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How to Play Windows Media Player MKV files

play mkv in windows media playerWMP, also known as Windows Media Player, is a media player and library application developed by Microsoft. This multimedia player is intended to play audio, video, and images for personal computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Furthermore, this player includes intrinsic support on Windows Media codecs and media formats such as MP3, MP4, FLAC, and more. But yet again, Windows Media Player does not support all media formats available on the internet. One of these is MKV or Matroska format. This media container is a flexible multimedia format that can store audio and video streams that can be compressed and decompressed for playback viewing. However, its codec information is unsupported by the Windows Media Player. On the bright side, this article was created to gather the most efficient way to play MKV in Windows Media Player.

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Play MKV Files on Windows Media Player MKV With Codec Package

For a better indulgence of information, a codec is a device or computer program which encodes or decodes a piece of digital information and data. In this part, we will be using Combined Community Codec Pack or CCCP to resolve the Windows Media Player MKV error. This tool is a collected archive of codecs or video compression filters packed for a Windows operating system. Additionally, the supported containers of this tool are MKV, AVI, OGM, MP4, and more video codecs. The prime purpose of this tool is to provide a plug-in to install to play audio and video codecs that have been compressed to have proper playback and viewing experience.

Price: Free
Hard Drive Size: 10.01MB

mkv error wmp ccp


  • Improve the major problems caused by conflicting codec packs.
  • It is available to download on any web browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, etc.
  • Comprehensive navigation — even for users with no technical knowledge and expertise can easily take control.

  • Some notable formats are not supported on this software, such as .nsv, .qt, .mov, and more.

Utilize an Alternative Media Player to Play MKV

If you do not want to install or download any codec package, this part will give you another option. To not receive Windows Media Player MKV files error, you can utilize an alternative media player, VLC . This software is an open-source multimedia player. It is a simple, fast, and powerful tool to use due to its intuitive navigation and functional features. In addition, it plays any media format that users will open using this software. It can open files, Discs, audio and video codecs, and more. Furthermore, it can play most codecs such as MPEG-4, H.264, and even MKV codecs with no codec packs needed. Moreover, it has a complete feature-set while playing video files such as video and audio filters, subtitle synchronization, and more.

Price: Free and open-source service.
Hard Drive Size: 38 MB

tool interface


  • It is compatible with various OS such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android devices.
  • It is entirely safe – no spyware, no advertisement pop-up, and no user tracking.
  • It can also be installed as a web extension.

  • It can also be installed as a web extension.

Convert MKV to WMP Supported Formats

This part will provide the most convenient and effective way to resolve the Windows Media Player MKV error. Since Windows Media Player does not support MKV, we need to convert MKV to any compatible format for WMP such as MP4. We will be using AceThinker Video Master. This tool is a comprehensive and inclusive video converter that enables users to convert any video file on any video codecs or format. Its output format includes MP4, AVI, WAV, MOV, and more which is compatible on Windows Media Player. Furthermore, the converted video files are compatible with different portable players and devices such as iPhone, iPod, Android devices, Wii, and more. Also, even the video was captured using a camcorder, webcam, or downloaded to any video sharing platform; this tool can easily and effortlessly convert the video. Moreover, it has built-in editing tools to polish and enhance the converted video output.

Price: $55.95 – Lifetime supports/2 PCs
Hard Drive Size: 60.3MB

Underneath are the detailed steps on converting MKV files to any compatible formats for Window Media Player.

Key Features:

  • It uses advanced technology to fasten up the conversion process up to 50x faster than before.
  • It uses a multi-core processor; thus, converting many MKV files is easy and convenient.
  • Users can utilize its metadata editor to edit video information.
  • It can enhance and polish the video output by utilizing features such as removal of noise, reducing shaking scenes, and more.

Step 1 Install the MKV Converter

First, go to AceThinker Video Master's official sites and download the software. Or, to continue with this walk-through, click the download button below according to your device or platform. Then, answer all installation prompt to install the tool fully. Once done, the interface will appear. Analyze and study its features and navigation to get familiarized with the software.

Try it for Free


Step 2 Organize the Settings

On the software’s interface, click the Menu button to configure the settings. Users can change the language preference into different languages Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, etc. Additionally, users can change the output location folder into their preferred folder. Then, to save all made changes, click the “OK” button.

mkv error wmp vm step2

Step 3 Import your Video File

Next, import your MKV files on Video Master. Click the “+” button to open your file’s location. Search and browse for your MKV files and click the “OK” button to import the file entirely. Within a second or two, the video will automatically be copied on Video Master’s Interface.


Step 4 Convert MKV to Any format

Then, as the MKV file is already in the software, modify the file's output format. As we stated above, various video formats are compatible with Windows Media Player, namely, MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. Since MP4 is a compatible file container for WMP, we will utilize it as the output format. Once all is settled and modify, click the "Convert All" button to initiate the conversion.

mkv error wmp vm step4

Step 5 Play Converted video on Windows Media Player

Once the conversion is done, locate the output video in the output folder. To double-check, click the properties to check the file format of the video. Play and preview the converted file using the Windows Media Player. To convert again, follow the detailed steps above.

mkv error wmp vm step5

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Last updated on May 20, 2021

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