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A Walkthrough on How to Unlock iPad Without Password

feature unlock ipad without passcode iPads serve as excellent devices for some as their entertainment partners, while some use iPads as their daily drivers for facetime calls and other daily tasks because of their large screen size. However, in some cases, you may forget the passcode of your iPad, or you mistakenly set the passcode wrong. It can get you in trouble because you do not know what to do, and not unlocking your iPad might be already freaking you out. Well, there is no need to worry as we have got your back. There are several simple fixes for how to get into iPad without passcode, and here we are going to get you through the complete process for the best 4.

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A guide to Unlock iPad without passcode using Find My Feature

So, the first and easiest thing you can try out for how to get into an iPad without the passcode is to use Find My Software. This is present on all Apple devices, and you can even use the web version. For this method to work for you, you must enable it on your iPad in the iCloud settings.

Below are all the steps that you need to follow to unlock your iPad:

  • So, the first step is to go to the iCloud website. You can use any of your devices. Once you go to the website, you need to enter the email credentials you used for that Apple ID on the iPad. As you log in, you can move to the next step.
  • On the website, you will see many different options appearing that you can use. However, the one you must be looking for over here is the "All Devices." Clicking on this button will open a list of devices associated with your Apple ID. You need to click on the iPad that you are looking to unlock without a passcode from the list.
  • It will allow you to see several options on the screen that appear, including the Erase option. You need to click on that. Now keep in mind that clicking on this will unlock your iPad at the cost of losing everything inside the iPad and not backing up by any means.
  • When you erase your iPad, you will need to initiate your iPad as a new device. If you had any backups, you could restore them to bring back some of your important files and applications during the initiation process.

unlock ipad without passcode using find my feature

Unlocking iPad without passcode using iTunes: How to do it?

Some people have a good habit of keeping their devices synced together. If you have an iPad that you have forgotten the password of and synced it with iTunes on your computer, you are in luck because here is how to bypass the iPad password using iTunes. Unlucky people haven't synced their iPad with iTunes because this method will not work for them.

  • To start this process, you need the computer with iTunes synced with the iPad. Just take the USB wire of your iPad and connect the iPad to the computer using this wire.
  • On the left section of the iTunes screen, you will see the information on your iPad. You need to go to the Settings section and click on the Summary button.
  • Clicking on the Summary button will take you to another screen where you will see further details of your iPad. There will be a restore iPad button that you need to click to unlock the iPad. Keep in mind that doing this will get rid of the password, but it will also wipe all data from your iPad.
  • Once the wiping process is complete, you can start your iPad as a new one again.

unlock ipad without passcode using itunes

How to open iPad without password using the Recovery Mode method?

So, you are searching for all the ways to break into an iPad without a passcode? Well, using the Recovery Mode Method can be another way to unlock your iPad. Luckily, there's a lot of troubleshooting that you can perform to fix such issues.

Below are all the steps that you are going to follow:

  • Sometimes you do not sync your computer with iTunes and in that case, using the recovery mode method is the best choice. To proceed with this method, you need first to open iTunes on any computer and then connect the iPad to it using a USB wire.
  • Now you need to put your iPad in recovery mode. You can keep holding the home and lock button simultaneously for the ones with a home button as long as you do not see the Connect to iTunes screen appear. The process is a bit different from the other iPad models without a home button.
  • Lastly, click on the restore option. Doing this will initiate your iPad as a new device without any previous content. However, it is also important that you remember the iCloud ID credentials for that iPad to initiate it.

unlock ipad without passcode using recovery mode

Unlock iPad Without Password Using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker Tool

If all of the solutions mentioned above work for you, the ultimate solution to your issue is using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker Tool. It will handle all the possible issues that keep you from unlocking your iPad without a passcode. Here is how you need to get things done:

Step 1 Download and Install AceThinker iPhone Unlocker for free

As it is a free tool available for Windows and Mac OS computers, you have to begin the walkthrough by downloading and installing it for free.

Step 2 Link the iPhone Device to the Computer using the USB Cable

Now, you have to get your iPad connected to the Computer using its USB cable

connect the device to acethinker iphone unlocker

Step 3 Start checking and downloading the needed Firmware version.

Once the iPad is connected, the tool will check it and tell you about the needed OS version. You need to download the iPad OS version to continue the process.

Step 4 Initiate the process and remove the passcode lock.

Once the downloading process is fully-accomplished, you can start the passcode removal process and let the tool do its job. It can remove the passcode from all iPad models, including the following:

  1. iPad Pro models
  2. iPad Mini models
  3. iPad Air models
  4. All other iPad models

In this way, you will quickly get back to your iPad without a passcode. However, remember the iCloud ID and know that your Data will be wiped when installing the new firmware.

Final Thoughts

If you have a device that you cannot access because of forgetting or losing its password, it is the worst. However, there's no need to worry because following the methods on how to break into iPad without passcode will surely help you out.

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Last updated on March 9, 2022

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