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Best Walkthrough: iMovie Set Aspect Ratio

feature change aspect ratio imovieVideo is everywhere. Whether you are looking for funny skits and lovely visuals, video can aid you. It provides relief and satisfaction from the busyness of city life. The rise and popularity of this medium also resulted in the development of different media platforms. The most popular video-sharing programs are TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. Each of these sites caters to different functions to share videos. One of these differences is the aspect ratio. If you are a content creator, sharing the proper resolution on each site is challenging. If you are a Macintosh users, iMovie can help you to achieve these solutions. Yet, do you know how to change the aspect ratio with this utility? Worry not, these solutions mentioned below are reliable guides on how to change iMovie aspect ratio and with bonus alternatives.

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How to Change iMovie Aspect Ratio on iPhone/iPad

Distinctive Feature: It can export cropped videos on different social media platforms. These include Facebook, YouTube, and others.
What is it Best For?: It is suitable for creating film trailers and short story clips.

iMovie is a dedicated video editing utility for Apple devices. It is equipped with essential editing features that can help users improve the project video. The cropping function is one of these utilities. iMovie provides a lossless and easy process of cropping a movie. It offers two aspect ratio standards; the first one is the Widescreen or 16:9 ratio. This proportion makes the project video look much wider than its height. Widescreen videos are organized for viewing on computers and high-definition TVs. On the other hand, the Standard or 4:3 ratio makes the movie appear square. Standard ratio clips are playable on TV and vast computers. Yet, they may appear with black areas that fill the whole screen. Not only that, iMovie offers a customizable ratio where users can freely crop the aspect ratio of the project video.

Most users are likely to be using iMovie on their iPad or iPhone. So, we have curated the steps to change aspect ratio iMovie iPhone. See the listed steps below.

  • Begin with accessing the iMovie on your iPhone or iPad. This tool is pre-installed software, so you do not need to install any application. You can circumnavigate the tool if you want to assess its whole function.
  • Next, tap the Create Project function on the project tab to access the editor. You can choose between the Movie project and the Trailer Project. For this walkthrough, we will be using the Movie project. Import the video you want to iMovie change aspect ratio iPhone. Then go to the timeline editing panel and navigate to the magnifying glass. Change the video by pinching the timeline and dragging your fingers to the outer edges of your iPhone screen.
  • Lastly, hit the Done option when you have finished changing the ratio. Afterward, share the video and choose Save Video on your iPhone or iPad. Play and preview the cropped video.

change ratio in imovie for iphone and ipad

How to Change Aspect Ratio with iMovie on Mac

Although most people use iMovie on their iPhone and iPad to crop videos, Mac offers different walkthroughs. Look at the listed guidelines below for your Macintosh device.

  • Initiate the process by launching the iMovie on your macOS. You can circumnavigate its function since it has a different interface on its mobile version. Doing this will give you a better workflow for your editing process.
  • Then, hit the Create New button to access the software’s editing interface. Import your film by ticking the import button. Once done, drag and drop the video on the timeline panel. Highlight the video and select the Crop option located at the uppermost part of the tool. Change iMovie aspect ratio that is according to your desired proportion.
  • Lastly, you can save the changes made on the project video by ticking the export option. After that, save it to your desired output location. Once exported, locate and preview the video.

change ratio in imovie with cropping process

Online Video Cropper to Change Aspect Ratio

Distinctive Feature: An advanced API and algorithm make the cropping process secure and safe.
What is it Best For?: It is best for cropping video for social media platforms. These include Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Free Online Video Cropper is one of the lists of utilities associated with the free online editor of AceThinker. This function is dedicated only to cropping videos to favorable ratios. It has a list of aspect ratios that it offers to its video creators. These proportions are 16:9(Widescreen), 1:.1(Instagram), 9:16(Portrait), and 4:3( Traditional). Besides, it also enables users to crop video with their desired ratio. This is possible with its custom function. Users can drag the borders and select the proportion they want to get from the video. What is more, this tool not only can crop videos, it can also resize different entertainment mediums. These include GiF, Image, and other files.

Below is the detailed iMovie set aspect ratio walkthrough using this alternative.

