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Easy to Follow Guides on How to Undisable an iPhone

unlock disabled iphoneAt this age, people rely on their mobile phones. It is unavoidable that their devices are storing sensitive and confidential data. They could be social media accounts, online banking credentials, and other personal information. According to OpSec Security, 86% of global users have experienced identity theft and fraud. At the same time, hacking cases reached 2,200 cyberattacks per day during 2021. This is where the security password feature comes in handy. It keeps mobile phones locked unless someone types in the correct password. Restricting access from nosy people around you or protecting your data in case of stealing. Moreover, iPhones also have a disabling feature after entering incorrect passcode many times. What happens when iPhones end up disabled? And what can users do to reset their disabled phones? This guide will talk about how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes or WiFi. Plus, quick solutions for users need fast and easy fixes for their devices.

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What Does 'iPhone is Disabled, Connect to iTunes' Mean?

This message prompt's most likely cause is a lot of wrong passcode attempts. iPhones will enter a 1-minute lockout period after entering 5 incorrect entries in a row. And entering more incorrect attempts increases the lockout period. Then, the device will finally enter a disabled state once the wrong attempts get to ten times in a row. Although the purpose of the error, which is to prevent access or hacking, is helpful. It can be frustrating in some situations. Especially when you forgot iPhone passcode. Or when your phone happened to enter random passwords inside your bag or pocket. When this error occurs, you will need to reset your device to remove the lock and passcode. The possible data wipe is why we recommend having a backup. To be ready for re-syncing and avoiding data loss.

iphone is disabled; try again in 1 minute

Plenty of iOS users were having this problem. Searching for a solution to the question, iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes how to unlock? So this article offers methods you can follow on troubleshooting your disabled devices.

How to Reset Disabled iPhone Using an Unlocking Tool

Distinctive Feature: Using this software will not need you to connect to iTunes or sign in to iCloud.
What is it Best For? It is best for unlocking disabled iPhones and removing the different types of passwords without data loss.

One of the options you can choose to do when unlocking a disabled phone is using Unlocking Software. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is the most efficient application that knows how to undisable an iPhone. The software can remove every type of passcode. Including 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID or even Face ID. Furthermore, the software is compatible with the newest iOS, iOS 15. Guarantee that you can use this iPhone Unlocker regardless of the device you are using. It runs both on Windows and Mac. With minimal system requirements of 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU and above. 1024 RAM, and only 200MB free hard disk space.

To start unlocking disabled iPhones using this software, download the correct version first. Then start the installer once done downloading. The set-up wizard will guide you. Once finished with the installation, the main interface will show up on your screen.

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Step 1 Choose Wipe Passcode, then Connect Your iPhone

Choose the uppermost mode in the screen interface, "Wipe Passcode" mode. Clicking the mode will display a brief description of the selected one with a start button below. Use your cursor to press start. Then a message will prompt you to connect your iPhone that needs unlocking via a USB Cable.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Verify the Device Specifications

After the software has recognized the device, a list of specifications will appear. Verify that the information is correct to avoid having issues with the firmware. If a description doesn't match the device's, click on the drop-down options. Then find the one that fits your phone better. After verifying, click the 'Start' button to start the download.

verify the device specifications

Step 3 Download the Firmware

The firmware will start downloading on the computer for the wiping process of the device. And booting up the hardware later. Keep the download uninterrupted to avoid crashing or keep the firmware from corrupting. You can track the download's progress by looking at the numbers below the progress bar.

download the firmware

Step 4 Unlock Disabled iPhone

Once the firmware is done downloading, click the "Unlock" button at the center of the interface. Then a message prompt will pop up, warning you of the unlocking effects on your iPhone. After reading the warnings and continuing, you have to type "0000" at the empty text box as a confirmation. Finally, click unlock or enter to reset your disabled iPhone.

Unlock iPhone Password

Other Ways to Solve Disabled iPhone Problem

1. How to Unlock iPhone with iTunes (For Users Who Have iTunes Backup)

If you have a synced backup with iTunes, resetting your iPhone without losing any data is not a problem. In this method, you can wipe all the data from your phone, including the password. And then re-sync the most recent backup on iTunes to recover as much data as possible. Listed below are the steps to on iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes how to unlock.

User Guide:

    • First, connect your device to your computer via a USB Cable. Launch iTunes, and it will detect all the information on your phone.
    • Next, reboot your iPhone by holding down the power and the home buttons until the Apple logo appears. Once it appears, let go of the power button but hold the home button. Keep it on hold until a message prompt "Connect to iTunes" appears.

hold down power and home buttons, let go of power button then home button

    • It will give you choices to either "update" or "restore" your device, choose to restore. Select the most recent backup of your iPhone and start the restoring process.
    • Once done, it will erase all passwords. At the same time, restore all the backup data on the device.

restore disabled iphone using itunes

2. How to Unlock iPhone Using iCloud (For Users With Find My iPhone Enabled)

If you are signed in to iCloud, and your Find My iPhone is enabled, you can use the iCloud method of how to get into a disabled iphone. Like other methods, it needs prior backups to reset a disabled iPhone with minimal to no data loss. iCloud allows users to store a default of 5Gb cloud storage for free. This is why it is a must-do to make the most use out of it, especially since it is helpful in this kind of situation. Follow the steps below to unlock an iPhone using iCloud.


    • Open your computer and visit the link Then log in using your Apple ID.
    • Select All Devices at the top, then click on the specific iPhone of yours that is disabled.

 select all devices at the top

    • Erase the device, then confirm and confirm with your Apple ID password. The wiping process will start. Your locked iPhone will lose all data along with the passwords.
    • Restore the most recent backup from iTunes or iCloud to retrieve your lost data.

restore disabled iphone using icloud

To Sum Up

There are many methods to unlock disabled iPhone, but we recommend using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker since this tool have built int instructions and can better guide you with troubleshooting. Additionally, the tool is not requiring any backup when unlocking your iPhones. So, give it a try next time you need unlocking!

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