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How to Turn Location Off Without Someone Knowing Easily

stop sharing location without notificationAside from the GPS and location sharing feature of mobile phones, Apple chose to utilize the program and improve its features. They created the Find My feature to let users better manage their iPhones remotely. Users of the feature can use GPS to quickly find their iDevices on a map by using it. Additionally, owners can set their iOS devices to ring so that they are more obvious to find if they are stolen or lost. Additionally, they can lock the device to prevent access by others. However, the Find My function is not only valid for iDevices owners but also benefits users of other associated Apple devices. As long as both parties consent and give permission, iOS users can track each other's locations using the Find My Friends feature. Since the other friend can keep an eye on it and it works for parents who wish to track their children's whereabouts, it is helpful for the owner's safety. But sometimes, you may want to stop sharing location without notification for privacy and personal reasons, which is tricky but possible. Here are some of the valuable solutions you can do to stop your location sharing.

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Toggle the GPS Off to Remove Location Sharing

Users must first enable GPS or location sharing for the Find My Friends feature to function. Without it, the other party's device won't be able to see where you are, and they won't be informed of the changes in your GPS settings. Therefore, they won't know that you secretly disabled your location sharing. Here's how to stop sharing location without notifying them by turning GPS off.


  • You must first open your device, then navigate to the settings.
  • To use the feature, locate the Find My option and click Find My Friends.
  • Finally, please turn it off by tapping the Share My Location button. Your iPhone will stop sharing your location with Find My Friends after you save the modifications.

go to find my then toggle share my location off

Use a Professional Unlocker to Turn Off Location Sharing

Best Features: The professional unlocker can quickly remove the Apple ID to turn off location sharing even without a password. You may also unlock locked devices by removing the iPhone passcode.

Edge Against the Methods Below: This tool will work without a password, iTunes, or iCloud. It can also work even if the Find My feature is turned off.

One way of turning off the location sharing without notification is by logging out of your Apple ID account. You can use AceThinker iPhone Unlocker to sign out of your Apple ID if you don't remember your password. The tool can be used to unlock iPhones, but it also allows you to disable the Find My function. Given that the tool can remove your iPhone's Apple ID account without your password. The devices associated with Find My won't receive a notification and won't be aware that you deleted the Apple ID from your iPhone. The data and information on your device will be erased if you use the tool to sign out of your Apple ID. There is no need to fear, though, as the tool will update the iPhone firmware and can back up your device before the reset. A 1GHz AMD/Intel CPU, 1024 RAM system, and 200 MB of free disk space are all required to use the tool. Download the unlocking program and follow the instructions below to learn how to stop sharing location without them knowing.

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Step 1 Access the Remove Apple ID Mode

The second button on the home screen will be where you will select the Remove Apple ID option. Your device will then be asked to connect to a computer via the program. A USB cable is required for this. Once the connection has been established, the message "Device connected successfully" will appear.

go to remove apple id mode then connect device via usb cable

Step 2 Start the Process by Clicking the Button

A second popup will appear, alerting you that continuing the process would erase your data. If you don't want to lose any data, create a backup of your device first. When done with your backups, click "Start" to move forward. Before starting, make sure Find My iPhone is not activated.

read the warnings and click start

Step 3 Finish Wiping the Apple ID

While your Apple ID is being deleted, please be patient. Don't interrupt by unplugging the USB cable or shutting off your computer. When the procedure is complete, click OK, then wait for your iPhone to begin.


Step 4 Stop the iTunes Restoration

You are advised not to restore or upgrade your iPhone using iTunes by AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. The recommendation stops the device from being linked to the original Apple ID after successfully unlocking it.

don't restore via itunes

Sign Out Of Apple ID to Turn Off Find My Location

1. Sign Out of Apple ID from the Settings

You must log in to your Apple ID account before using any Find My features, including Find My Friends. Therefore, the Find My Friends feature on the iPhone will be disconnected if you log out of your Apple ID. Since it is still on, it will disconnect without letting them know you turned it off. Here's how to stop sharing location without notification through the Apple ID settings.


  • To access your Apple ID account and all its options, go to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap [Your Name].
  • The Sign Out button can be found at the bottom of the Apple ID settings page. Tap the button to log out of your Apple ID account using your password.
  • After that, you can create a new Apple ID account or use the device without signing into one. Either way, you have succeeded in performing how to turn off location without notifying.

sign in and out with your apple id

2. Restore Via iTunes to Remove Apple ID

If your Apple ID password is forgotten or unavailable, aside from using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker to remove Apple ID without password, you can use iTunes as an alternative to deleting your Apple ID from your iDevice. Since logging out of the Apple ID is also a solution of how to stop sharing your location without them knowing. A guide for using the iTunes method is explained below.


  • Launch your updated version of iTunes software on your Personal Computer, then connect the iPhone with a USB cable. Your iPhone will be scanned by the computer.
  • Following the scanning of your iPhone, iTunes will analyze the device and provide the iPhone management options. Click the Restore key.
  • You can now disconnect your iPhone from the Find My Friends feature without letting your friends know by pressing the Restore button once more in the window that will appear on the screen, then erasing all of data saved on the iPhone but will also remove the Apple ID.

3. Use iCloud to Sign Out of Apple ID

You also have the option to delete the Apple ID without a passcode using the iCloud method by visiting their website if you still need another option. However, you must already be logged into your Apple ID in the browser you'll use for this. The procedure will also erase all of the data on your iPhone. However, a backup can restore it. How to turn location off without someone knowing using iCloud is described below.


  • Open the iCloud webpage in the browser exclusively connected to your Apple ID.
  • After choosing the All Devices option, locate the iPhone from the list that you need to reset and remove your Apple ID.
  • Press the Erase iPhone button to delete the Apple ID from your selected iPhone.

Bonus Tips to Remember

It is essential to know that you are compromising your security when performing how to turn off location on iPhone without them knowing. Your device can be stolen or lost, and you will not be able to locate it using the maps of other connected devices. You will also have no way to lock the iPhone from unauthorized users when lost remotely. So before you turn off find my iPhone remotely, remember these reminders.

  • Take extra care of your iDevices with Find My turn-off because they will be harder to locate.
  • Use an extra strong password to prevent breaches when the iDevice is lost.
  • Don’t put the iDevice on silent so you can still make it ring by calling the device when lost.
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