Best Ways on How to Reduce Video Size VLC

vlc resize video featured imageVLC is a prominent and versatile media player developed by the VideoLan project. Despite this, few people are aware that it can do more than play files. VLC can record the screen, stream media over computer networks, and can transcode multimedia files. It can cut and reduce the videos' scale when you need to reduce the videos to fit your mobile phone or upload it on a platform. Besides, it enables quick conversion from one format to MP4. 4K/1080p video offers an impressive visual experience, but a 1-min uncompressed 1080p video takes up to 130 MB. Large file size became a problem to most people as video sharing sites, social media sites, and applications have limited file size video uploading. For your convenience, we've included basic methods on how VLC media player compress video, as well as the best VLC compressor alternative for compressing video effectively and professionally.

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Basic Methods to Reduce Video File Size VLC

Solution 1: Compress Video in VLC to Smaller Size

Since specific file formats, such as MKV and AVI, take up a lot of room, it's a good idea to convert VLC to MP4 and other smaller formats like FLV, WMV, and so on. Then you'll be pleased to know that VLC helps you transform video or audio files without the need for extra tools and minimize video size to some degree. The following is a step-by-step guide about how to compress video using VLC.

User Guide:

  • Download VLC and finish the installation process to launch it.
  • Click the Media option on the upper corner of the media player, then choose Convert/Save.
  • Once done, you will move to another option. Choose the file you need to convert, then click Convert/Save button.
  • Under the Profile option, click the drop-down arrow to see the available formats, then click the Start button to convert the video.

vlc resize video solution1

Solution 2: Change the Video Bit Rate/Frame Rate to Reduce Video Size

Different video parameters, such as frame rate, resolution, and so on, affect video size. Video bitrate pertains to the amount of video data transferred within a second. It's important to remember that video bits are data strings that make up the video you're watching. Moreover, increasing the bitrate will increase the output video file size and result in relatively slower export. Adjusting the video parameters such as frame rate and bitrate can secure more space on your memory card. Besides, it will be easier to upload it on different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Below are the steps you can follow on how to reduce video size with VLC by changing the bit rate.

User Guide:

  • On your web browser, visit the official website of VLC, then get the tool.
  • Once installed, open it and hit the Media option, and click Convert/Save button.
  • After that, choose the file you need to convert, then click the wrench icon.
  • Another option will show and click the Video Codec to locate the bit rate and frame rate.
  • Change the bit rate and frame rate according to your preference, then click Save.

vlc resize video solution2

Solution 3: Cut or Crop Unnecessary Segment with VLC

Another way to compress a video is through cropping or cutting. This method is a technique of modifying or changing the edges of a photograph or video clip. Cropping or cutting allows you to delete unwanted or distracting parts of a video clip and adjust its measurements to fit within a particular space. Also, it is a great way to display multiple video clips simultaneously and this method can reduce the video size. To reduce video size with VLC, follow the simple guide below.

User Guide:

  • First, go to the website of VLC and download the tool.
  • Finished all the installation packages of the tool and launched it. On the tool’s main interface, click on the Menu and click on the View Menu. Then hit Advanced Controls.
  • After that, play the video you need to crop and click the Record button on the scene you want. Then, hit the Stop button on the scene you need to crop.
  • Once done, the video will save in your library automatically.

vlc reduce video size solution 3

Alternative to Reduce Video Size VLC

AceThinker Video Master

Price: $49.95 – Lifetime support/2PCs

OS Supported: Windows 8 and 10, Mac OS X 10.10 or above.

As shown above, VLC can be considered as one of the free video compressor available on the internet. Still, it can be complex and idle for some users, especially those who are not familiar with VLC and their computer configuration. Users may use this program to compress video and audio files and codecs into a variety of formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and others. As it adopted advanced technology, compressing or converting videos is now quicker and easier than ever before. AceThinker Video Master also can transform HD 1080P and 4K videos while maintaining 100% of the original standard. Besides, this video converter provides a built-in video editor that is perfect for creating a professional video. It allows users to merge, trim, crop, and adjust video effects. Furthermore, the performance formats are compatible with various video-sharing sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo. Follow the steps below to convert videos:

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Step 1 Get the Tool

First, to use this app, go to AceThinker Video Master's official website, download the tool, or proceed by clicking either of the download buttons above. Then complete all of the installation prompts. The interface will then appear, and you can explore all of its functionality.

vm interface

Step 2 Import the Video

Once you're done configuring the setting, import the video file you want to convert. Click the "Plus" icon on the centermost of the tools. Or you can locate your video file then drag and drop it on the tool. The system will automatically import the video file.

vm import video

Step 3 Compress the Video in Different Ways

Now, import the video file you wish to convert by clicking the "Plus" icon on the centermost of the tools. Or you can locate your video file then drag and drop it on the tool. The system will automatically import the video file. Once imported, you can downsize the video in 3 aspects.

Compress videos into small-size files directly: Click the video compressor icon, and a new window will appear. Here, move the slider beside the "Compressed" option. As you move the slider, the bitrate will change, and the file size of the video. Once achieve the desired result, click "Save" to apply the changes you made.

vlc reduce video size vm step3.1

Convert video into other formats with a smaller size: To further reduce the video size, click the drop-down menu beside the "Convert All to" option. Then, select other formats you want to reduce the video's file size on the target tab.

vlc reduce video size vm step3.2

Crop or cut the video: Hit on the scissor icon under the video thumbnail. From the cropping window, start trimming the video according to your preference ang click "Save" once done.

vlc reduce video size vm step3.3

Step 4 Play the Converted Video

Once you have set your desired output for your video, you can now start compressing the video by clicking the "Convert All" button. If you need to stop the conversion process, click the "Stop" icon on the right side of the tool or just hit the "Stop All" button at the bottom right.

vlc reduce video size vm step4

Step 5 Play the Converted Video

Once the conversion process is done, the file location of the video will automatically appear. Double-clicking the video will automatically play the video on the default media player.

vlc reduce video size vm step5


  • It can convert content to 3D for a more immersive viewing experience.
  • It is not just a video conversion tool but a complete multimedia tool that enables you to download videos online.

  • This program is not available for mobile devices.
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