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How to Unlock Disabled iPad Without Apple ID Safely

unlock ipad without apple idBefore you can use your Apple Devices, you must create an Apple ID first. You need to register with an email and create your own Apple account address, plus a password to prevent unauthorized access to the account. After that, you can use your Apple ID to log in to your iDevices for more convenient managing and data sharing. One more critical function of the Apple ID is that it can let you access your cloud and backups in case you need them. An example is when you need to recover your forgotten password or you need to unlock your disabled iDevices. These problems need your Apple ID to be solved naturally. But what if you also forgot your Apple ID address and password? How will you unlock your iDevice then? In this troubleshooting article, you will discover how to unlock iPad without Apple ID and password in case it gets disabled. Some of the frequently asked queries of users about the iPad and disabled features are answered in the article's last part for extra knowledge.

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Professional Tool to Unlock iPad Without Apple ID

Best Features: Unlocking disabled Apple devices is free the first couple of times with this tool, and the restoration comes with system repair.

Pros Against Other Methods: The tool can unlock iPad without Apple ID, devices logged in to the same Apple ID, iTunes, and iCloud.

AceThinker iPhone Unlocker makes unlocking a disabled iPad much easier and quicker. Despite having the name "iPhone Unlocker," the program works with all iPads and iPods running iOS 15 or earlier. By backing up your iPad before erasing the passcode and unlocking the device, the application can also help you avoid data loss. Additionally, this method can still unlock your iPad even if you don't have an enabled Find My feature on your iPad or an iCloud or iTunes account. As for the minimum system requirements, your computer needs a 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU or above, 1024 RAM, and 200MB of hard disk space. After downloading the compatible version of the program on your computer, you may use the tool to unlock an iPad without Apple ID.

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Step 1 Start the Wipe Passcode Mode

Upon launching AceThinker iPhone Unlocker, you have three options, but in this case, Wipe Passcode Mode is what you require. Press the top button, then Start, to start this mode. You'll be required to connect your iPad to your PC via a USB cord.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Matching the iPad Specifications

The program will scan and recognize your iPad and display device information when connected to the PC. Check to make sure it is true. If the software displays the wrong specifications, use the drop-down menu to match your iPad's specs. Once you click "Start," the firmware download will start.

verify the device specifications

Step 3 Download the iPad Firmware Package

The next step is to obtain the correct firmware for your iPad model. You can use this to restore your operating system after resetting the iPad to unlock it. Don't interrupt the download to avoid file corruption. The file's size and speed are shown in the bar below, along with the download's current state.

download the firmware

Step 4 Use the Keycode to Unlock the iPad

You can now unlock your disabled iPad after installing the firmware. A popup will ask you to confirm your actions by typing "0000" in the empty field once you choose the "Unlock" option. Press enter or the "Unlock" button next to the text box to start unlocking your iPad. You have successfully unlocked the locked iPad without Apple ID.

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Alternative Methods if Apple ID is Logged In on Other iDevices

You can try these alternatives if you have doubts about the first method, which is also the best since it can work even without access to the Apple ID. However, the following two solutions in this section require that you still have access to your Apple ID via other devices that are still logged on. These are how to unlock the iPad if you forgot your Apple ID but still have associated devices.

1. Use iCloud to Unlock iPad

If you wish to unlock your disabled iPad and remove the passcode, use this method. This method, however, will reset the iPad. Moreover, you need a browser on your computer or other iDevices with an iCloud website logged in to your Apple ID. Here's how to unlock iPad without Apple ID credentials.


  • Open the iCloud website on your other iDevice or computer already logged in to your Apple ID.
  • Drop the All Devices menu down, then choose your locked iPad from the list you need to unlock.
  • Tap the rightmost button for Erase iPad to delete the iPad from iCloud and start its reset. After the reset, the iPad will no longer be disabled and lose all of its contents.

2. Unlock the iPad via Find My

You can use the procedure below if the Find My iPad is turned on on your locked iPad. As with the solution before, you need another iDevice associated with your Apple ID to operate this. The process will erase everything on the iPad, but an iCloud backup will allow you to transfer your saved data. Here's how to unlock iPad without Apple ID by using Find My.


  • On your other iDevice, look for the Find My application in the application drawer. Hit the icon to launch it.
  • Open the All Devices tab and view all of your connected devices. If your locked iPad is one of them, select it from the list.
  • Finally, touch the Erase This Device button to restore your iPad to its factory settings and also unlock it after the process.

go to all devices, select ipad then erase the device

Other Methods for Completely Unrecoverable Apple ID

In case you no longer have access to your Apple ID, even from other devices, these are some methods that you can still try to solve your problem. The following are still solutions for how to unlock Apple iPad without Apple ID.

1. Restore via iTunes to Unlock the iPad

A locked iPad can be restored and unlocked by using iTunes. However, the entire contents of the iPad will also be deleted. Only the files included in your most recent backup can still be restored. But there’s also a chance that you may still need your Apple ID if the process triggered your iPad’s activation lock.


  • Link the iPad to your computer using a USB cord with the iTunes open. Let the software scan and read your device.
  • At the window prompt that will appear, hit the Restore button to restore your iPad using iTunes.
  • The iPad’s firmware will begin downloading, which will unlock and reset your iPad. Your iPad will no longer be disabled, but there’s a chance that it will have an Activation Lock.

unlock ipad without passcode using itunes

2. Seek Assistance from Apple Service

When all else fails, you can always contact Apple Support for help. If you are also unsure of your ability to solve problems and don't want to try troubleshooting, do this. You can take your disabled iPad to the closest Apple Store or Apple Service Center to have it unlocked. However, remember that if you can't show that you are the original iPad owner, Apple won't assist you in unlocking your iPad. A great option to demonstrate ownership is to bring the box and receipt from the original iPad purchase. The personnel there will know how to unlock disabled iPad without Apple ID and solve your problem.

contact apple support

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I unlock an iPad that is locked to its owner?
If the iPad is locked to its original owner, the only convenient way to remove the activation lock is by having them enter the Apple ID and password. If they are far, they can remove the activation lock remotely using the iCloud or Find My feature by erasing the device from their account. But if the previous owner can't do that too, you can still try other methods to remove iCloud activation lock without password.
2. Why does my iPad get disabled?
The iPad usually becomes disabled when ten consecutive wrong passcode attempts are entered into the device. This security measure prevents the iPad from being breached by guessing the password.


If you forgot iPad passcode and end up with a disabled iPad, it will become doubly frustrating when you also forgot your Apple ID and password. Unlocking an iPad the easy way needs your Apple ID. Fortunately, AceThinker iPhone Unlocker can also unlock iPad without Apple ID easily as long as you follow the steps.

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