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[Step-By-Step] How to Add Transitions in iMovie

feature add transition in imovieOn creating films and videos, we cannot continue filming one scene and another. Most directors and videographers often shoot two scenes to perfectly execute the flow of the story. These two scenes are usually edited and enhanced by post-production staff. They commonly used extensive video editors to combine two videos in one frame. In video vlogging, content creators usually insert funny transition effects to combine two videos as one. The most commonly used video transition effects are the Spongebob Time Cards. Do you want to know how video bloggers insert these transition effects on Mac OS? Well, this article curated the custom iMovie transitions that you can utilize on your device. Check the walkthroughs below.

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How to Add Transitions in iMovie on Mac

Distinctive Features: It has a Green Screen feature that enables users to change background scenes of the project footage.

When adding transitions on your Mac OS or any Apple device, iMovie is a suitable video editor that you need. This tool has an intuitive interface due to all editing buttons being accessible at the uppermost part of the tool. It has a three-pane-video-editing feature that users can drag-and-drop clips to edit them in one single output. It is equipped with basic editing features that users can utilize. Some of these features like split a clip in iMovie, trim footage, connect video files, and more. Not only that but also users can learn how to add a transition in iMovie. There are different ways on how to add the transition on your footage - automatically, manually, and cross-dissolve transition. Moreover, users can set a default duration for these transition effects.

Key Features:

  • It can stabilize shaky video files.
  • It has multiple video effects like vignette, BNW, and more.
  • Users can >split screens in iMovie.

Below is the detailed walkthrough on how to add transitions in iMovie.

Step 1 Launch iMovie

First, to utilize the iMovie, open the application in your Mac Device. Familiriazie its functionalities and navigation for smoother process.

add transition in imovie interface

Step 2 Import and Add Transition on the Video

Next, click the Plus sign to create a new project video in iMovie. Then, click the Arrow button to import and add video files on the tool’s interface. Afterward, utilized the three-pane-video-editing function to drag-and-drop the video clips. Then, at the Menu bar click the transition feature to access different transition effects. The transition effects that are freely available for users are spin out, Cross blur, swap, etc. You can also insert images and memes to use as a transition frame. One of the famous transitions for vloggers is the Spongebob Time Cards.

add transition in imovie edit

Step 3 Export and Play Videos

Lastly, once the editing process has finished, click the export button located at the upper-right corner of the tool. Wait until the rendering is finished. Then go to the output folder to play and preview the output video. This walkthrough is also applicable on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPad.

add transition in imovie export

Alternative Way to Add Transitions to Videos on Windows/Mac

Distinctive Feature: It has the ability to enhance the quality of the project video with its Upscale Resolution feature.

Sadly iMovie is only available for Apple devices and cannot be by users who are using Windows OS. Worry no more! We also have an alternative solution that can create custom iMovie transitions for your desktop computer, this tool is >AceThinker Video Editor. This video editor for vlogs comes with a comprehensive and understandable interface because it does not clutter the screen with its available editing tools. Whether you are trying to create how-to tutorials, video vlogs, or educational demos that need good transition effects, this tool will come in handy. It has ripple, Dissolve, Wave, Spiral, and more effects that you can choose from. It is equipped with basic editing features including rotate, crop, clip, and combining footage. Moreover, it can add a watermark or logo to the output video. Perfect for business marketing videos and promotional vlogs.

Key Features:

  • It can optimize the brightness and contrast of the video.
  • It can denoise unnecessary background sounds.
  • It can stabilize and remove the shaky video.
  • It has video presets for different platforms and devices such as iPhone, Android, Apple TV, and more.

Step 1 Install the Alternative Tool to Add Transition

First, install the AceThinker Video Editor on your desktop computer by clicking the download button beneath this step. Pass through the installation prompt to continue with the process. Once installed, the software will be launched. Open it to access the interface and its editing functionalities.

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ve interface

Step 2 Edit Video and Add Transition Effects

Then, to add video files on the tool’s interface click the import button located at the upper-left corner of the interface. Once media files were added, drag-and-drop the video on its two-pane-video editing timeline. Utilized different basic editing features such as inserting text, adding video filters, insert royalty-free music, and more. To add a transition to your video clips, click the Transition panel to access the vast number of transition effects.

best free slideshow maker ve edit

Step 3 Render Video and Preview it

Lastly, once the editing process has been completed, click the Export button to render and save the edited video. Wait until the process is completed. Then, go to the output folder and locate the edited video. Preview and play the file by clicking it.

add transition in imovie ve play

Comparison Chart

Software Supported Format Supported Quality Target Audience Concerns and Limitation
iMovie MPEG 4, . avi, . mov, etc. 4K, HD , and more. Basic It has no video preset for different social media platforms and devices.
AceThinker Video Editor MP4, MTS, MOV, MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV, XviD, DivX, TP, MPG, and more. 4K video, SD & HD videos, etc. Basic, Professionals, Prosumers Not yet available on mobile devices.
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