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How to Resolve “Cannot Open MOV File on Mac” Issue

feature image fix mov errorQuickTime is an extendable multimedia player that Apple Inc. has developed. This tool is compatible and capable of handling various video formats such as MPEG-4, AVI, and most especially Apple Video or MOV. MOV is a digital container format that compiles video and other multimedia metadata in a single file. This format is intended for Apple multimedia players such as QuickTime. Though playing MOV files on QuickTime is often smooth and perfect, errors can’t be avoided. One of these errors is “QuickTime Player can't open” There are reasons and causes why this error comes around while opening MOV files on QuickTime player. Thus, this article will further scrutinize the reasons and solutions on how to resolve the MOV file not opening in QuickTime.

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Why QuickTime Player Won't Play MOV?

MOV and QuickTime are well-matched and compatible with each other. But sometimes, even the strongest bonds have shortcomings and experiencing errors. In this part, we listed out the possible reasons and causes why QuickTime Player can’t open MOV files. Read through below and learn more about them.

1. Media Encoding

MOV files can be played from different multimedia players, such as VLC, Elmedia Player, and more. Thus, when MOV files fail to load and play on other media players, then the file asset is probably corrupted. It causes a “QuickTime Player can’t open” error since the video codec was not correctly encoded. QuickTime Player cannot read the file container properly even if it is a compatible format.

fix mov error cause media encoder

2. Software Update

If you are utilizing an old version of the software, MOV files cannot be able to play on QuickTime Player. This means that the error that you received might cause by an outdated application and no longer support the technology that supports encoding the MOV files. In this case, try to update the application to the newest version.

fix mov error cause software update

3. Codec Supports

MOV file encoded only MPEG-4 and AAC audio formats. If the MOV files were encoded on other video and audio codec, QuickTime Player would refuse to play them. The job of video and audio codecs is to compress a set of data and decompress it for playback or viewing. Thus, playback issues such as "MOV file cannot be opened" are caused by the unsupported codec.

fix mov error cause codec support

How to Fix QuickTime Player Can't Open MOV?

Above, we tackle the possible root causes of the “MOV file not opening in QuickTime” error. And the often reason why we receive this error is due to codec formats are unsupported. In this part, we will deliberate the most convenient way to fix the codec issue of MOV files. Furthermore, we enlisted the detailed steps to do it. Read through this part and pay more attention to this solution.

As a top-rated video and audio converter, Video Master enables users to virtually transform video files into any accessible format such as MOV, MP4, AVI, etc. Thanks to its advanced hardware acceleration and multi-core processor, converting video is 50x much faster than before. Additionally, it can convert HD 1080p and 4K videos while retaining 100% of the original quality for excellent viewing and playback. Furthermore, it can compress a more extensive video file size into a smaller size while not altering the video quality, frame rate, and bit rate. Moreover, users can utilize its built-in video editor to further polish and enhance the video output. With the above features, this is a perfect tool to make use of resolving the "MOV file cannot be opened" error.

Key Features:

  • It uses hardware acceleration technology to increase conversion speed.
  • It can compress large video.
  • It has an ability to enhance video quality.
  • It can generate video into 3D video.
  • It has built-in media player.

Step 1 Install and Download Video Master

To utilize this software, you need to go first on Video Master's official website to download the tool or click any of the download buttons below to continue. Then, finish all the installation prompts. After that, the interface will appear and scrutinize all its features.

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Step 2 Configure the Settings

Before we convert video files, go to the Video Master’s settings and modify the functions according to your preferred outcome. Amend some tasks like the output folder, Enable GPU acceleration, Task scheduling, and more. Then click the Okay button to save changes.

fix mov error vm step2

Step 3 Locate MOV Files

Once all is settled and done, search over your MOV file on your device. Utilize the “+” button located at the centermost part of the software. Or, if the location of your MOV files is open on your device, simply drag the file on the software’s interface, and the system will automatically import the file to analyze.


Step 4 Convert MOV Files

Then, as the MOV files are on the interface of Video Master, modify the output format and codecs according to the compatible format of QuickTime software. Click okay to save changes. Then, to process the conversion, click the “Convert All” and wait for the system to finish the process.

fix mov error vm step4

Step 5 Play Video File

Finally, after the video has been converted, go to the output folder and click the video to preview. Open it with QuickTime Player to watch the converted MOV file. To convert MOV files again, follow the walk-through above.

fix mov error vm step5

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