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How to Turn Off Restrictions on iPhone without Passcode

The Restriction feature, also known as the Screen Time feature on iOS 12, was created to assist the users (primarily parents) in keeping track of how long they spend on specific apps. This feature could be highly beneficial in helping people hooked on iPhones or iPads establish an appropriate habit of using their devices. But this could become an issue if you do not remember the Restriction password. Are you looking to disable Restrictions on your iPhone but aren't sure how to turn off iPhone restrictions without password? If you're in this situation, you can learn about some possible solutions to test. This article explains how to turn off restricted mode on iPhone without password using some of the simplest available methods.

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What Does Enabling Restrictions Actually Mean?

When you first create Restrictions, it is possible to ask what the meaning of enabling restrictions is? Restrictions are like parental controls, which means you can limit access to specific items and features. You can establish restrictions that ensure your children can't listen to music, read books containing explicit content, view movies or television shows with specific ratings, or download applications with inappropriate ratings for their age. This article will state how to turn off parental controls on your iPhone without a password on your iOS device.

How to enable restrictions for iPhone?

Step 1 Enable Restrictions

Go to " Settings > General". " Restrictions > Enable Restriction

enable restrictions

Step 2 Set Password

Tap on"Set up a Passcode for Restriction and then enter the passcode again to enable verification.

set password

How to deactivate Restrictions on iPhone?

If you remember the Restrictions passcode that you created previously, you can turn off the restriction in the following steps:

Step 1 Open Settings

Go to " Settings > General > Restrictions". Enter your current Restrictions passcode.

open settings

Step 2 Disable Restrictions

Tap the "Disable Restrictions" button and enter the Passcode for Restrictions.

How to Turn Off Restriction on iPhone without Password: 2 Best Solutions

Method 1: Turn Off Restrictions on iPhone without Password [No Data Loss]

In the first place, if you're trying to turn off restrictions on iPhone without password, the best way to do this is to use a specially-designed software known as AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. It will assist you in removing restrictions from your iPhone and ensure no data loss. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is a practical iPhone unlocking application that permits users to remove different iPhone screen locks without using passwords. Alongside Restrictions, this application will help you remove the Apple ID screen lock, iCloud account, and iTunes encryption of backups. To access this function to unlock your device, you must first ensure the Find My iPhone is turned off and iTunes is installed on your system. After unlocking, you must reset your device.

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How to turn off restrictions on iPhone without passcode?

Step 1 Choose the Screen Time Mode and Connect the device

Start the program and choose "Screen Time" mode. Connect to connect your iOS device to a PC via the USB cable.

select screen time

Step 2 Remove the Screen Time Passcode

Click the Start button to begin removing the Screen Time password from your iOS device.

Option 1 - Remove the Screen Time Password Beginning from iOS 12 or higher installments

Suppose your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad operates from iOS 12 to the latest versions. In that case, the program will begin with the Screen Time passcode removing process immediately after pressing the start button. When your iPhone allows Find My iPhone, it will prompt you to turn the feature off prior on moving to the following step.

The process will take a while to be completed, and then follow the prompts to reset your device.

Option 2 - Retrieve Passcode for Restrictions using iOS 11 or earlier versions

If your device runs the iOS 11 or higher versions and you don't have the security password on the iTunes backups, you may immediately get the passcode for restrictions. If there's encryption available for iTunes backup, you'll need to enter the password to unlock iTunes backup before proceeding.

remove screentime passcode

Method 2: Turn Off Restrictions on iPhone with the Help of iTunes [Data Loss]

Another method on how to take restrictions off iPhone without password is to use iTunes, which is free and does not require installing any third-party software. On the flip side, you'll lose everything on your device. It's fine when you've already made backups, and here's how you can accomplish it. Attach your gadget to your computer and launch the most recent version of iTunes. Click on your device's icon in the upper-left corner, then select "Summary." Select "Restore iPhone" and confirm your decision.

Bonus Tip: Try Recovering Passcode via the Settings

From iOS 12 onwards, the Restriction feature will be replaced by The Screen Time feature. Along with the change of the names, Apple also gives users many options, including resetting the passcode if you cannot recall your password, attempt to reset the password by following these steps. In the first step, click on Settings on your iPhone. Next, you must choose "Screen Time" and then select "Change Screen Time Passcode."Choose "Change Screen Time Passcode" in the window that appears. Select "Forgot Passcode?" and then enter the details of your Apple ID along with your passcode. Select a new Screen Time passcode and verify the modification.

turn off restrictions on iphone without password with settings

The Final Verdict

After reading our tutorial, you'll realize that disabling screen time without a password isn't a problem. There are two main options to accomplish this. If you're not concerned about losing data, you can use iTunes or you can just back up your iPhone without iTunes. The method you choose depends on whether you wish the device data to get erased. If you want to make sure you won’t lose any data, you can try AceThinker.

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