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Reset Screen Time Passcode: Resolve Forgotten Screen Time Passcode

reset screen time passcode The simplest approach to prevent wasting too much time on social networking or gaming applications is to use the iOS device's Screen Time function, which checks app activity and forces apps to shut down when the allotted time has passed. And the latest iOS versions have significantly improved its performance. You can also create a passcode for further protection to stop anyone from changing your personalized settings without your consent. What would happen, though, if you lost your Screen Time passcode? How to reset screen time passcode? Do not panic; there are trustworthy methods for recovering the Screen Time passcode on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and they also prevent data loss. So, let's find out how to get rid of screen time without password.

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Screen Time Passcode: An Introduction

The Content & Privacy Restrictions on your iOS device are secured by a Screen Time passcode that Apple has issued. It even assists in establishing time restrictions for the apps you use on the smartphone. iPhones running iOS 12 or later will ask you to generate a Screen Time passcode after you've enabled the function on the device belonging to your child. Additionally, in order to access the Content & Privacy Restrictions on iOS 12 or later, you must set up a passcode. You may also put a Screen Time passcode on the restricted applications if you like the "Ask For More Time" option.The 4-digit Screen Time passcode is distinct from the passcode you used to unlock and lock your device and is a separate code. Your device's 6-digit screen passcode is used to lock or unlock it. This device is quite useful for parents. Since children are likely to know the passcode on their parents' device, the Screen Time passcode aids in keeping it a mystery. With only a few clicks, you may modify the Screen Time passcode on your smartphone. You must input the passcode in order to alter it. What if you misplaced your Screen Time passcode? Then, there is no need to be concerned because there are a number of ways to assist you in changing or removing the forgotten Screen Time passcode. Let’s look at how to reset screen time passcode.

How to Reset Screen Time Passcode on iOS Devices?

Solution 1: Reset Screen Time Passcode with Specialized Unlocker [Without Apple ID & Password]

Now, you might be wondering how to disable screen time without password? You must need to use a specialist screen time unlocker if you have forgotten your screen time passcode and wish to remove it without your Apple ID or password. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is one of the greatest solutions available in the market for that purpose since it can erase the screen time passcode without requiring an Apple ID or password. You no longer have to be concerned when you need to unlock the iPhone screen. Moreover, this clever iPhone unlocking tool enables you to erase various iPhone lock screens without passcodes.

Key Features

  • It works great with all the iPhone models and iOS versions.
  • Bypass all kinds of screen locks on iOS devices.
  • The forgotten Screen Time passcode can be removed without erasing any data.
  • You can use the software without the need for any technical expertise.

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Solution 2: Reset Screen Time Passcode Via Settings

How to remove screen time passcode? By using Apple's Screen Time Passcode Recovery program because it is more effective and makes the process simple. Of course, it also ensures the security of all of your data. As previously said, confirm that iOS 13.4/iPad OS 13.4 or later is installed on your device. Another thing to keep in mind is that Apple ID is connected with the Screen Time passcode recovery application. This means that before you can reset the Screen Time passcode on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you must authenticate using your Apple ID and password.

  • Your iPhone or iPad should now be in the Settings app.
  • Then choose Screen Time.
  • Select Change Screen Time Passcode next. To continue, you must choose the Change Screen Time Passcode option once again.
  • Select Forgot Passcode now.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password that you used to configure Screen Time on your device after that.
  • A new Screen Time passcode should then be entered and verified.

reset screen time passcode via settings

Solution 3: Reset Screen Time Passcode by Restoring iPhone via iTunes

This approach should also work for you if you're trying to figure out how to reset screen time passcode on your iPhone. Your iPhone's Screen Time will be reset if you restore it with iTunes. But you'll also lose everything. You can follow these instructions if you don't mind data loss.

  • On a Mac or PC, launch iTunes.
  • Utilize a USB connection to link your computer to your PC.
  • When your iPhone shows in iTunes, click on it.
  • Choose Restore iPhone from the panel's options.
  • To finish the restoration procedure, click Restore to confirm and then proceed as directed.

reset screen time passcode by restoring iphone via itunes

Solution 4: Try Using Default Passcode for Screen Time

Is there a default passcode for Screen Time in the event that you "can't remember my screen time passcode?" Enter 1234 or 0000 to confirm whether that is the situation. Some consumers said they used the default passcode to fix the issue since they didn't know the screen time passcode. So that you can check if it can work for you, you may test it. But since this approach only seldom works, you might want to attempt the more sophisticated alternatives we've outlined above if your iPhone's default password is useless.

use default passcode for screen time

Bonus: Tips to Avoid Forgetting Screen Time Passcode

As we have discussed the significance of remembering the passcode to access the feature, the following are some of the tips that can save you from forgetting the screen time passcode in the future:

  • Always try to set a passcode that will be easy for you to remember whenever you want to enter it.
  • Create the passcode from a sentence that means something to you. However, it shouldn’t be too small or easily guessable.
  • You can also take advantage of a service like iCloud Keychain, which allows you to create, store, and sync passwords.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many unsuccessful screens time passcode attempts is an iPhone capable of handling?
Regarding this matter, no official declaration has been made that provides a precise amount of errors of this nature. Unlike forgetting the iPhone screen password, which will disable the Apple device if you input it too many times, forgetting the screen time password does not result in the Apple device being disabled.
2. How can I stop staring at my iPhone screen so much?
Setting the screen time can, in part, assist you in resolving this issue. We do, however, hope that you may develop other hobbies to divert your attention, such as reading, sports, travelling, and so on, if you want to truly overcome this problem.
3. How can I reduce screen time?
Once you've finished resetting the screen time, select Turn off screen time under Settings >Screen Time. Of course, you might need to disable limitations password if your iOS version is less than iOS 12. If you wish to disable screen time without a passcode, you may also discover alternatives online.

Final Thoughts

You can use the methods listed above to reset screen time passcode if you have issues like "i forgot my screen time passcode" or "forgotten screen time passcode". The best and most trusted way to bypass screen time passcode is using AceThinker software. It offers the simplest yet most effective solution to bypass every kind of locks on your iOS devices.

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