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How to Unlock iPhone with Broken Home Button Effectively

unlock iphone without home buttonMost devices are protected with a lock screen depending on the owner’s choice for the users' and their data's security. The lock screen can either be unlocked by simply pressing the home button, swiping the screen, or with a passcode. But whatever the lock screen may be, most users will need to click the home button first to wake the phone before they can unlock it. However, there will be times when you will need to unlock your iPhone without pressing the home button. One instance is when the iPhone suffers from a hardware problem, and the home button is not working anymore. It can also be a software problem that causes the home button to be unresponsive or will take too long to be recognized by the iPhone system. Another possibility is that the iPhone is not broken, but you still want to unlock it without using the home button for faster unlocking. No matter the reason, here are solutions to unlock iPhone without home button. Continue reading the post to learn more about the different easy methods.

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Unlock iPhone Without Home Button Using an Unlocker

Salient Features: The tool can unlock all types of iPhones, iPads, and iPods without a password or pressing the home button.

More Useful Functions: Removing the Apple ID and the Screen Time Restrictions is also possible without any password.

Sometimes you want to unlock your iDevice without pressing the home button, and not out of convenience. It can result from an iPhone system bug or a shattered screen or buttons. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is a good choice in this situation to open the lock of the damaged iPhone. The professional tool can assist in unlocking iPhones with forgotten passwords and broken iPhones. To remove the password and lock screen, iPhone Unlocker will reset the iDevice and restores it to the factory settings using a downloaded firmware. Any iPhone running iOS 5 or later—the most recent iOS version is iOS 15—can use it. Additionally, the utility only requires 1024MB of RAM, 200 MB of free space on your hard disk, and a 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU. Selecting the correct download button below allows you to install the tool compatible with your OS. After acquiring the program, follow the how to unlock iPhone without home button steps listed below.

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Step 1 Unlock iPhone Without the Home Button Using the Wipe Passcode Mode

After launching the tool for unlocking, tap the top button. You can use this Wipe Passcode Mode for how to unlock iPhone with broken home button. The program will go over the characteristics of the Wipe Passcode mode in the following window, then hit Start. Lastly, use a USB cable to link the computer with the iPhone.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Verify the Broken iPhone’s Specifications

Next, the tool will scan your damaged iPhone. The details or specifications of the device will then be displayed. Before clicking the Start button, ensure the iPhone's specifications match those displayed on the screen. In that case, choose the relevant device information from the drop-down boxes.

verify the device specifications

Step 3 Download the Firmware for your iPhone

Your iPhone's firmware will now begin downloading. The iPhone will reset and restore itself with the help of the tool and the firmware, as well as unlocked. The status, size, and speed of the download are shown in the progress bar below.

download the firmware

Step 4 Use a Keycode to Unlock iPhone Without the Home Button

Before you can unlock your damaged iPhone, you must confirm the reset first by submitting the keycode. In the empty text-box, enter "0000" before clicking the button, Unlock, or pressing the Enter key on the keyboard. The data of the iPhone will be deleted along with the iPhone passcode.

Unlock iPhone Password

Other Methods to Unlock iPhone Without the Home Button

1. Use Face ID to Unlock iPhone Without Home Button

Face ID can be used instead of constantly pressing the home button to enter your password. After powering up the iPhone and placing it in a position where it can do a facial scan, Face ID will instantly recognize your face. Don't worry about identity theft because your face's biometric data will be stored in a secure area. To set it up, read and follow the instructions below. Here's how to unlock iPhone without pressing home button.


  • Open the Face ID & Passcode menu on your iPhone by going to Settings. You'll be taken to the password settings. Hit Reset Face ID first if a Face ID is already registered, but it is not yours. If none, move on to the following step.
  • To get the iPhone to recognize your face, tap Set Up Face ID. To prevent your Face ID from being compromised, ensure you are not wearing any masks or other face-covering items.
  • On the following window, select Get Started and then stick to the directions. You must adjust your facial angle and move following the instructions. Select Done once the iPhone has finished registering your face.

open settings, face id and passcode, reset or set up face id, register face, and done

2. Unlock iPhone Using Touch ID Without Pressing the Home Button

You can also use this next solution if your iPhone has a fingerprint sensor and supports Touch ID. Since you can do it through Settings, using Touch ID to unlock an iPhone without using the home button is easy. After turning it on, all you have to do to unlock your iPhone is place your finger on the sensor. However, this solution has a lower chance of success since some iPhone have their Touch ID sensor on the home button. Follow the guide below for how to unlock iPhone when home button is broken.


  • Locate and tap the Settings icon. To configure your fingerprints, swipe down to the Touch ID & Passcode.
  • You can select and toggle the features you want to enable fingerprint unlock. Utilizing it for Apple Pay, iTunes & App Store, and iPhone Unlock are a few choices.
  • To register your fingerprints, tap the button labeled Add a Fingerprint. Your finger should be placed on the sensor as the iPhone instructed, which will adjust itself. If you'd like, you can add more than one fingerprint.

go to settings, touch id and passcode, add a fingerprint

3. Remove the iPhone Lock Screen by Resetting with iCloud

If your home button is broken and you can’t unlock the iPhone because you have to press it before entering the password, here’s what you can do. You can turn off the iPhone lock screen so the iPhone will be unlocked immediately after waking the screen. To do that, using iCloud to reset the device is possible.


  • Visit the iCloud website on any browser. Then you will log in your associated Apple ID with your broken iPhone to the website.
  • Hit the All Devices menu at the top to collapse the list of all associated devices. Select the broken iPhone from the list to manage its settings.
  • Finally, tap on Erase iPhone to reset the iPhone and all of its content and settings to turn off the lock screen. The next time you want to open your iPhone, you only have to wake the screen to unlock it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Unlock iPhone without touch screen?
Unlocking your iPhone without using the touch screen is possible. You can unlock your iPhone using voice recognition, which is one approach you can use to accomplish this. Additionally, you can use Touch ID and Face ID to unlock iPhone without touch screen.
Can assistive touch unlock iPhone?
Yes, you can unlock your iPhone using the assistive touch feature. If, however, your screen is broken or unresponsive, this does not apply. In such cases, it is still preferable to use unlocking software like AceThinker iPhone Unlocker or learn how to unlock iPhone without swiping up.
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