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Easy Walkthrough: How to Put Background Music on iMovie

feature add background music to imovieMusic is the universal medium that triggers our emotions. We humans always listen to music whenever we are doing daily chores, working on our reports, and even can be a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city noise. Moreover, it is one of the essential components of creating cinematic and world-class videos and movies. It stimulates the setting of specific clips. Whether it is horror, drama, adventure, thriller, or musical story, it can set off emotions to provide jump scare, dramatic feelings, and joyful sensation. However, have you known the best and quickest way to add music background on different video processing software? If not, then this write-up is suitable for you! We have collated and collected the unique ways to add background music to video iMovie and its alternative.

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How to Add Background Music to Video on iMovie

Distinctive Feature: It can input songs in your library or iCloud drive directly on the project video.
Supported formats: M4V, MOV, MP4, AVI, and more.

iMovie is a well-known video processing software that can edit and enhance videos efficiently and effectively. Even though this tool lacks inbuilt sound effects and music libraries, it can import music from different sources like iCloud and more. You can also download royalty-free music from different sites to include in your project video. Additionally, it is equipped with essential editing functions that can enhance the video output. These are trimming clips, merging videos, inserting watermarks and logos, split-screen, and more. Besides, it also has advanced editing functions that can be applied to the project video. These functions include Chroma keying, picture-in-picture effects, and others. Moreover, its navigation is intuitive enough for new users of this tool. The interface consists of a preview player, an editing panel, and its editing functions. Beneath this description are the detailed guidelines on how to add background audio in iMovie.

Step 1 Launch iMovie on Your Device

Since iMovie is a pre-installed application on Apple devices, we do not have to install any software to operate the tool. Launch the software on your device and circumnavigate its functions and navigation.

add background music to imovie interface

Step 2 Add Background Music to Video iMovie

Next is to import the files like audio and videos by ticking the File menu and hovering over to the Import Media. Select the background music and videos on the folders and hit import all to add media files. Afterward, drag and drop video and audio files on the editing panel. Use editing tools like ssplit screen in iMovie to enhance the output playback further. Once finished, select the export button to save it on your file.

add background music to imovie process

Step 3 Play and Preview the Edited Video

Lastly, wait until the system finishes the process of exporting the files. After that, go to the output folder to play and preview the edited media file. To re-add music on the video, follow through with the guides prior to this step.

add background music to imovie play

Alternative Way to Add Background Audio to Videos

Distinctive Feature: It is equipped with over 80 royalty-free music perfect for adding as background music on the project video, which iMovie lacks in its processes.
Supported formats: MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A, WMA, AAC, OGG, and more.

Since iMovie is not compatible with the Windows operating system, users rely on different software to add music to their project video. One of the most well-known iMovie alternatives is AceThinker Video Editor. This tool is designed with royalty-free music that can be inserted into the project video. These include summer upbeat, teenager’s dream, happy whistling, and more. This feature allows users to insert music backgrounds on the project video directly. This function is lacking in iMovie since users need to import music from iCloud or iTunes to utilize them as background audio. It also comes with basic editing features such as adding text, applying video effects, inserting transitions, implementing overlays, and others. Aside from that, it has advanced editing functions like Chroma keying, Mosaic, Zoom in and out, Color correction, and more. Lastly, its interface is comprehensive for new users. Even without video tutorials, they can circumnavigate the tool’s functions and features. The tool's interface consists of a media player to preview, an editing panel, and editing features on the left side of the tool. Underneath this brief narration are the detailed walkthroughs on how to add background music to iMovie alternatives.

Step 1 Install the iMovie Alternative

To input background music on your project video, download the AceThinker Video Editor first by clicking any download button below. Finish the installation wizards and prompts to install the app entirely. Then, a popup window will appear once fully installed. Circumnavigate its function and navigation to get used to its processes.

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ve interface

Step 2 Add Background Music to iMovie

Next, import your media files by ticking the Import button located at the upper leftmost part of the tool. Then, select media files on your folder to add them to the tool’s system. Afterward, drag and drop the media files on the editing panel to organize the duration of the background music. You can also utilize different functions like video filters, transition effects, and more to enhance the output video.

add background music to imovie ve process

Step 3 Play the Edited Video

Lastly, click the export button to store the edited video. Then, wait until the system exports the media files fully. After that, go to the designated output folder to open and preview the exported video. To insert music again, follow through the preceding steps above.

add background music to imovie ve play

Recommendation and Comparison Chart

Music is a meaningful way to convey the emotions of a specific scene or clip. With the help of our advanced technologies, we have curated the two most popular video editing software that can insert background music on a video. Yet, AceThinker Video Editor is undeniably a reliable tool to use regardless of your operating system. It is much flexible and has multiple video processes that aid users in providing a cinematic output video. Below is the comparison chart that will truly guide you to select your preferred video editor to insert a music background.

Features iMovie AceThinker Video Editor
License Type Proprietary Freemium service
Target Audience Basic Basic, Prosumers, Professionals
Advantages Pre-installed on Mac. It has an inbuilt royalty-free music.
Limitations and Concerns It can only add music from the cloud storage and no inbuilt free music. Not available on mobile devices.
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