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Working Solutions to Disable Find My iPhone From Computer

turn off find my iphone from computerAnother of Apple's innovations is Find My services. It is an asset tracking app that allows users to track the location of their iDevices. To be eligible for the Find My services, users have to create an Apple ID account first and log in on their Apple Devices. Then, they have to sign in to iCloud using the Apple ID, and then every iDevice associated with that account can be managed through the Find My App or iCloud. Find My lets you see all your devices in the Map as long as the feature is enabled on the devices. It also lets users know the location of family or friends and help locate stolen or lost devices. Furthermore, if the users are already at the lost device's location but still can't pinpoint the exact location, Find My allows them to play a sound. Making it easier to find the lost device when the sound plays. The feature also lets you display a message for someone who found or stole your device while keeping them locked out of the iDevice. Users can turn on the activation lock on devices that have Find My turned on or even erase the device and all of its content for extra protection. However, there are instances when users will want to turn off Find My iPhone feature no matter how useful its features are. Examples are when they are selling their devices or giving them to a friend or relative. Turning off Find My can be done either on the phone or remotely with a computer. Find out the ways to disable find my iPhone from computer and the iPhone directly on this post.

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Turn Off Find My iPhone Naturally from the iPhone

Before going further into how to turn off Find My iPhone on iCloud on computer, let’s look at the natural way first. Turning off Find My iPhone is simple if you do it via the device settings. You need your Apple ID or iCloud password to confirm the disabling of the Find My feature. However, you must still have access to your iPhone if you wish to do this method. Here’s how to do it.


  • Open the Settings of your iPhone, then tap [Your Name] to open the Apple account settings.
  • Hit Find My iPhone, then toggle the other Find My iPhone at the new display window.
  • Enter your Apple account passcode to confirm the changes made and turn off your Find My feature.

go to settings, tap your name, then click find my iphone and toggle it off

Other Methods to Turn Off Find My iPhone from Computer

If you can no longer access or open your iPhone, you can disable Find My iPhone from computer remotely. Here are two solutions to turn off Find My iPhone from an iPhone without a physical connection and one method that needs a USB connection.

1. Use iCloud to Remotely Turn Off Find My iPhone

You can use iCloud to manage your iPhone even if you no longer have physical access to the device. As long as you have your iCloud login info and the iPhone is still associated with the Apple account. Below is a detailed guide to turning off Find My via iCloud remotely.


  • Open your computer’s browser, then go to the iCloud website. Log in your Apple ID and password.
  • Drop down the All Devices menu on the top of the screen and select the target iPhone.
  • At the bottom of the website interface, click the Remove From Account button. It will erase all the device contents and disassociate them from the cloud. It will also turn off Find My on the iPhone and allows other users to access the device.

open icloud website, click all devices and select iphone, then remove from account

2. Reset via iTunes to Turn Off Find My iPhone

Using iTunes to turn off Find My iPhone from computer is also an option. You will restore your iPhone via iTunes to set it up as a new iPhone in this method. Find My iPhone will also be disabled as a side effect of the reset. However, you can’t restore the backup via iTunes as it will log in to your iCloud account, and Find My will turn on automatically.


  • Squeeze, then let go of the Volume Up button, then do the same for the Volume Down button. Finally, hold the power button until the recovery mode logo appears on the device screen. This will put your iPhone into recovery mode.
  • Join the iPhone to your computer with a USB connection. Launch iTunes and wait for it to detect your device.
  • Hit Restore on the window that will pop up. It will reset your iPhone and turn off Find My. However, don’t restore the backup via iTunes after the process, to avoid having the iPhone connect with the old Apple ID and turn on Find My again.

3. Turn Off Find My iPhone via Find My App on Mac or Another Device

If you have another iDevice available such as a Mac, iPad, or another iPhone, you can perform this solution. The solution will also delete all the device content and data, along with turning off the Find My feature. This is why it is a good option when you have already sold or given away the iPhone because your data won’t be accessed by the new users.


  • Open your Mac or other iDevice and launch the Find My App on the application drawer.
  • Go to the All Devices Tab and look for the iPhone that you need to disable Find My iPhone from computer.
  • Select Erase This Device to reset the iPhone and turn off the Find My feature from the device.

open find my, select device and erase the device

Using a Professional Third-Party Tool to Turn Off Find My iPhone

Salient Features: The software can unlock any password, even from a disabled iPhone. It can also bypass Apple ID and Screen Time. Plus, the relevant part of the current problem, it can turn off Find My iPhone from computer.

Advantage From Above Methods: With this software, it is alright to restore your backup after the reset. Unlike the other methods above, the Find My will be turned on again if the backup is restored via iTunes or iCloud.

Although AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is for unlocking iPhones and passwords, it will also work on the current problem. The software works by resetting the iPhone with a downloaded firmware so users can set it up just like a new iPhone again. It means that the iPhone will be reset to its factory settings, and every password and settings will be removed, including the Find My feature. Additionally, the firmware will also repair the iPhone’s operating system and update it to the latest version as a bonus side effect. iPhone Unlocker works on all iPhones that run on iOS 15 and below. It needs a system requirement of 1024 RAM, 1Ghz Intel/AMD CPU or higher, and 200 MB free disk space.

Download the version of the software that’s compatible with your OS, then install it with the help of the installation wizard. Launch the application and begin the process by following the steps below.

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Step 1 Go to the Wipe Passcode Mode

Select Wipe Passcode Mode, which is the first button at the top, to factory reset your iPhone. In this mode, you'll be able to turn off your iPhone’s Find My feature after the reset. After you click Start, the app will prompt you to connect your device.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Connect iPhone to Detect Specifications

With the help of a USB cable, connect your iPhone to your computer. After you connect your iPhone, the unlocker will scan the device's characteristics and display them on the screen. To ensure that there will be no trouble, double-check that the data provided and the specifications of your iPhone match. If the data doesn't match, manually change it.

verify the device specifications

Step 3 Get the Firmware

The firmware for your particular device will begin to download. After the download, this will reset your iPhone. The progress may be tracked using the bar below, which also shows the download speed and firmware size.

download the firmware

Step 4 Turn Off Find My via Reset by Entering 0000

On the following display window, click the Unlock button, and then type '0000' into the empty text field. This will serve to confirm that you want to factory reset your iPhone. To factory reset your iPhone, press the Unlock button again or enter on the keyboard. After the reset, you will finally disable Find My iPhone from computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I turn on my iPhone remotely?

Yes, you can turn on your iPhone remotely. This can be done by using the Find My iPhone app to remotely locate and activate your device. Go to Find My > Devices Tab > Select your iPhone > Erase This Device.

2. Is it possible to turn on Location Services remotely?

No, you can’t turn on your Location Services remotely. Even if you use Apple’s Find My iPhone or Device app, it is not possible. So, it is recommended to always turn on Location Services whenever you are going out in case of a lost iPhone.

3. Can I Use Find My to Sign Out of iCloud?

No, you can’t sign out of iCloud using the Find My App. If you need help to sign out of iCloud without password and hope to solve it with Find My, you cant. However, you can erase or remove a device from the iCloud account using the feature.

In Conclusion

You can turn on Find My naturally via the iPhone settings, but there are instances that you need to do it remotely. However, most methods won’t allow you to restore your backups, or you will risk turning on the Find My feature again. This is not the case with AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. You have the freedom to restore backups if you used it to reset in the first place. This is why it is the best method.

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