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Switch Off Find My iPhone Remotely with Easy Steps

turn off find my iphone remotelyThe Find My service allows users to track the location of their iDevices even if they are not with them. Moreover, the feature allows users to manage some of their device settings remotely as long as they are connected with your Apple ID. Also, the Find My feature needs to be enabled on your iPhone to enjoy the features of Find My. Aside from tracking your iDevices, you can also track friends' and families' devices with the asset tracking service. Furthermore, Find My allows users to play a sound if they are already at the lost device's site but cannot pinpoint the exact location. When the sound plays, it will be easier to locate the missing gadget. You can also use the feature to send a message to someone who has found or stolen your device while keeping them locked out. Users who have Find My turned on can activate the activation lock or even delete the device and its contents for added security. But there are times when turning off Find My is practical, such as selling the device or giving it away. Turning off Find My from the iPhone is easy, but if you want to remove Find My iPhone remotely, there are also methods. Find out about the solutions by reading this article.

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Turning Off Find My From iPhone Settings

The natural way to turn off Find My iPhone is by navigating through your device’s Settings. However, disabling the feature will require your Apple ID or iCloud password as a confirmation of the action. Before going into the methods of Find My iPhone turn off remotely, let’s look at the direct way first.


  • Open your iPhone, then navigate into the Settings. Tap [Your Name] to open the account settings of your Apple ID.
  • Please scroll down and hit the Find My iPhone button. Toggle off the Find My iPhone at the next window by flicking the slider off.
  • The iPhone will ask you to type your Apple account password to confirm that you are the original owner and you want to proceed with the change.

go to settings, tap your name, then click find my iphone and toggle it off

Use iTunes to Remove Find My iPhone

It's also possible to disable Find My iPhone remotely using iTunes. In this procedure, you will restore your iPhone via iTunes and set it up as a new iPhone. As a result of the reset, Find My iPhone will be disabled. However, you won't be able to restore the backup via iTunes because it will log you into your iCloud account and activate Find My automatically.


  • Put your iPhone into recovery mode by pushing the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button. Lastly, hold the power button until the screen displays the recovery mode.
  • Launch iTunes, then link your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Wait for the iTunes app to detect your iDevice.
  • Restore your iPhone by hitting the Restore button at the window pop-up. It will turn off Find My but will also reset your iPhone. Don't restore the iTunes backup after the process to avoid enabling Find My again.

bypass iphone lock screen via itunes

Switch Off Find My with Find My App on Another Device

You can perform this solution if you have another iDevice available. In addition to deleting all device content and data, the solution disables the Find My function. Because your data will not be available to the new users, it is an excellent alternative if you have previously sold or given away your iPhone. Deactivate Find My iPhone remotely with this method by following the steps below.


  • Open your other iDevice, then launch the Find My App. You can find the Find My App in the application drawer of your iDevice.
  • Tap the All Devices Tab to see all the available iDevices connected with your Apple ID. Look for the iPhone you want to remove Find My from and select it.
  • Hit Erase This Device to reset your iPhone and switch off the Find My feature from that iDevice.

open find my, select device and erase the device

Remotely Turn Off Find My via iCloud

Even if you no longer have physical access to your iPhone, you can utilize iCloud to manage it. You're good to go if you have your iCloud login information and your iPhone is still linked to your Apple account. The following is a step-by-step way to switch off Find My iPhone remotely through iCloud.


  • Open your browser on any device, then visit the official iCloud website. Use your Apple ID associated with your iPhone to log in.
  • Click on the All Devices drop-down menu to see the iPhone that you want to turn off Find My. Select the iPhone from the list.
  • Hit the Remove From Account button to disassociate the iPhone from your iCloud. The action will also switch off Find My iPhone, and the other users will now be able to access the device.

open icloud website, click all devices and select iphone, then remove from account

Safest Way to Turn Off Find My iPhone Remotely

Relevant Features: The tool can unlock and reset any iPhone, which will also remove Find My iPhone.

Advantage Over Methods Above: Using the method allows users to restore their backups after reset. The methods above will turn on Find My again by restoring backups using iTunes and iCloud.

AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is designed to unlock iPhones and passwords, but it will also solve the current issue. The app resets the iPhone using downloadable firmware, allowing users to set it up like a new iPhone. The iPhone will be reset to factory settings, with all passwords and settings, including the Find My function, erased. The firmware will also restore the iPhone's operating system and update it to the most recent version as an added benefit. iPhone Unlocker is compatible with all iPhones running iOS 15 and earlier. It requires at least 1024 MB of RAM, a 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU, and 200 MB of free disk space. Start the process to turn off Find My iPhone remotely with AceThinker by clicking on the compatible download button below.

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Step 1 Open the Wipe Passcode Mode of the Unlocker

To factory reset your iPhone, press the first button at the top, Wipe Passcode Mode. After the reset, you'll be able to turn off the Find My function in this mode. The software will prompt you to link your device after you click Start.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Look at the Device Specifications

Link your iPhone to your computer with the help of a USB cord. The unlocker will scan the device's characteristics and display them on the screen after connecting your iPhone. Double-check that the display and the specifications of your iPhone match to ensure that there will be no issues. Change the data manually if it doesn't match.

verify the device specifications

Step 3 Save the Firmware to the Computer

The firmware for your specific iPhone model will start downloading. This will reset your iPhone after the download. The download speed and firmware size can be seen in the bar below, showing the progress.

download the firmware

Step 4 Enter 0000 to Rest Find My

Click the Unlock button on the display window, and input '0000' into the empty text area. This will confirm that you want to reset your iPhone to factory settings. Press the Unlock button or enter on the keyboard to factory reset your iPhone. After the reset, Find My iPhone will no longer work on your iPhone.

Unlock iPhone Password


Turning off Find My iPhone directly from the iPhone settings is the easiest way possible. But when you can’t access the device, or you forgot iPhone passcode, the only choice is to turn off Find My iPhone remotely. You can do it with many methods, but the safest way to switch it off is by using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker.

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