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Best Solutions to Convert M4V Video to MP4

convert m4v video feature imageVideo formats are essentials in this new era due to their ability to store digital video data on a computer system. A video format usually consists of a container storing video data in a video coding format along with audio data in an audio coding format. There are different varieties of video formats such as M4V, MP4, AVI, and more. M4V is a file format or video container that Apple has developed, and it is very analogous to an MP4 file container. The main variance between the two is that M4V are typically protected by DRM copy protection. Besides Apple iTunes and QuickTime Player, M4V can also be played on different media players such as VLC player, Nero Showtime, and more. However, Windows Media Player is not listed on the compatible medium to play M4V files. In this case, we need to convert M4V to MP4 to provide us a better playback experience on most common multimedia players.

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How to Convert M4V with AceThinker M4V Video Converter

Distinctive Feature: It can convert video files 50x faster due to its advanced algorithms and acceleration technology.

AceThinker Video Master is a comprehensive and powerful video converter that can let users convert video files such as M4V to MP4 in an easy way. Whenever users want to convert a video format, this video conversion software can fully help and meet your needs without issue or error. It supports many file formats and video codecs, including H.263, MOV, WebMD, and more. Furthermore, it can convert video formats at the highest video quality, like 4K UHD and 1080P. It also has a video preset that can be optimized for different portable players and game consoles such as iPhone, Xbox, Wii, etc. More so, to enhance the output format, this M4V converter is also equipped with a lightweight and awesome video editor. This feature enables users to edit and create personalized eye-catching output videos in a blink of an eye.

Trial Limit: Users can utilize this tool for free with a conversion file length limit of five minutes. Availing premium access will let users access premium features such as batch conversion, limitless file duration, etc., for $55.95.

Ways on how to convert M4V video using Video Master.

Step 1 Install the M4V Video Converter

In order to utilize the AceThinker Video Master, you need to download its software first. The download button is beneath this step. Follow the installation promptly and pass through the installation wizards to install it fully. Once installed, get familiarized with its functionality.

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vm interface

Step 2 Optimize the Settings

Then, before converting M4V, optimize the output settings according to your preferred format. If you are using a Windows device, it is much advisable to alter the output video parameter to MP4 since this format is flexible and compatible with different common media players such as Windows Media Player. After that, click your preferred output video parameter to save changes.

vm settings

Step 3 Convert M4V to MP4

Next, import the M4V that you need to convert. Click the “+” to access your file. Browser over on your device’s folders and upload the M4V. Then, click the “Convert All” to initiate the process. Wait until the system finishes the conversion.

convert m4v video vm convert

Step 4 Play the converted Video

Finally, once all is settled and finished, the output folder will pop up on your screen. Click the converted video to preview and play the file. To initiate another process, follow through the steps above.

convert m4v video vm play

How to Convert M4V to MP4 using VLC for Free

Distinctive Feature: This tool can manually change A/V (audio and video) synchronization. Most converted videos lack A/V sync, which usually invokes video lagging.

VLC is an open-source media player software developed and produced by the VideoLan project. Commonly referred to as the Swiss knife army of all media players due to its flexible and reliable functionalities. Furthermore, this tool is not just a media player; and it can also be utilized as a video converter. It supports numerous output formats such as MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, and so forth. More so, it is compatible with different operating systems such as Mac, Android, Windows, etc.; it is perfect to utilize to convert M4V to MP4 Mac.

Trial Limit: Free to use, no premium access needed.

Underneath is the walkthrough on how to convert M4V video to MP4.

  • First, go to the VLC media player’s interface and access the toolbar located at the upper part of the tool. Click on Media> Convert/Save.
  • In the open media dialog box, click the add button and select the M4V on your device to import it. Click the Convert/Save dropdown> Convert.
  • Select the format that you prefer to use as an output format. Then, initiate the conversion by clicking the Start button. Once done, locate your file and play the converted video.

convert m4v video vlc

How to Convert M4V Video Files Online

Distinctive Feature: It enables users to send an email with the download link of the converted video.

ConvertFiles is one of the most reliable platforms to convert M4V to MP4 online due to its elaborative and comprehensive navigation. Within a few steps, users can easily convert any video file into their preferred output video format in an instant and easy way. It supports different input formats such as M4V, MP4, MKV, and more. Also, it has a vast number of output formats to choose from, like MP4, MOV, 3GP, etc. It is completely safe to use because it secures and restricts other users from accessing the input files and the output archives.

Trial Limit: Free to use, no premium access needed.

Beneath is the walkthrough on how to convert M4V to MP4 online.

  • First, on the main interface of ConvertFiles, select the M4V file on your device by clicking the browse function. Import the M4V and wait until the system fully uploads the input files.
  • Next, choose MP4 as your output format on the list of formats available in the dropdown. Then click convert.
  • Once all is settled and finished. Download the converted video to save it fully on your device. Browse over on your computer and play the video to preview. If you want to know about the online video converters with no watermarks, read through this article.

convert m4v video convertfiles

FAQs about M4V Video Conversion

1. What is the dissimilarity between M4V and MP4?

Although MP4 and M4V are much similar to each other, there are obvious differences that can be observed between these two file containers. M4V has video coding of H.264, supported by Apple products only, and it is copy protected by DRM copy protection. On the other hand, MP4 has a wide variety of video codecs such as MPEG-4, H.264, H.265, etc. Different common media players also support it, and most especially, it is not copy protected.

2. Can I just rename the M4V to MP4 without converting it?

It sometimes works, but it is not a convenient way to alter video and audio codecs. The original file structure or format might get broken by altering the file extension, and you will not get the exact quality that you want. The best option is to utilize a video converter.

3. What is the best tool to convert M4V to MP4?

The reliable tool to use is AceThinker Video Master. It provides plenty of features that can improve the playback viewing experience and enhance the output quality of your file. More so, it is comprehensive and easy to navigate. Lastly its a perfect video editor for vlogs as well.

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