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Methods to Disable Find My Friends Without Them Knowing

turn off find my friends without them knowingOne of the main focuses of Apple devices' innovations is its security feature. Over the years, Apple has improved the iDevices' password protection and even added biometric unlock such as the Touch and Face ID. The Find My feature also improves the security of the devices not just from data breaches but also from theft or misplacement. Using the feature, the users can quickly locate their iDevices on the Map with the help of GPS. Moreover, owners can make their devices ring to make them easier to find if a device is stolen or lost. Plus, they can lock the device so no one can access it. However, the Find My feature is not only beneficial for the iDevice itself but also has other uses for other iDevices and owners. The Find My Friends feature also allows iOS users to keep track of each other's location as long as they agree to it and grant permission. It is helpful for the owner's safety since the other friend can monitor it and works for those parents who want to track their children's location. But what if you want to turn off Find My Friends without them knowing? It is possible, and the methods to do that are below.

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Turn Off the GPS or Share My Location

Before the Find My Friends feature works, users must turn on their location sharing or GPS. Without it, your location won't appear on the other party's device. They won't get notified of the changes, so they will not know that you disabled find my friends without them knowing.


  • First, you have to open your device, then go to the device Settings.
  • Look for the Find My option to access the feature and select Find My Friends.
  • Finally, please tap the Share My Location button to toggle it off. Save the changes, and your iPhone will no longer share its location with the Find My Friends feature.

go to find my then toggle share my location off

Sign Out of Apple ID to Turn Off Find My Friends

Using the Find My features, including the Find My Friends, you must sign in to your Apple ID account first. So, if you log out your Apple ID from the iPhone, it will be disconnected with the Find My Friends feature. It will also disconnect without notifying them that you turned it off since it is still on. Here’s how to turn off Find My Friends without them knowing.


  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings first, then tap at [Your Name] to access your Apple ID account and all of its settings.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Apple ID settings to find the Sign Out button. Tap the button to log out of your Apple ID account using your password.
  • After that, you can either sign in to a new Apple ID account or choose just to let it be.

sign in and out with your apple id

Remove the Apple ID with a Professional Unlocker

Salient Features: The professional unlocker can easily remove the Apple ID, even if you forget the password. You can also bypass the iPhone password and unlock disabled devices.

Advantage Over the Other Methods: Even without your password, you can use this to turn off Find My Friends without them knowing.

If you don’t know your Apple ID password and want to sign out of it, you can use AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. Even though the tool is for unlocking iPhones, it will also help you turn off the Find My feature since the tool can delete the Apple ID account from your iPhone without your password. The friends connected to Find My will not be notified, and they will not know that you deleted the Apple ID from your iPhone. However, using the tool to sign out of Apple ID will delete all the data from your device. There’s no need to worry, though, as the tool can backup your device before the reset and will even update the iPhone firmware. Using the tool only needs 200 MB of free disk space, a 1GHz AMD/Intel CPU, and a 1024 RAM system. If you want to know how to turn to Find My Friends off without them knowing, download the tool and follow the below steps.

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Step 1 Go to the Remove Apple ID Mode

You will choose the Remove Apple ID option from the second button on the main screen. The application will then ask you to connect your device to a computer. You'll need a USB cable for this. "Device connected successfully," will be displayed after the connection has been made.

go to remove apple id mode then connect device via usb cable

Step 2 Click Start to Begin the Process

You will see a new window warning you that continuing the operation would erase all of your data. Make a backup of your device in advance if you don't like to lose any data; once you are satisfied with your backups, press "Start" to continue. Make sure Find My iPhone is not turned on before continuing.

read the warnings and click start

Step 3 Wiping the Apple ID

Be patient while the procedure to delete your Apple ID is ongoing. Don't interrupt by turning off your computer or disconnecting the USB cable. Click OK when the process is finished, then wait for your iPhone to start.


Step 4 Cancel the iTunes Restore

AceThinker iPhone Unlocker will caution you not to use iTunes to restore or upgrade your iPhone. After you have successfully unlocked it, not doing so prevents the device from being associated with the original Apple ID.

click cancel and don’t restore

Other Methods to Sign Out of Apple ID Without the Password

1. Use iTunes to Restore the iPhone and Remove Apple ID

For the alternative method to remove the Apple ID from your iPhone without your password, you can use iTunes. Restoring iTunes and removing the Apple ID can also solve how to disable Find My friends without them knowing. The steps are listed below.


  • Open an updated software of iTunes on your PC, then link the iPhone using a USB cord. The computer will scan your iPhone.
  • After the scan, iTunes will also read the device and show the settings to manage your iPhone. Hit the Restore button.
  • Finally, hit the Restore button again at the window pop-up, then erase all of your iPhone data, including the Apple ID. You will now disconnect your iPhone from the Find My Friends feature without notifying them.

2. Remove the Apple ID Using the iCloud Method

If you still want another solution, you can remove the Apple ID without a password using the iCloud website. However, the browser you will use for this one must already be logged in to your Apple ID. The process will also remove all of your iPhone’s data, but it is restorable with a backup.


  • Open the iCloud website on your browser associated with your Apple ID only.
  • Select the All Devices option, then find the iPhone you want to reset from the list.
  • To remove the Apple ID from the iPhone, hit the Erase iPhone button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Iphone notify you when you stop sharing the location?
No, no one is notified by turning off the Location Sharing Services from your iPhone. However, when you turn off the location sharing, some features will not work. Find my iPhone will also be turned off when you do this.
Does airplane mode hide my location?
No, turning Airplane Mode on will not hide your location if the Location Sharing is turned on. It will only turn off your cellular services and Wi-Fi but not the location. If you want to turn off find my iPhone remotely, you can also try this method.
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