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mov to instagram featured imageInstagram is a world-renowned social media platform that allows users to share their photos and videos with their followers over the internet. Following this, Instagram provided different ways to upload videos, such as IGTV, Instagram Story, Live, and In-feed Videos. However, Instagram will only allow you to upload videos directly on its platform if your video container is MP4 or MOV. What's more surprising is that even though it already supports the MOV container, the app still has many standards you have to meet. This article will tackle why you can't upload MOV to Instagram and the best and most recommended MOV video to Instagram converter to perform this task.

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Why Cannot Directly Upload MOV to Instagram?

Before anything else, we have to know that MOV is a video container just like MP4. Since it is a container, MOV may consist of different audio and video Codecs. Unfortunately, Instagram only supports strict and specific codecs. In line with this, the Instagram Help Center has provided a comprehensible list of codecs supported by the app to understand this better.

The requirements set by Instagram are the following:

  • The maximum size of width 1080pixels regardless of the height.
  • The frame rate is 29.96 frames per second.
  • The Bitrate ranges to 3,500 video bitrate
  • The length of the video must be 3 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • The File size must be 15MB. If it is higher than 15 MB, you should trim, compress, or divide it into multiple parts.
  • The acceptable video codec is H.264 and H264 video compression.
  • The standard audio for Instagram is AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) at 128kbps.
  • The standard format for video uploading on Instagram is MP4 and MOV.

Reading through the list, we can see that Instagram supports MP4 and MOV container formats but specifically supports H.264 codecs videos. Also, the best format for uploading videos to Instagram is MP4 with H.264 and ACC audio. Whenever you can’t upload a MOV video to Instagram, it is because of the wrong codec. Thus, if you are looking for a solution to upload an unsupported video MOV file to Instagram, you can convert it to a format that Instagram supports by using a MOV to Instagram video converter.

How to Convert MOV for Uploading to Instagram

As recommended by many users, the perfect MOV to Instagram converter is AceThinker Video Master. It is a powerful multimedia software with several unique features that are beneficial to the users. This software is a video converting tool that will convert MOV videos and save them into multiple resolutions and accessible formats. Aside from that, you can change the style of your videos with the built-in editor where you can trim, add background music, text, filters, and even images. Lastly, you can also record your screen with this tool. In terms of compatibility, this unique software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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Step 1 Import MOV Video

Click the download button above, install the app, and approved all the following command prompt. Once done, continue by launching the software. After that, import your video on AceThinker Video Master using one of these three methods:

  • You can click "Add Files," located at the upper left part.
  • Click the other "Add Files" option located at the center part.
  • Just simply drag the video on the interface.

vmaster add files step2

Step 2 Edit the Video if Needed

If you want to be creative with your videos, editing is one of the special features that AceThinker Video Master has tap right-click on the mouse and then choose edit. From here, you can rotate and crop your videos, add effects and filters, watermarks, background music, and even subtitles. Once done editing, click "OK" to apply changes.

vmaster edit video

Step 3 Configure Output Format as Instagram

After editing the MOV file, click the format icon on the upper right side of the screen along with the video thumbnail tab. On the first column where the container files are, use the search bar or scroll down the option and look for Instagram. After that. Choose the video format that you want from the list.

vmaster configure format step3

Step 4 Convert MOV for Instagram

Next, you will notice that the format icon has changed; this indicates that this is the format that you have chosen. Now start converting your video by clicking "Convert All." Wait for the converting process to be complete.

vmaster start convert step4

Step 4 Save Video and Upload to Instagram

When the converting process finishes, proceed by clicking on the "converted" window located at the upper part of the screen. Tap the folder icon to view the file on your locale computer storage. From here, you can transfer the video on your mobile device or directly upload MOV file to Instagram using your computer. (You can also use a video downloader to download Instagram videos to MP4.)

vmaster save video step 5

How to Upload MOV Video to Instagram

Now that you have the MOV video converted to MP4, which is a compatible format for Instagram, it is time to upload it. For this process, you can open Instagram app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and log in your Instagram account. Keep in mind that you can only open Instagram website on your web browser but there's no option to upload a content. After that, proceed with the details below.

User Guide:

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer where the converted MOV video is located. After that, transfer the converted video into the smartphone and place it on your gallery or camera roll.
  • Then, safely removed the smartphone from the computer and head back to your Instagram app. Later, hit the "+" icon on the bottom part of the app.
  • Now, browse the video from your gallery and select it. Afterward, you can add a filter and caption to make it more engaging. Once done, hit the "Share" button on the bottom-right corner to upload it.

hit plus icon and select video, click share

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I upload an MOV file to Instagram reels?
Yes, you can directly upload an MOV file to Instagram reels. However, the result will not be good if you didn't achieved the mentioned requirements for Instagram video settings. So, we suggest to convert your MOV files firs to Instagram-friendly format for a hassle-free sharing of videos on Instagram reels. With the help of Video Master, you can easily convert your videos.
2. What is the maximum video time can I upload on IG?
The video length limit for a regular IG feed video is 3 seconds to 60 minutes. As you know, Instagram has four types of videos, including Feed, Story, Live, and Reels video. On Instagram feed, you can upload for up to 60 minutes video, while you can share 60 seconds of video on story. Meanwhile, the IG Live can cater up to 4 hours of video and the Instagram reels supports up to 90 seconds of video.

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