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Accessible Way How to Unlock iPod Touch Without Passcode

Feature Unlock ipod Touch Without PasscodeDo you have an iPod, the password of which you have just forgotten? You will know that you will not be able to access your device without the correct password. It can not seem very pleasant for sure. After all, as a music lover, you should listen to and enjoy music at any time. Not being able to do so can indeed be frustrating. What might seem even more worrying is if you try to access it with the wrong password two times, you will finally get a disabled iPod. Once this happens, you will have to have factory rest to make it usable again. All this might seem pretty troublesome. Luckily, there are many ways to unlock iPod touch without password. Let us look at the best ones which you need to avail. We will discuss below three possible solutions to the problem.

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Using iTunes to Unlock Your iPod Without Password

If you are looking for a more excellent official way to gain access to your iPod, the password which you have forgotten is by using iTunes. It will be accomplished in a step-by-step manner. To some extent, the steps may vary depending on the iPod touch generation that you use. To begin with, you need to enter into the recovery mode on your iPod manually. Then you need to follow some of the following simple steps:

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  • Ensure that your iPod touch and computer are connected.
  • You need to enter your iPod into the "Recovery" mode. To some extent, this will depend on the Generation of the iPod you use. If you use the 7th Generation of the iPod touch, you need to press and hold the "Top" button. Following this, you need to turn off the iPod touch. Once done, the iPod will automatically be connected to the computer. It would be great to do this while holding onto the "Home" button.
  • You then have to locate the iPod on the connected computer. It can also be done on iTunes (PC). Once you see this option, you must choose the "Restore" option and say continue.
  • Once the restore process is completely done, you need to set up the iPod touch, and you can use it again. It works well if you have made a backup of your iPod touch before; you can restore the iPod from the iTunes or iCloud backup here.

choose restore to fix in recovery mode

Using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker

Unlocking your iPhone is now easier than ever. No matter your reason to open an encrypted Apple device, it can be an iPod or iPhone, such as a forgotten passcode or lost Remote Lock Keystone token - AceThinker's iPhone Unlocker can help! It is a powerful software that permits users without any technical knowledge to remove different lock screens, including those with Touch ID recognition for personal data protection through FaceID authentication on compatible phones running iOS 12 onwards, which will release soon, so don't miss out!

With the removal of an Apple ID, you will be able to change it back and forth between accounts. You can also disable Find My iPhone so that nobody else has access but yourself- make sure not to lose any critical data or settings! Remember that all profile restrictions may be bypassed with this software; you don't need any technical knowledge here.

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Bypassing iPod Passcode Using iCloud

To resolve how to get into the iPod touch without passcode, you can use iCloud. It will happen when you enable the Find My Device option on your iPod device. With the help of iTunes, you can avenue your locked iPod touch. You have to reset the iPod touch even without the set password. For this, you can do so using simple steps, which are as follows:

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  • You need to visit the website. You can do this on your computer. On it, you have to sign in with the Apple ID, and it has to do so using the user id you use on your iPod touch.
  • Once you have to do this, you have to select the "Find your Device" option and go to "All Devices."
  • From the list you will find here, you need to go to iPod in the list of devices. Here you have to click the "Erase iPod. "It erases all the past data, including the iPod password, which you might have set and forgotten.
    The factory reset will clear away all data and settings, including your lock screen password. You'll have to put up the device again when returning it!

bypass on icloud website


To conclude, or to sum up, we can say that the problem of being unable to use your iPod is pretty standard. However, use any of the three methods mentioned here to resolve the issue. It can be very effective indeed. Especially AceThinker iPhone Unlocker that you can even use to unlock iPod touch without iTunes. So, all the best!!

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Last updated on June 2, 2022

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