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Top 4 Best Video Resolution Converter

change video resolution feature imageVideo resolution or display resolution is a digital model of a digital television, display device, or computer monitor in several distinct pixels in each dimension. Back in the day, old movies were captured in films, and they produced a low-quality output. As the years progressed and the technology was developed, pixels were invented to provide more excellent quality in viewing videos. In the early years of the millennium, 800x600 resolution or 560p quality was the highest video quality ever produced. This 2021, we have an abundance of the highest quality available for videos. As of this moment, 4K HD or 3,840x2,160 is the highest quality resolution that we can input in our video output. However, since higher-quality videos are not always available on older devices, we have to convert them into compatible resolutions. This will help us to have a better playback experience. And this article gathered the most well-known and most used video quality converter ever exists on the internet.

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How to Change Video Solution with AceThinker Video Master

Distinctive Feature: It can do batch conversion that enables users to convert multiple videos at the same time.

AceThinker Video Master is the powerful and most comprehensive video resolution converter that enables users to virtually modify video parameters in the simplest ways. It also utilizes hardware acceleration and a multicore processor that allows users to convert video resolution faster than before. Additionally, it has vast numbers of video resolutions from 480p resolution up to 4K HD quality output. Furthermore, it supports hundreds of quality formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, and more. More so, users can convert HD videos and even 4K videos while preserving the video's original quality. This is a perfect tool to have an excellent watching experience.

Output Preset for Devices: It has video output presets for turning the source video into a portable format for mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, HTC, and more.

Below are the walkthroughs on how to change video resolution using Video Master

Step 1 Install the Video Resolution Converter

First, to utilize this tool, users need to download and install the AceThinker Video Master on their device. Click the download button beneath to continue on this walkthrough. Wait until the device's system analyzes the software, pass through the set-up instruction or installation prompt to install the Video Master fully. Once done, explore and familiarize the tool’s features and navigation.

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vm interface

Step 2 Change Aspect Ratio of Video output

Then, before converting, users can modify and optimize the output settings according to their preferences. Go to the “Convert All to” and click the drop-down of the list of video resolutions. Users can select the video quality, the output format, frame rate, bitrate, and resize video size and resolution on this drop-down. To save, click the selected video parameters, and it is ready for the conversion.

vm configure settings

Step 3 Import and Convert Video

Next, once all is settled, go to the software's interface and click the "+" icon positioned at the center part of Video Master's interface. Once the video has been uploaded and imported to the software, utilize its features such as Edit Metadata, change video size, cut and segment video, and compressed video. Then, click the "Convert all" button to initiate the conversion.

vm import video

Step 4 Play Converted Video

Finally, once the conversion has finished. The output folder will pop up to preview the converted video. Click the video to check the resolution and aspect ratio of the video. If you want to convert another video using Video Master, follow through the steps above.

change video resolution vm play

Change Video Size Online with Free Video Resolution Converters

1. AceThinker Video Converter Online

Distinctive Feature: It is equipped with video editing tools even if it is an online video converter.

AceThinker Video Converter Online is a convenient and comprehensive video converter online. With its simple navigation, users can access this tool without experiencing difficulties and errors. It supports more than hundreds of video and audio formats. It works with the latest video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and more. Furthermore, it can tweak the video output settings according to the user's preferences. It enables users to customize video parameters such as video codecs, resolution, change aspect ratio of the video, bitrate, frame rate, etc. This option will help users to experience a better playback viewing experience.

Output Preset for Devices: Users can put the output video on different mobile devices due to its extensive list of output presets for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and more.

This is the listed walkthrough on how to change video resolution online.

  • Go to AceThinker Video Converter Online, then click the Select Files button to start.
  • Import your video files and choose the video resolution, formats, and quality for the output video.
  • Hit convert to start and save the output video on your device once it’s done.

fvco interface

2. Convertio

Distinctive Feature: Users can import videos located on Google Drive or Dropbox.

One of the best video quality converters online, Convertio, can alter the video file size into smaller ones and modify video resolution without relying on plug-ins or any software. The navigation of this online tool is easy to understand even without relying on manual and walk-through descriptions. Additionally, Convertio works on different popular video formats such as MP4, WMV, MOV, and other rare video formats. Furthermore, the process of converting video resolution is completely safe and secure. Thus, no one can access your video input and output on this web-based tool. It uses advanced parameters and technologies to provide fast conversion and keep the quality original as much as possible. More so, this converter provides an option to adjust video quality, aspect ratio, codec, compress video for Instagram and more.

Output Preset for Devices: No option to provide output preset.

This is the steps on how to use Convertio as a video resolution converter.

  • First, access Convertio on your web browser. Then, click the "Choose File: button to start.
  • Import your video and choose video parameters such as video format etc., then click the "Convert" button./li>
  • Wait for the process or conversion to finish, and all the output videos are placed in the cloud. It will not consume capacity in your device. To save it on your computer, download the output video.

change video resolution clideo

3. Online-Converter

Distinctive Feature: It is a multi-media converter.

Online-Converter is a free online video converter that is flexible and more comprehensive than other video converters. With its understandable navigation and intuitive interface, users can modify video resolution and aspect ratio in the simplest and easiest way. In addition, this tool has a duration limit on converting a video. Furthermore, this does not include or input watermarks on its output files. More so, it can preserve the original quality of the video while converting it into another resolution or aspect ratio.

Output Preset for Devices: No option to provide output preset.

Beneath is the listed step on how to change video resolution using Online- Converter.

  • Access Online-Converter on your webpage and utilize the Online Video Converter.
  • Select your output format, video parameters, etc., before uploading your video input. Once done, import your file on the online tool and wait on the process to finish.
  • Finally, once the process has been finished, download the output file on your computer to preview it.

change video resolution online converter

More Info and FAQs About Video Resolution

1. What do 1080p and 4K resolution mean?

1080p resolution is known as the FULL HD resolution or True HD resolution and stands for 1280 X 720 pixels. In contrast, 4K resolution is known as the Ultra HD, it stands for 3840 X 2048 video pixels. This video resolution is usually for TV sets and computer monitors. Nevertheless, if you have a dilemma on which video quality to choose, read through above about HD resolutions such as, 4K resolution vs. 1080P to enlighten more.

2. What is the difference between video resolution and video compression?

Video resolution determines the number of pixels displayed on a specific video. In contrast, video compression is the process of reducing or altering video parameters such as framerate, quality output, file size, and more.

3. What is a Video Resolution?

Video resolution can be described and expressed as the number of pixels displayed on the screen. The usual format of video resolution is width x height. Commonly there are seven common types of video resolution such as 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p, and 4320p.

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