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How to Unlock iPod Touch Without iTunes, Effortlessly

unlock ipod touch without itunesListening to music has always been a part of the most popular ways people entertain themselves. Music is always a welcome addition, whether they are hanging out in their homes, in the shower, driving, or on a trip. This is why an iPod is a must-have for most users, as it allows them to listen to music on the go, anywhere and anytime. But, like most Apple products, the iPod touch also has security features. These are to protect the device from unauthorized access. This is usually a good thing, but what if your iPod suddenly stopped playing while in your pocket? Then found the words iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes? It could happen if your iPod entered incorrect password attempts while in your pocket or bag. Another possibility is if you forgot your passcode. Then tried to guess it but failed many times, resulting in a disabled iPod. You can quickly fix this problem by connecting to iTunes, which this article will be showing how to do. But if you want to learn how to unlock iPod touch without iTunes, you can read the whole article. You'll also know the other methods and pick up some bonus tips as well.

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Unlocking iPod Touch with iTunes

The recommended way to unlock a disabled iPod touch is to connect the device to iTunes and reset it. The process will delete all your data, including your security settings and password. Which will allow you to access your iPod touch without entering the passcode. But, you don’t have to worry about data loss if you have a recent backup on your iTunes. You can sync your iPod's latest backup after the reset.


  • Turn off your iPod touch by pressing and holding down the power button. Wait for the power slider to appear and drag it to the right to turn off your iPod touch.
  • Press then hold the volume down button for iPod touch 7th generation. But use the home button for 6th generation and earlier. Hold until your iPod enters recovery mode.
  • Connect your iPod to your computer via a USB Cable. Open iTunes on your computer. Then click ‘Restore’ on the message prompt to unlock your disabled iPod.

turn off ipod, hold the correct button, wait for recovery mode and restore via itunes

Ways to Unlock iPod Touch Without Using iTunes

But what if you don’t have iTunes? Or do you just prefer not to use one when unlocking your disabled iPod? If so, here are some other ways how to reset iPod touch without iTunes.

Fastest Way to Unlock iPod Touch Using an Unlocker Tool

The most convenient way to unlock a disabled iPod touch is by seeking help from an unlocker tool designed to solve such problems. It will not require much effort as you don’t need to go into troubleshooting mode and just let the software do the work for you.

Relevant Features: Can wipe all types of passwords and supports iPod touch 7 and earlier

Advantage Over Other Methods: This will not require you to connect to iTunes or iCloud, and it also doesn’t need an enabled ‘Find My iPod’ setting to work.

It is considerably easier and faster to unlock an iPod touch with AceThinker iPhone Unlocker than to unlock an iPod without a computer. The app can also assist you in avoiding data loss by backing up your smartphone before wiping the passcode. You can also use this desktop tool to unlock your iPod if your computer meets the minimum system requirements of 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU or higher, 1024 RAM, and 200MB of hard disk space.

Begin by downloading the correct program version. To use the launcher, double-click the downloaded file, run the setup process, and you're ready to start the easy steps of how to unlock a disabled iPod touch without iTunes.

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Step 1 Enter Wipe Passcode Mode

Click the first button from the top to enter Wipe Passcode mode. Since the problem originated from an iPod being disabled, wiping the passcode and resetting the device will be the right step. Click start in the next window to start to wiping process.

select wipe passcode mode

Step 2 Step 2: Connect iPod to the Computer

The software will ask you to connect the device to the computer with a USB cable. With other methods how to unlock a disabled iPod touch without iTunes, you will be asked to put your iPhone into recovery mode first. But when using AceThinker iPhone unlocker, you can directly plug your iPod touch into your computer.

connect your device to the computer

Step 3 Confirm if the Specifications Match

The app will scan and recognize your iPod after connecting it via USB cable, and it will display your device information to ensure it is correct. If the software presented incorrect information, use the drop-down option to search for your iPod's characteristics manually. After that, select 'Start' to begin the firmware download.

verify the device specifications

Step 4 Acquire the Firmware

The next step is to get the firmware compatible with your iPod model. This will aid in the restoration of your iPod following the data and passcode wipe. Download progress is displayed in the bar below, showing the download size and speed. To avoid file corruption, avoid pausing the download.

download the firmware

Step 5 Unlock Your iPod Touch

After the firmware has been downloaded, you can finally unlock iPod touch without iTunes. When you click the 'Unlock' button, a message prompt will appear, asking you to confirm your actions by typing '0000' in the empty area. To begin unlocking your iPod, press enter or the 'Unlock' button beside the text box.

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Unlock iPod Touch with iCloud

Another method to answer the question, ‘how to unlock my iPod touch without iTunes?’ is by using iCloud. However, with this method, Find My iPod needs to be enabled on your iPod touch prior to disabling it.


  • Go to the iCloud website using any of your available devices. You will be asked to log in to your Apple account connected with your iPod.
  • You can see all your devices by dropping down the All Devices menu at the top and selecting your iPod there.
  • Click the ‘Erase iPod’ button to reset and unlock your iPod. But, this will delete all your iPod data which is restorable thru backup.

erase ipod on icloud

Unlock iPod Touch with Find My App

If ‘Find My iPod’ is enabled, another option you can do is to use your Find My Application feature on your other iOS devices. Your Apple ID also has to be signed in on your iPod for this step to work.


  • Open your iPhone or iPad’s application drawer, then click the Find My Application.
  • Select the ‘Devices’ tab to see all your connected devices. Choose your iPod touch and then scroll down to the ‘Erase This Device’ button.
  • Enter your Apple account password to confirm your step. Your iPod should automatically start entering recovery mode. All your data will be lost but you can restore it through backup.

open find my, select devices, choose your ipod, then erase the device

Bonus Tips to Remember

It is frustrating to have a disabled iPod touch, especially when you love playing music but can’t because of this problem. So now that you know how to unlock iPod touch without iTunes, here are some more bonus tips to lessen your frustration when encountering this problem.

  • Always connect your devices, not just your iPod, to your Apple ID. Then check that your ‘Find My iPod’ or another device is enabled so you can use most of the unlocking solutions above.
  • You can write your passcode in a note and keep it in a safe place, so in case you forget, you can check the note and remember your password.
  • One thing that is as frustrating as a disabled iPod is an iPhone backup failed. Everyone hates losing files and essential data, and with the mention of this, it is also recommended always to back up your iPod to sync it later after restoring the device.
  • Don’t put your iPod inside a cramped bag or pocket to avoid unintentional unlocking attempts that might cause the iPod to be disabled.
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