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Reliable 10 Quick AVI Splitter Compatible For Your Device

feature avi splitterTechnology never settles in place. We consistently uncover and unravel unique ideas to improve our daily lives. When you think about the new trend in entertainment and communication, video creation will come to mind. Moreover, just like the technology around us, video creation is no longer what it used to be. Nowadays, video enthusiasts utilize different formats to save and export their project videos. One of these is AVI. This container is one of the standard video formats that Microsoft Inc introduced in the modern world. AVI is like a DVD format that supports multiple streaming video and audio codecs. Nevertheless, since it is widely used to store lengthy videos, some video files can be hard to play on some media players. Therefore, splitting this container with a quick AVI splitter is an option you must have. This process will make AVI more accessible and playable on different media players. Below is the listed software we concocted to aid you in achieving a lossless split AVI container. Read them thoroughly.

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List of 10 AVI Splitter Freeware

1. AceThinker Video Editor

Distinctive Feature: It uses its timeline editing panel to seamlessly split video file.
Supported Formats: AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, and many more.
OS Supported: Windows and Mac.

AceThinker Video Editor is a functional video utility that provides better editing features to its patrons. One of its abilities is to split AVI into multiple files without compromising the output quality. This process is possible with its timeline editing panel. In addition, this tool can split one video into multiple clips, which is according to the users’ desire. What is more, this software is equipped with essential editing features that can further enhance the project video. These editing functions are filtering, overlaying, applying transitions, and more. Below are the extensive guides on how to split AVI file into multiple accounts.

Step 1 Install the AVI Splitter

The initial guide on splitting video using AceThinker Video Editor is by acquiring its installer. Tick any button option presented below to download the installation package. Then, run and analyze it on your computer. Pass through all the installation prompts and wizards. After that, launch the tool to access its interface and functions. Doing this will provide you with a better workflow experience.

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ve main interface

Step 2 Split AVI Videos

The subsequent guide is to import the AVI video you want to split. You can do this by ticking the import button under Media Tab. The tool will have access to your computer’s folders. Browse and select the AVI file. Once imported, drag and drop the video file on its timeline editing panel. Then, utilize its playhead to locate the exact frame of your desired video. Click the scissor icon to split the videos. Do this until you cut multiple AVI clips on the whole project video. You can also choose if you want to delete the segmented files.

acethinker splitting avi files

Step 3 Export and Play Video

The last step is to store the video by ticking the export option located at the lower part of the inbuilt media player. Notification audio will remind you that the export possess has ended. Then, locate the file in its designated folder and play it.

AVI Splitter VE Play

2. Bandicut

Distinctive Feature: It can split AVI into smaller and equal sizes of video clips without toggling any button.
Supported Formats: MP4, AVI, MKV, and WEBM.
OS Supported: Windows only

Bandicut is a video splitter software intended to split video containers in lossless quality output. It can turn videos into multiple clips without pushing or clicking any button on its system. It is also equipped with a built-in media player to play and preview the split AVI clips. You can also choose how many segments a single video can turn. In addition, you can also split videos according to your desired duration. Moreover, you can choose to save the split segments or retain only one of the segmented clips.

AVI Splitter Bandicut

3. Flixier

Distinctive Feature: Users can import videos from different platforms like Dropbox, Google Photos, Drive, Soundcloud, YouTube, and more.
Supported Formats: AVI, MPEG, WMV, and MKV.
OS Supported: Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, and more.

Flixier is a notable video editing utility that can enhance your project video. One of its functions is splitting AVI files into multiple clips. It has a timeline editing panel that provides sleek and smooth splitting functions. Its playhead can also be utilized to precisely locate the duration of the frame you want to split. It is equipped with video processes that can change the video speed, be used as a background video changer, and more. Lastly, its functions can be freely utilized without monetary transaction and account registration.

AVI Splitter Flixier

4. Brizsoft

Distinctive Feature: It has a direct ultra fast splitting algorithm that precisely separates AVI video into multiple clips.
Supported Formats: AVI, MPEG, MOV, and WMV.
OS Supported: Windows only.

Brizsoft is a full-fledged AVI splitter that provides better splitting functions for its patrons. It can split AVI video files into multiple equal clips using its output options. Users can choose from 2 parts up to 8 parts to segment the desired project video. It also provides a manual splitting process. By utilizing its commands, users can select the initial frame of the segmented video with its Select Start function. On the other side, tick the Select End to choose the endpoint of your segmented video.

AVI Splitter Flixier

5. iMovie

Distinctive Feature: It can split AVI videos that have 4K resolution.
Supported Formats: AVI, MPEG, MOV, and MKV.
OS Supported: macOS, iOS, and iPadOS.

iMovie is a pre-installed video editing utility developed for Apple devices. It can enhance and beautify the project videos without compromising their output quality. However, aside from that, this video editor for YouTube is a reliable AVI splitter. Its timeline editing panel uses its playhead function to precisely locate the frame you want to split. Additionally, it can split AVI video into multiple clips as many as you want to. Moreover, it can export segmented videos into different video presets. These presets are suitable for Facebook, iTunes, and others.

