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How to Fix Google Drive Videos Cannot be Played Problem

google drive videos not playingGoogle Drive is a file storing and synchronization service developed by Google last 2012. It allows users to store files in the Google server or cloud, synchronize files, and share files quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, this file storage service is compatible with operating systems and devices such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. What’s more to its extensive feature is storing media and document files can be possible up to 15GB of storage. Despite its popularity and practicality, this storage service has shortcomings. One of its flaws is the media player of this storage service is not good and efficient. Thus, many users are experiencing a “this video cannot be played Google Drive” error. Hence, this article is your helping hand because we gather and evaluate the highly anticipated solutions to fix Google Drive videos errors.

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7 Reasons and Solutions to Fix Google Drive Not Play Video Error

Below are the reasons why video cannot be played Google Drive. In this part as well, we will provide possible solutions to fix those errors.

1. Pirated Content

Pirated Contents or Pirated videos are unauthorized duplications of copyrighted content shared and sold on numerous web users. As technology blossomed and accessible, piracy has become rampant and widespread. Google Servers adapted advanced technology such as file hashing to detect and obstruct users from viewing copyrighted videos easily. Google Drive may be banned, removed, and blocked those kinds of videos. Thus, accessing these videos may cause a “Google Drive this video cannot be played”| error. To avoid this error, double-check the source and the content of the video that you will upload on Google Drive. Make sure there’s no copyrighted audio or video on your file content.

google drive video error pirated content

2. Blocking Cookies

Web Cookies or Cookies are text files with tiny bits of data like usernames and passwords that are used to identify and recognize your computer as users use their computer network. Many users block cookies to disable Google Drive to gather or glean personal information. However, this may cause the uploaded video cannot be played Google Drive. Blocking cookies can result in misbehaving browser experience and video playback on Google Drive. To enable your web cookies, Go to your web browser's settings, go to the "Cookies and other site data," and enable the "Allow all cookies" button.

google drive video error cookie

3. Browsers Extension

Browser extensions or browser plug-ins are tiny software modules use for customizing web browsers and add a specific feature to existing computer programs. Enabling this software on your browsers can sometimes compromise the playback viewing of your video on Google Drive. Utilize the Incognito mode to check if browser extensions or plug-ins are the culprits why Google Drive not playing videos. To access it, go to your web browser, click the "menu" button, then click the "New incognito mode," and start browsing.

google drive video error browser extension

4. Outdated Browsing apps

Many smartphone users utilize Google Drive app as their backup storage for their personal images, videos, and even documents. Almost every month, Google is updating its software to cope up and fix the flaws of its application. In some cases, we tend to forget to update our Google-based software like Google Drive. Thus, resulting in an error like “this video cannot be played Google Drive.” To simply resolve this error, go to your store application and search over for Google Drive. Click the Update button and re-launch the app.

google drive video error outdated app

5. Browser and App Cache and Cookies

As we tackle above, that cache can save tiny bits of small information on Google Drive, and Google is constantly updating the Google Drive service. This part will broaden your knowledge of why we do need to constantly delete cache and cookies. To start with, cache and cookies will help a web browser to speed up the loading process of a specific site by saving small files of data. In contrast, Google drive makes an update to sites or applications. Thus, if a cached file saved the older version of Google Drive, browsing experience and playback viewing can cause an error and issue. To resolve it, open the settings, go to the Privacy and Security tab, then click the “Clear browsing data.” Once done, refresh the website or application.

google drive video error cache cookies

6. Internet Speed

Internet speed is fundamental while playing videos on Google Drive. This is significant because it can determine what type of activities that users can do. A slow internet connection can hinder the Google Drive video playback experience. To resolve this, try an internet speed tester to check the bandwidth of your connection. If the speed is causing trouble, reset the modem and router. Turn them off for a few seconds, then restart them. Once done, re-launch Google Drive to check if the videos are working fine.

google drive video error stable internet

7. Multiple Google Account

As 15GB of free space is not enough for our data and information storage, many of us utilize multiple Google accounts to save data files as much as we can. Though, Google allows us to efficiently and effortlessly access our multiple accounts. This practice can lead to video playback errors in Google Drive. To quickly resolve this issue, sign out on your extra account except on the account where the video is located. After that, refresh the site or application and try to play the video that you want to watch.

google drive video error multiple accounts

Whimsical Way to Fix Google Drive Video Error Using Video Master

The most common reason why some users are receiving “there was a problem playing this video Google Drive” error is due to unsupported file format. With this issue, we need to utilize a practical tool to fix and resolve it. This tool is AceThinker Video Master. This software is a comprehensive video converter that enables users to convert video and audio files into a various format that is compatible on Google Drive. The video formats that Google Drive supports are WebMD, AVI, FLV, MP4, and more. Due to its wide-range output formats, the converted videos are compatible with different media players and platforms such as Google Drive, iPhone, Android smartphones, Xbox, Wii, so forth. Additionally, whether the video was captured in a camcorder, downloaded HD video, or recorded using smartphones, videos can be added for quick conversion without experiencing any issue. Moreover, it has a built-in video editor to polish and enhance your output video.

OS Supported: Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista and Windows XP (SP2 or later); Mac OS X 10.7 and above.

Key Features:

  • It has a multi-core processor suitable for fast video download and batch conversion.
  • It can input filters and effects on videos.
  • It can edit Media Information using Metadata Editor.
  • It can enhance video, remove noise, and reduce shaking footage

Beneath are the detailed walk-through to use on how to convert Google Drive video on its supported format.

Step 1 Acquire AceThinker Video Master

To fix the “Google Drive videos not playing” error, we need to install the software first. Go to AceThinker Video Master's official website to acquire its latest and newest version, or click the download button below to continue. Then, pass through on the installation prompt and wait for the system to install the tool fully. Once done, the software’s interface will appear, Study and learn about its feature and functionality.

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Step 2 Configure the Output format

Before converting the video file, we need to change the settings according to the supported format of Google Drive. Above we tackled the various output format that can be used to be uploaded on Google Drive. One of these is MP4. To change it, go to the rightmost part of the software. Click the drop-down button to view the listed formats and choose your preferred output file. Once clicked, the system is ready for converting the video file.


Step 3 Import the Video File

Add a source video by clicking the “+” located at the centermost part of the software. Browse over your device location to locate the video. Within few seconds, the system will automatically import the video. Before conversion, you can also change the output folder, add subtitles, or disable audio tracks.


Step 4 Convert Video to Supported Google Drive Video Format

To start the conversion, click the “Convert all” button to fully modify the video’s format. The conversion and process may take a while, depending on the size of your video. If you want to have a faster conversion for your video, you can also utilize the video compression feature to do it. Once done converting, the system will pop up the converted video’s location.

google drive video error vm step4

Step 5 Play and Upload to Google Drive

Finally, the pop-up window will give you access to the converted video. To double-check, click the properties of the video and check if it is compatible with Google Drive. Then, upload it on the storage service to have a backup and for quick sharing.

google drive video error vm step5

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Last updated on August 15, 2021

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