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How to Unlock iPod Without Computer Plus a Bonus Tip

unlock ipod without computerPerhaps, one of the greatest innovations of Apple Inc. was their very own version of an MP3 player, the iPod. Not only is it more convenient to carry, but the production of the iPod touch also offers more features a regular MP3 player doesn’t have. Aside from playing music, the new generation of iPod now supports new features. The transfer and previewing of photos and videos, games, and even messaging. But, since it can now store more data, more security features were also needed to protect your information. These features include the lock screen password and the Find My iPod. But what if you forget your password and end up disabling your iPod? Or if your phone entered the wrong password many times while in your pocket? It will be a hassle because it is not only your music that will become inaccessible but also the other data you are storing in your iPod. Usually, this problem will occur while you’re on the go, so you’ll like to know how to unlock iPod without password or computer. In that case, this article will teach you how and a more convenient alternative for when you have a computer available when having this problem.

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Ways to Unlock iPod Without Using a Computer

You can’t always have a computer at hand whenever your iPod is disabled, and it can occur at the least expected time possible. What if it happened during your travels? It will be a bummer when you want some music on your trip. But, you must wait ‘til you can get your hand on a computer and unlock your iPod. So here are some ways to unlock iPod without computer.

Unlock a Disabled iPod Using Find My App

One way will be to use your iPhone or iPad’s Find My Application. But, this method only works if you have signed in to your Apple ID account on your iPod. Also, enabling the Find My iPod feature before is important. Follow these steps to do this method.


  • Open your Find My Application on your iPhone’s application drawer.
  • Select the Devices tab and look for your iPod. Tap it and then hit the ‘Erase This Device’ button at the bottom.
  • Confirm by entering your Apple account password. Then your iPod will automatically enter recovery mode and unlock by itself. Note that this will erase all your device data.

open find my, select device and erase the device

Unlock a Disabled iPod Using iCloud

Another way how to bypass iPod passcode without computer is by using iCloud. But like the first method, an enabled Find My iPod is needed for these steps.


  • Visit iCloud on your iPhone or any device, then log in to your Apple ID associated with your disabled iPod.
  • Open the ‘All Devices’ drop menu on the upper part of the screen, then select the iPod you want to unlock.
  • Select the third button below, ‘Erase iPod,’ and your iPod will automatically reset and unlock. This will also reset all the data on your iPod. But it can be restored using a backup.

erase ipod via icloud

Unlock a Disabled iPod using Siri

This method, although practical, only works for iOS 10 (iPod 6th generation) and earlier because the Siri loophole was fixed in newer versions. Plus, this method only answers how to unlock iPod without computer questions, and this is because it doesn’t erase any data, and the password remains. So if you forget your password, you’ll have to unlock your iPod by doing this method every time.


  • Activate Siri by pressing and holding the ‘Home’ button, then ask what time is it.
  • A clock icon will appear. Select the plus ‘+’ sign that will appear at the top-right of the screen.
  • Type the required characters in the empty search bar, then select the text to make the Copy buttons appear. Click the share button, then the Message option in the new display window.

ask siri what time it is, click the clock, type something, share it via message

  • Paste the copied message into the ‘To’ field by pressing and holding the empty box. Then, tap return on your keyboard.
  • Hit the ‘Create New Contact’ button. Tap ‘Add Photo’ on the new window, then choose ‘Choose Photo.’
  • This will take you into ‘Photos.’ Wait for a few seconds before pressing the Home button. Then you can now access your iPod.

paste into the to field, create new contact, add photo

Easiest Way to Unlock iPod if Computer is Available

Supported Devices: All the iPhone, iPad, and iPod–which is the device we need to unlock today–are supported.

Distinctive Features: Can wipe all types of passwords, remove Apple ID, remove Screen Time and unlock all your handheld iOS Devices.

If you were in the comfort of your home when the problem occurred, or you can wait until you’re in front of your computer to unlock your iPod, this extra tip is for you. Using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is much easier and faster to do than to unlock iPod without computer. The software can also help you avoid data loss since it can backup your device before resetting it to wipe the passcode. Furthermore, with the minimum system requirements of 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU or above, 1024 RAM, and 200MB free hard disk space, you can run this application smoothly to unlock your iPod without iTunes.

Start by downloading the correct version of the software. Click the downloaded file to open the launcher, follow the set-up wizard, and you’re all set to start bypassing your iPod password.

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Step 1 Select Wipe Passcode to Unlock iPod

You can choose three modes when using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker, but for this case, Wipe Passcode is what you need. Click the first button from the top to enter this mode, click start. You will be asked to connect your device to your computer, do this with the help of a USB cable.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Verify that the Specifications are Right

After connecting your iPod via USB cable, the software will scan and recognize your device, and it will display your device information to verify this is correct. If the software displayed wrong information, click the drop-down menu and manually look for the specifications of your iPod. Once done, click ‘Start’ to download the firmware.

verify the displayed specifications

Step 3 Download the Firmware

The next step will be to download the firmware compatible with the model of your iPod. This will help restore your iPod after the data and passcode wipe. Avoid interrupting the download so as not to cause file corruption. You can monitor the download progress at the bar below, displaying the download size and the download speed.

download the firmware

Step 4 Enter ‘0000’ and Unlock Your iPod

Once the downloading of the firmware is done, you can now finally unlock your iPod. Click the ‘Unlock’ button, then a message prompt will ask you to enter ‘0000’ in the empty field as a confirmation. Press enter or the ‘Unlock’ button beside the text-box to start unlocking your iPod.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I Lose my Data if I Unlock my Disabled iPod?
Yes, you will lose your data since the methods used to unlock iPod without computer work by resetting your iPod to factory settings, including the password. However, this can be solved if you have a recent backup of your iPod. You can restore the latest backup done with your iPod to recover the data lost.
2. Why Does The iPod Get Disabled?
As an extra security feature, iPod will get disabled after entering an incorrect password many times. This will prevent unauthorized users from guessing the password to an iPod many times and breaching the security feature. Although it is tricky to unlock disabled iPod, this is a beneficial feature for protecting the users’ privacy.
3. How to Put iPod into Recovery Mode?
You can turn your iPod into recovery mode by holding the power button off. After turning off the device, connect your iPod to your computer via a USB cable, then hold the Volume Down key. Hold the key until the Recovery Mode screen appears on your iPod.
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