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Discover the Best Format Factory Alternative for Windows and Mac

featured image format factory alternative Format Factory is a free and all-in-one video processing tool. One of its primary functions is to convert videos to several formats available. It supports MP4, MPEG, WMV, and others. Aside from these video formats, it can also convert other media files such as audio and images to other formats like MP3, WAV, PDF, JPG, etc. Furthermore, it has a built-in DVD ripper that can extract the media file and convert it, so you can access it on any device. Another essential feature of the tool is it can download videos from famous sites like YouTube. Unfortunately, this powerful software is not available for Mac computers. Plus, Format Factory also has other flaws that you'll discover in this post. Luckily, there is a Format factory alternative that also provides you spectacular features with only minimal flaws.

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The Limitations of Format Factory

Aside from that Format Factory is not available on Mac, the first flaw you encounter is the main interface. Unlike other tools, you only need to upload the video, choose the format, then convert it. One reason that it might complicate beginners is that the output selections are not defined by the device. For instance, it will only say as "Mobile Device Compatible" and the format. It is not indicated in which specific Android or iOS smartphone it supports.

formatfactory interface

Format Factory cannot also promise that it can detect all the video files you upload. The program is not capable of ripping the files of an encrypted DVD or Blu-ray discs. Lastly, and this might be the most annoying. As we experienced, Format Factory will suddenly become unresponsive from time to time that you cannot even close it. To fix it, you have to force quit the application.

The Best Alternative to Format Factory

Output Format: VIDEO: MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and more. AUDIO: MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and more.

If you want to avoid such issues, well, the best option is to find an alternative. In that case, we present you with an alternative to Format Factory, which is AceThinker Video Master. Let us check its key features below and some reasons why it can replace Format Factory.

vm main interface

1. Supports several Media Formats

Aside from the various video and audio formats are shown above, Video Master also has the preset format for supported devices. It supports formats on several devices like Android and iOS smartphones, streaming dongles, Smart TVs, game consoles, and more.

2. Faster Conversion Speed

With Video Master, it promises that you can convert videos for up to 50x faster speed. This is possible thanks to its "Hardware Acceleration" technology. Here, it maximizes your video card and system unit's full capability and focuses on the conversion process. Plus, it has a multi-core processor allowing you to convert multiple files without hurting much of the conversion speed.

3. Versatility

Apart from its conversion features, Video Master is also packed with other services. It has a video editor that lets you trim, cut, and add filters to the video. You can also find different tools in this program. One of them is the Video Compressor that lets you optimize the file size of a video. You can also create GIFs using Video Master. The good thing about its extra features is Video Enhancer. Here, it lets improve the video's quality by optimizing the brightness, reducing video sharing, and more.

How to Convert Video with Format Factory Alternative

Another good thing about AceThinker Video Master is its easy-to-use interface. It literally lets you convert a video to a different format within 3 quick steps. Let me teach you how to use this alternative to Format Factory.

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Step 1 Install the Format Factory Alternative

Hit the "Download" button provided above according to your computer's operating system (Windows or Mac). Open the downloaded file to start the installation process. Once done, the main interface of Video Master should show automatically.

vm main interface

Step 2 Upload the File

From the main interface, click the "Plus" icon and find the files you want to convert. Select it and import them to the software. As a tip, you can upload multiple files at once.

vm import video

Step 3 Convert the File

Once uploaded, click the "Dropdown" menu next to the "Convert All to" option. Choose the format you prefer. Finally, click the "Convert" button found at the bottom-right corner of its interface. Once done, the file will transfer to the "Converted" tab, and you can play the video there, or access it from the output folder.

vmaster choose format

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Last updated on December 20, 2021

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