized, you can easily add a watermark on the text, logo, image, or timecode.

compress video for web videoproc

3. Freemake Video Converter

Price: $299 (one-time payment)
Distinctive Feature: The output videos of this software can be played on various media players for Windows, Mac, and Smartphones.

Freemake Video Converter grants users to compress video for web quick and easy. Because all of its fundamental functions are comprehensive and understandable in one place, it is highly intuitive. This program is ideal for novices who wish to compress high-resolution video recordings, such as 4K, into smaller ones. Moreover, Freemake Video Converter enables users to add subtitles to a video in SSA, SRT, and ASS file formats. Also, you can easily edit the subtitles' size, color, and font to make your video more informative.

compress video for web freemake

Comparison Table for Video Compressors

Video Compressor Installation Package Size Supported Platforms Limitations
AceThinker Video Master 206.75 MB Windows and Mac Not applicable for mobile devices.
AceThinker Free Online Video Converter Web-based tool Web browsers The tool primarily relies on the internet connection.
Zamzar Web-based tool Web browsers For the free version, users can only convert/compress two files per day.
VideoProc 230 MB Windows and Mac This software is not available for Linux.
Freemake Video Converter 256 MB Windows Not available for Mac and Linux.

FAQs about Video on a Website

1. What resolution should videos be for a website?
We recommend you compress video for a website to at least 720p for website usage, using medium or low-quality. Since most computer screens display HD, the best practice is to use a higher resolution; however, using 1080p can break your storage space.
2. What is the best format for a website?
The best format for a website is the MP4 file format, as the MP4 format is exceptionally flexible and authorizes many codecs. Also, this file format for a video is optimal for good picture quality and small file size.
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