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Fastest Ways to Convert VLC to MP4

vlc to mp4 feature imageMany experts are saying that we, humans, are living in the Third Industrial Revolution. Our communication and basic necessities are dependent on technological inventions and discoveries. To cite an example, back then, we used to watch artistic crafts and dramas by going to the theater and playhouse to pacify our entertainment needs. Nowadays, we use different multimedia players that can gratify our desire to watch any TV series and movies. One of these multimedia players is VLC; VLC files are cross-platform video and audio playback. It uses the “.vlc” file extension so the software’s program will natively recognize the media file. However, this kind of media format is not accessible on different devices and multimedia players. Many internet users and binge-watchers use software to convert VLC files to the most accessible and universal format, such as MP4. And the primary purpose of this article is to provide a walk-through on how to convert VLC to MP4 file format.

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How to Convert VLC to MP4 Directly with VLC Media Player

When talking about convert VLC file to MP4, we can use the media player itself, VLC. VLC is a free and open-source MP4 multimedia player that has been developed and innovated by VideoLan. This software was touted and tagged as the swiss army knife of all media players due to its flexible and comprehensive features. Though this tool is much well-known for playing almost video and audio format, it can also be used as a converter. Users can choose supported video codec and audio codec for the output file by using its advanced settings. Additionally, it allows users to have all access to its advanced options like bitrate, resolution, frame rate, and many more. Below are the specific and detailed steps on how to use VLC media player convert to MP4.

Step 1 Download and Install VLC

In order for us to change media files using VLC to convert to MP4, first, we need to get and install the software. Search over the internet and download the software. Let the system run the tool, and wait until the software is ready.

vlc to mp4 vlc interface

Step 2 Locate your Media File

The next step is to open the VLC software. Get your media file by accessing the “Media” tab at the top left corner of the software; click the “Convert/Save” option. After that, a pop-up window will appear. Click the “Add” button, then go and browse for your video file. Select the video and click the “OK” button to import a video file.

vlc to mp4 vlc prepare step2

Step 3 VLC convert video to MP4

After that, click or tick the “Convert/Save” button, the software’s system will analyze the video. Select the output format into an MP4 file. Once done, click the “Start” button and wait until the conversion has finished.

vlc to mp4 vlc convert step3

Step 4 Play Converted MP4 File

Once the conversion has finished, locate your newly converted MP4 file. Browse on your device’s file. Click the MP4 video and play. To convert VLC file to MP4 again, follow the steps mentioned above.

vlc to mp4 vlc play step4

How to Convert VLC File to MP4 Online for Free

Converting VLC media files can also be done and executed by using a web-based tool. One of these tools is AceThinker Free Online Video Converter. This online application is simple yet powerful in terms of converting VLC media files into different video formats like MP4. To justify that, this tool is only intended to convert and compress video files like VLC to MP4. Additionally, this VLC to MP4 converter online does not require its users to download or install any computer program to utilize its feature. Users can tweak and customize their output video by utilizing its extensive options like bitrate, codec, and frame rate optimization. Moreover, converting a VLC file to MP4 is easy and very understandable within three steps - which is illustrated below, users can enjoy the finished product.

Step 1 Visit AceThinker Online Video Converter

To convert video to MP4 VLC online using this web-based tool, you need to access or go to AceThinker Free Online Video Converter and set up the tool to start converting. Click the “Select files to Start” and download the launcher. Once done, the tool is ready for conversion.

fvco interface

Step 2 Select Media File

Once the launcher has been installed, click the “Select files to start” button browse on your device. Please choose your preferred media files and import them to the web-based tool.

vlc to mp4 fvco select step2

Step 3 Convert and Play

Once imported, the video file will be automatically analyzed by the tool’s system. Change and select your preferred output format like MP4, then click convert. Wait until the conversion has finished. Then locate your converted MP4 and play the video. If you want to convert VLC to MP4 online again, just follow the walk-through above.

vlc to mp4 fvco convert step3

Desktop Video Converter to Convert Any VLC Video to MP4

Acethinker Video Master is an understandable and comprehensive video converter software that exists on the internet. It enables users to convert video and audio files to different and well-compatible formats such as MP4, MP3, MOV, etc. Additionally, it can save and convert videos that are playable on various portable players such as iPhone, HTC, Samsung, PSP, and more. Whether the video is captured in a camcorder, recorded by mobile devices, and acquired from online sites, Video Master can do a quick conversion without having any problems. Furthermore, it uses a multi-core processor that can convert multiple VLC files to MP4 in a short period of time. Under this brief introduction are the detailed steps on how to convert the VLC file to MP4.

Step 1 Install Video Master

To utilize this simple yet powerful tool, you need to install and download it by accessing it on any web browser. Acethinker Video Master, or click the download button below and let the system run the software. Once done, its interface will pop up and ready to use.

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vm interface

Step 2 Locate VLC files for Conversion

On the software’s interface, click the “+” icon to add a media file or drag the file directly on Video Master’s interface. After that, the system will automatically import the media file. Additionally, users can utilize different features to create well-crafted conversion by adding subtitles, enabling audio options, cutting and merging the media file.

vlc to mp4 vm locate step2

Step 3 Convert Media file to MP4

Once all is set and settled, click the “Convert all” button. Wait until the conversion has finished. The system will indicate the “Success conversion status” located on the right side of the Video Masters interface.

vlc to mp4 vm convert step3

Step 4 Play Converted MP4

Finally, to locate your converted MP4 file, click the folder icon located at the bottom part of Video Master's interface. Then, click the video to play. To double-check the video's file format, go to properties where it can indicate the video format of the file.

vlc to mp4 vm play step4

FAQs about Converting VLC to MP4

1. Does VLC Play MP4?

Indeed, MP4 is a universal video format widely used and compatible with different multimedia players; one of these media players is VLC. VLC can play and support not only MP4 but also various file formats. You can play FLC with VLC, as well WEBM, AVI, MOV, MKV, and many more. Moreover, this software can play hard to play and some corrupted videos that are not compatible with other media players.

2. What format does VLC convert?

VLC player can convert FLAC, FLV, MP4, MP JPEG, MPEG-2, AC-3, DV Audio, FLAC, MP3, Speex, Vorbis, and many more. It can also support streaming protocols such as HTTP, MMS, RTSP, RTP, UDP, etc.

3. Why do we need to convert the VLC file to MP4?

We need to convert the VLC file to MP4 because most of the VLC file formats are only playable and compatible with the VLC media player. Using different media players like Windows can’t support or recognize the video format. We are using MP4 since this file is a universal video format that is playable on any multimedia player. Aside from that, it can also compress the size file of the video.

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