AVI Splitter iMovie

6. 123Apps

Distinctive Feature: It can split AVI videos up to 4GB of video files.
Supported Formats: AVI, MKV, WMV, and WebM.
OS Supported: Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and others.

123Apps is a reliable online-based video editing utility tagged as AVI splitter freeware. It can split AVI videos with different functions, such as using its frame indicator and playhead button. Also, it enables users to download the segmented video directly to their personal computers. The tool is also safe and intuitive; it does not require installation and works only with web browsers. Furthermore, this tool is secured and automatically deletes the input video on its system. Lastly, it is equipped with different functions to enhance the project video. These features are the rotate video, crop video, mute audio, and more.

AVI Splitter 123Apps

7. Androvid

Distinctive Feature: It is equipped with a fast splitting function without re-encoding process.
Supported Formats: GIF, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV, and VOB
OS Supported: Android only

Androvid is a full-featured video maker and editor that has essential editing functions. One of its functions is to trim and split videos. This quick AVI splitter can easily segment videos into different parts with lossless quality. In addition, it has a trimming function that uses a frame cutter for exact splitting output. Furthermore, it can delete unwanted middle scenes. This process is possible without compromising the appearance of the project video. Moreover, it can combine multiple split clips into one cinematic output.

AVI Splitter Androvid

8. Split Video Editor

Distinctive Feature: It can upload video from different cloud-based platforms like iCloud and more.
Supported Formats: AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG, MPEG-4, and more.
OS Supported: iOS and iPadOS.

Split Video Editor, from the name itself; this tool is AVI splitter freeware that provides lossless quality. It can split large AVI files into two video clips. Aside from that, it can delete unwanted segments and merge different clips into one cinematic output. It can also import videos that were captured using the camera roll. What is more is this tool is equipped with a fast file sharing option that can export videos to Facebook, YouTube, and more.

AVI Splitter Video Editor

9. Clideo

Distinctive Feature: It uses a marker to accurately split AVI files.
Supported Formats: AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG, MPEG-4, and more.
OS Supported: Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and others.

Clideo is one of the AVI splitter online that provides quick and easy ways to separate videos effectively. It has two ways to split the AVI video files. The first one is by the Extract Selected option. This feature enables users to acquire the starting point and endpoint of the video. On the other hand, the Delete Selected option enables users to remove the highlighted clips and retain the rest of the video. What is more, this tool is equipped with transition effects that users can apply to their project video.

AVI Splitter Clideo

10. Avidemux

Distinctive Feature: It uses a multithreaded video decoding process. This function provides a fast splitting process.
Supported Formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, and more.
OS Supported: Windows, Mac OS X, PC-BSD, and Linux.

The last tool on the list of AVI splitter free software is Avidemux. This open source video editor is designed to provide a video utility that creates and exports high-quality output. It uses a slider to indicate the breaking point of the two segmented AVI clips. Moreover, it can enhance the segmented video with its different Muxer options. What is more, the tasks on its process can be automated with job queues, scripting, and video projects. Lastly, this tool is written from scratch, allowing users to edit its code to redesign and enhance its functionalities.

avidemux splitting and joining avi files

Limitation of AVI Video Container

AVI was introduced in the early ’90s. Due to new computer video techniques introduced nowadays, AVI specifications did not cope with the changes. Below are the limitations and fallbacks of AVI that still lingers to date.

  • The original AVI specs do not have a standard way to encode aspect ratio information.
  • AVI was not designed to contain video with compressing techniques requiring future video frame data (B-frame).
  • This container does not contain some specific types of variable bit rates (VBR) and data reliability.

AVI Splitter Limitations

Comparison Chart

Software Basic Editing Functions Advantage Concerns and Limitations
AceThinker Video Editor Trimming, splitting, filtering, screen recording, transitioning, overlaying, and more. It has inbuilt effects to beautify the segmented AVI videos. Not yet available on mobile devices.
Bandicut Joiner, splitter, and cutter It can automatically turn one video into multiple segments. It is not suitable for heavy editing functions.
Flixier Cutting, cropping, filtering, and more. It has better stability when editing high-quality videos. It has a longer rendering process.
Brizsoft Trimming, cutting, splitting, merging, and others It allows you to split a video file into smaller AVI files, or to acquire manually the selected segments of an AVI file. Too buggy.
iMovie Enhancing, background changing, filtering, trimming, splitting, and more. It can share the output file directly on different social media platforms like YouTube. It is slow in rendering videos.
Software Basic Editing Functions Advantage Concerns and Limitations
123Apps Splitting and trimming It automatically deletes the input file on its server. It has a slow importation process.
Androvid Trimming, cutting, splitting, merging, and others It can export AVI files in HD quality. It lacks advanced editing functions like background changer and more.
Split Video Editor Splitting, filtering, trimming It has an easy transfer process of video files. Its system doesn't have constant updates.
Clideo Splitting and trimming It automatically deletes the input file on its server. It can only import videos up to 1GB of file size.
Avidemux Encoding, splitting, cutting, and more It has Muxer that can further enhance video appearance and quality. Sometimes it has a glitch.
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