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Quick Methods You Can Try to Unlock iPad without Restore

unlock ipad without restoreAs a way to protect user data, companies within the electronics industry always find new ways to increase their device security. But, one of the earliest security features for all devices is a lock screen passcode. It is usually a 4 to 6 digit lock, a combination of alphanumerics, or a pattern. Basically, these passcodes won’t let unauthorized users who don’t know the correct passcode open the devices. However, these passwords could end up keeping the original owners from accessing their own devices too. An example is when they forgot the password for their iPads. If that happens, they won’t be able to open their iPads until they remember their password. But another option is they could restore their iPad via iTunes. The problem is, restoring via iTunes will delete all of the iPad’s data, including the password. So this piece will teach you how to unlock iPad passcode without restore via iTunes. You will also discover why you should avoid trying to guess your passcode.

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Why You Should Not Try to Guess Your iPad Password

It’s frustrating when you try to open your iPad with your password, but you get an error message instead. Giving it another try is the practical thing to do, ensuring that it is not just because of a typo. But if you keep getting the wrong passcode message, the problem is probably a forgotten password. In this case, you should never try to guess your iPad password more than five times. Why? Your iPad could end up being disabled. It means that it will not be accessible again until the device is reset or restored. Before an iPad is permanently locked, the penalty per wrong passcode attempt is listed below.

  • First 5 wrong password attempts - You can continue inputting passwords without a problem.
  • 6th wrong password - The iPad will be disabled for one minute, and the user can’t enter another passcode attempt during the penalty time.
  • 7th wrong password - The iPad will be disabled for five minutes.
  • 8th wrong password - iPad will be disabled for fifteen minutes.
  • 9th wrong password - The disable duration of the iPad will last an hour.
  • 10th wrong password - The iPad will be permanently locked.

ipad is disabled try again in 1 minute

Ways to Bypass iPad Passcode without Restore

It is understandable if there are those who want to unlock iPad without restore or iTunes. Either they don’t want to lose data, their iTunes backup is outdated, or they don’t have access to iTunes. Here are three simple methods you can do.

1. Take Advantage of Siri Bug for iOS 8 to iOS 10 Users

Because the Siri loophole was patched in newer versions, this solution only works for iOS 8 to iOS 10 iPads. Furthermore, this method only works to unlock an iPad passcode without restore. This is because no data is erased, and the password is retained. So, if you forget your password, you'll have to use this procedure to open your iPad every time.


  • Press then hold the ‘Home’ button to activate Siri, then ask what time it is.
  • Wait for the clock icon to show up. Then hit the plus ‘+’ sign at the top-right of the iPad screen.
  • Type random characters in the search bar, then tap and hold the text. The Copy buttons will appear, choose the share button. Hit the Message icon in the new window.

ask siri the time, type a text then share with messages

  • In the ‘To’ field, paste the text you copied. Then, tap return or enter on the keyboard.
  • Tap the ‘Create New Contact’ option. Hit ‘Add Photo’ then choose ‘Choose Photo.’
  • After being taken into ‘Photos’, wait a few seconds. Then press the Home button and access your iPad.

paste in to, create new contact and choose photos

2. Use iCloud to Bypass Passcode

If you want to remove the passcode and not just unlock iPad without restore, then this solution is for you. However, this method will reset your iPad. You will have to disassociate your device from your iCloud to remove data, including the passcode. But you can still recover your backup, and it will not require restoring via iTunes.


  • On your iPhone or any other device, visit the iCloud website. Log in with your Apple ID connected to the iPad.
  • Hit the ‘All Devices’ menu at the top, then choose the iPad you will unlock.
  • Tap the third button below the interface, ‘Erase iPad.’ Your iPad will be disconnected from the cloud and will reset. But, it will also lose all passwords, and you can now access your iPad.

select ipad then erase ipad

3. Use Find My App to Remove iPad Passcode

You can also directly access the Find My App on your other iOS devices. Then you can control and reset your iPad and passcode there. However, the Find My iPad feature should be enabled first. Also, it will erase your iPad data, but you can recover them through backups. Here are the steps if you want to do this method and are eligible.


  • Go to your iOS device’s application drawer, then look for and open the Find My Application.
  • Open the Devices tab and pick your iPad. This will open the device settings, tap the ‘Erase This Device’ option below.
  • Enter your Apple account and password to confirm the reset. Your iPad will enter recovery mode and will lose the data and password.

go to all devices, select ipad then erase the device

Best Unlocking Tool to Unlock iPad Passcode

Distinctive Features: Can delete all types of passwords. Additionally, it can remove iCloud ID, Apple ID, and Screen Time.

Advantage Over Other Methods: The tool can work for any iOS version, doesn’t need iTunes and Find My enabled, and can backup devices before reset.

It is considerably easier and faster to unlock an iPad passcode with AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. The app can also assist you in avoiding data loss by backing up your iPad before wiping the passcode. You can also use this tool to unlock your iPad without restore and iTunes. And your computer only needs the minimum system requirements of 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU or higher, 1024 RAM, and 200MB of hard disk space.

Begin by downloading the correct tool version. To use the launcher, click the downloaded file, run the setup process, and you're ready to start circumventing your iPad password.

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Step 1 Select Wipe Passcode to Unlock iPad

When using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker, you have three options, but Wipe Passcode is what you need in this scenario. To enter this mode, click the first button from the top, then Start. You'll be asked to connect your iPad to your computer, which you can do using a USB cord.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Confirm the Right iPad Specifications

The app will scan and recognize your iPad after connecting it via USB cable, and it will display your device information. Ensure that it is correct. If the software presents incorrect information, use the drop-down option to manually search for your iPad's characteristics. After that, select 'Start' to begin the firmware download.

confirm ipad specifications

Step 3 Download the iPad Firmware

The next step is to get the firmware that is compatible with your iPad model. This will aid in the reset of your iPad following the data and passcode wipe. To avoid file corruption, avoid pausing the download. The download progress is displayed in the bar below, which also shows the download size and speed.

download the firmware

Step 4 Enter ‘0000’ to Unlock Your iPad

After the firmware has been downloaded, you can finally unlock your iPad passcode. When you click the 'Unlock' button, a message prompt will appear, asking you to confirm your actions by typing '0000' in the empty area. To begin unlocking your iPad, press enter or the 'Unlock' button beside the text box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find my iPad passcode?

Unfortunately, you can’t find your iPad passcode because it will go against the security purpose of the passcode. But, if you forgot iPad password and can no longer remember it, you can just reset the device or passcode.

2. Is Apple password different from passcode?

Yes, they are two different things. The Apple password is for accessing your Apple account and apple services. While the lock screen passcode is for unlocking your device screen, such as an iPad. Lock screen passcodes can be in the form of digits, alphanumerics, or patterns.

3. What passwords should you avoid?

You should avoid setting passwords that are easy to guess to avoid a data breach. Examples are 1234, 0000, your birthday, or other common number combinations. But, make sure that you will not use a complicated passcode that you might also forget.

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