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Unlock iPhone to Use Accessories Without Passcode Solutions

unlock iphone to use accessoriesApple continuously improves its security features to protect user data and identity. Aside from password security, iOS devices have additional features such as Screen Time and Restrictions for better protection. Moreover, Apple is also aware of the possibilities of data breaches or hacking through the USB port of the iPhones. There are also viruses or other malicious files that can be transferred through a USB connection which is why another feature was introduced. The USB Restricted Mode is a feature introduced with iOS 11.4.1 which prevents USB connection when the device is locked. When your iPhone is showing a notification, unlock iPhone to use accessories, the feature is probably turned on. The feature can be easily removed with a password if you don’t want it. However, it can be quite a challenge if you forget your iPhone password. It is not impossible, though; here are the different solutions you can do.

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Remove the USB Restriction with a Password

The natural way to turn off the USB Restriction feature is by disabling it from your iPhone settings with a password. But it is not recommended to turn it off if it is not intrusive since the feature is for your iPhone’s protection. Here are the steps to unlock iPhone to use USB accessories with your password.


  • Unlock your iPhone, then navigate to your Settings.
  • Go to the Touch ID & Passcode, or Face ID & Passcode from other iOS versions, and input your password to open the settings.
  • Find the USB Accessories option under the Allow Access When Locked tab, then toggle it on.

remove usb restriction with password go to settings and enter your passcode then toggle usb accessories on

Use an Unlocking Tool To Remove USB Restriction

Case-specific Feature: The tool's primary function is removing the password restrictions on iPhones, and it can also remove the USB restrictions without a password.

Other Great Features: Unlocking Apple ID accounts and Screen Time restrictions are a function of the tool.

Suppose you don't have your iPhone password. In that case, you can still remove the USB restrictions on your iPhone using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. The tool can remove the password lock on your device so that you can access the USB restriction settings without a password. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is also designed to unlock Apple IDs, Activation Locks, and iOS devices. It won't just disable the USB restrictions without a password. It will also download the most recent version for your protected device. Moreover, the operating system of the iPhone will be fixed. To use the program smoothly, at least a 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU or higher is needed for the system, 1024 RAM, and 200MB of free storage space. Learn more about the app to unlock iPhone to use accessories without passcode.

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Step 1 Open the Wipe Passcode Mode

The first button from the top, labeled Wipe Passcode, is the one you should select. The feature can remove the passcode of your iPhone so you can remove the USB restrictions. After that, connect the iPhone with restrictions via a USB cable to the computer.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Match the iPhone Specs

After connecting to the computer, the app will check for the USB restrictions passcode. The iPhone's specifications will be displayed on the screen. Check again to see if the display's specifications match those of your iPhone. If not, you can change the data on your own by using the drop-down option.

verify the device specifications

Step 3 Start the Download

You may now reset your iPhone by downloading a firmware package. The device's USB restrictions will also be removed. Thanks to them, you may finally access your iPhone and use accessories. The progress bar below will provide the information, making it simple to monitor the download.

download the firmware

Step 4 Remove the USB Restrictions Using the Keycode

To confirm, you must first enter "0000" in the blank text field. Enter on the keypad or Open the screen will unlock the Activation Lock on your iPhone. The reset will now start in the firmware package.

Unlock iPhone Password

Restore via iTunes to Unlock iPhone and Use Accessories

Since iTunes is a multipurpose program and removing the USB restrictions is one of its capabilities, you can utilize it. If this method to unlock iPhone to use accessories forgot passcode is used, removing the iPhone Activation Lock with iTunes will erase all of its data. Follow the short instructions below.


  • If iTunes is not yet updated, launch it and upgrade it to the most recent version.
  • Utilize a USB connector to attach the iPhone with the USB restrictions to the computer.
  • Click "Continue" after iTunes has detected the iPhone, then select "Set up as new iPhone” to delete the passcode and turn off accessories restrictions.

use itunes to remove iphone lock

Unlock the USB Restrictions with iCloud

You may also use iCloud to fix the issue if you forget your password and the iPhone says unlock iPhone to use accessories. Using iCloud, you can reset the iPhone and the password, but doing so will delete all of your iPhone's data. But if you have an updated backup, you can restore it. This is how iCloud may assist you in bypass unlock iPhone to use accessories.


  • Open up the iCloud website in any browser. Log in to the website using the Apple ID connected to your iPhone to see the settings page.
  • The list of all related devices can be expanded by selecting All Devices from the drop-down option at the top. Find your iPhone and click on it.
  • Erase iPhone is the third button from the bottom; click it. By pressing this button, you can disconnect your iPhone from the cloud and remove the password. The entire content and data will likewise be removed.

Remove the Password for USB Restriction with Find My

You can make this approach if you own or have access to another iOS device. The solution removes all data and information from the device and disables the Find My feature. Following the instructions listed below, you can remotely remove your iPhone password and unlock the accessories restrictions.


  • Launch the Find My App on your other iOS device after opening it. The Find My App is located in your iOS device's application drawer.
  • Look for the iPhone you wish to remove the password from by tapping the All Devices tab, which displays all of the iDevices currently associated with your Apple ID.
  • To reset your iPhone and turn off the USB restrictions on that iDevice, select Erase This Device.

open find my, select device and erase the device

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to unlock my iPhone to charge it?
This problem usually occurs when you have USB restrictions on your iPhone and are not using your original charger. It is because when the charger or lightning cable you are using does not meet Apple’s accessory standards, it may not recognize it as an innocent charging cable and ends up being restricted.
Why is my phone not connecting to USB?
If you are having problems connecting your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable, there are three common reasons for this. The three most common reasons are an incompatible USB cable, wrong mode of connection, or an outdated driver.

To Sum Up

Although the USB restriction mode can be turned off easily with a password, it is sometimes hard to do, especially if you forgot your passcode. Luckily, there is AceThinker iPhone Unlocker which can turn off restrictions on iPhone without password, including the USB restrictions.

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