Step 1 Access the iMovie Online Alternative

First, go to the webpage of AceThinker Free Online Video Cropper to access its interface. From there, you can navigate and familiarize yourself with its capabilities. There is a written guide and overview for the tool's function. Also, you can read this to know more about its functions.

acethinker free online video cropper webpage to crop video

Step 2 Import Video File

Then, hit the plus icon located at the centermost part of the webpage. This button will give you access to your device’s folders. Browse on to your storage and select the video you want to crop. Hit the Open button to perform the import process successfully.

 acethinker free online video cropper import videos

Step 3 Change Aspect Ratio iMovie Online Alternative

Once the video has been imported, two media players will appear. The first is a media player that shows the changes made to the project video. The latter one is where you can edit the aspect ratio of your video. You can also select from the listed available ratio below these media players.

acethinker free online video cropper change ratio

Step 4 Play the Cropped Video

For the finale, hit the Start Processing option to apply the changes made in the project video. Once done, the webpage will provide a download button to save the cropped video. Hit the download button and locate the output video. Play and preview it to double-check the changes.

acethinker free online video cropper play video

Best Alternative for iMovie on Mac to Change Aspect Ratio

Distinctive Feature: It uses a box to provide a personalized ratio to crop project videos.
What is it Best For?: It is suitable for editing large video files such as movies and films.

AceThinker Video Editor provides extensive editing utilities. One of its relatable functions is cropping the project video. This process is favorable for users who want to change the proportion of their videos. Cropping with this tool can make the logo in your project videos be removed to avoid copyright issues. This tool can also make users acquire the specific frame of the video. In addition, it can crop high-definition videos up to 4K quality. The best part is it can change the aspect ratio of the video file without losing its original quality. What is more, it comes with a real-time previewer. This built-in media player can help users preview the changes made on the project video.

Try it for Free

Underneath are the guidelines to change iMovie aspect ratio with this alternative.

Step 1 Download the iMovie Alternative

The initial step to perform is to download AceThinker Video Editor on your computer. Hit the download button presented above to get its installer. Then, run the file on your computer and pass through all installation prompts. A webpage will pop up to inform you that the process is done. Familiarize the interface to get a better workflow experience.

ve interface

Step 2 Add Video Files

The subsequent step is to import the media files on its system. You can do this by dragging the file on the media tab. Wait until the video files are added to the tool's media panel. Additionally, you can also utilize the import button to add the video file in the video editor.

 acethinker video editor import video file

Step 3 Change iMovie Aspect Ratio With this Alternative

After that, place the project video on the timeline editing panel. Highlight the video file by double-clicking the clip on the timeline. Once highlighted, different functions like cropping will be enabled. Hit the crop function and set your preferred ratio. Save the changes by ticking the Ok button.

acethinker video editor crop video

Step 4 Export and Play Cropped Video

For the last step, tick the export option located at the upper part of the timeline panel. Then, a window will appear to provide you with export options. These include file name, output folder, and video quality. Once you have modified the video parameters, hit the export button again. Once exported, locate it in its output folder and preview the video.

acethinker video editor play the cropped video

Two More Alternatives to Crop Video Files

1. Clideo

Distinctive Feature: This online video cropper has a timeline panel to crop video files.
What is it Best For?: It is suitable for editing small clips and videos from different cloud-based platforms.

Clideo is one of the leading online-based video editors with an interface like computer software. It provides many aspect ratios available on its system. These include 1:1, 16,:9, 9:16, and 5:4. It also offers a ratio indicator to input their desired pixel or resolution. To utilize this tool, follow the guide below.

  • irst access its interface on your web browsers. Then, import your media files by ticking Choose file option.
  • From there, a new interface will pop up and provide you with different ratios. Select your desired proportions and hit the export button. Locate the output video and play it on your media player for the finale.

clideo cropping video file


Distinctive Feature: It can edit videos on the internet with the help of its search bar.
What is it Best For?: It is suitable for editing YouTube videos and exporting them on your device. is a full-featured online video editing utility that enhances and beautifies project videos. One of its functions is cropping video clips. This tool enables users to acquire their desired video proportion with the cropping function. Although does not provide an exact ratio for its patrons, it comes up with a better way to arrange the ratio. It is designed with a flip and rotation function to edit the aspect ratio of the project video accurately.

  • To use this tool, access its webpage on your search engines. Then, hit the Choose Video option to import the video file you want to crop. Afterward, a new window will appear that provides you with the whole set of editing features.
  • Under the transformation function, you can crop and resize the output appearance of the video. After, tick the export option to store the changes applied to the video. The last step is to locate the output video and play it on your device. cropping video file

Comparison Chart

Software Advanced functions Target Audience Limitations
iMovie Chroma Keying, color grading, and others Basic This tool requires a level of HDD space.
AceThinker Free Online Video Cropper Image cropper Basic No issues were observed.
AceThinker Video Editor Background changer, color correction, picture-in-picture, and others Basic, Prosumer, and Professionals Not available yet on mobile devices
Clideo No other functions Basic Import process is slower than other web-based tools. Filtering, cutting, splitting, and others Basic and Prosumer Video uploads are only limited to 50MB.
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