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[Solved] How to Reset iPad without Passcode?

reset ipad without passcodeRemoving all the information on an iPad and restoring it to its original setting is something that you can perform by accessing the iPad's settings, as long as you have your password. If you're unable to remember your passcode or have been locked out for using the wrong passcode repeatedly, it's time to factory reset iPad without passcode. However, this procedure might not be as simple as it sounds, and many users keep looking for different ways to solve this problem. This article will share various methods with you, so you know how to wipe an iPad without passcode.

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Is It Actually Possible to Reset iPad without Password?

There are many scenarios in that you might have to reset your iPad without a password. The primary reason is most likely that you're restricted from your iPad and cannot remember your password anymore. Also, the iPad is locked out, and you have no choice except to factory reset it.

Through a factory reset, you can wipe out data and settings, such as the passcode for the lock screen in the iPad. After that, you'll be in a position to configure the iPadOS device and set up an entirely new passcode.

What can you do to reset the factory settings of the iPad when you've forgotten your password? In general, these are the four ways to do it:

reset ipad without password

How to Reset iPad without Password with iOS Unlocker

Key Features:

  • AceThinker removes all kinds of screen locks, including face ID, 4-digit, 6-digit passcode, and Touch ID.
  • It also helps remove Apple ID and Screen Time Passcode without a password.
  • The software is compatible with every iOS device.
  • To use this, no technical knowledge is needed.

First comes, if you're looking for the simplest or easiest yet most effective way, then you should consider using a specialized tool known as AceThinker iPhone Unlocker to reset iPad without a password or iTunes. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is an intelligent iPhone unlocking program that allows users to unlock the different iPhone lock screens without using passwords.

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Step 1 Connect Your iPad

Open AceThinker iPhone Unlocker and select the Wipe Password option displayed on the main page. Select Start and then begin the process. Connect the iPad to your laptop using the computer's USB connection.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Confirm Your Device and Download Firmware

If your iOS device is recognized and connected to the internet, the information will be displayed. Make sure it's accurate before you click it to begin downloading the firmware that you will unlock your device. The rule of thumb is that downloading firmware can take some time because the firmware size is massive.

confirm ipad specifications

Step 3 Unlock iPad Password

After the firmware is downloaded, you can select Unlock to start iPad factory reset without password. You will be required to enter "0000" to confirm it. After a short time, the password displayed on the phone's lock screen will be erased.

Unlock iPhone Password

Other Ways to Reset iPad without Passcode

1. Factory Reset iPad without Password using iTunes

A factory reset through iTunes will permanently erase any settings or data from the iPad, including passcodes and passcode. After reset, you'll be able to configure your iPhone in the manner of a brand new device.

To reset the factory settings of the iPad without password using iTunes:

Step 1: Connect your iPad to a PC and then start iTunes.

Step 2: Place your iPad in Recovery Mode. The procedure differs based on what model you have.

Apple with Home Button:

  • Press both the "Top" and "Side" buttons until the power-off message appears on the screen. Then move the slider to shut off your iPad.
  • Press "Home" and hold down the "Home" button meanwhile connecting your iPad to your computer.
  • Press "Home" and press the "Home" button until you get iTunes to display the text message "iTunes has detected an iPad in a recovery mode."

2. Reset iPad without Password via Find My iPhone Feature

It is also possible to use Apple's Find My iPhone feature to reset their iPad. This method allows you can reset your iPad without passwords remotely too. To find out how to reset your iPad without a passcode, take these actions:


  • Visit the iCloud official website and then go to the Find My iPhone section. Select the "All Devices" option and choose the iPad that you want to restore.
  • Several options are related to your iPad. Choose "Erase iPad," then click the "Erase iPad" feature and confirm the selection. It will erase your iPad without the need for a password. Choose "Erase iPad," then click the "Erase iPad" feature and confirm the selection. It will erase your iPad without the need for a password.

go to all devices, select ipad then erase the device

3. Reset iPad without Password using Siri

You can utilize Siri to unlock your iPad without having to restore it. This is how you can bypass the iPad lock screen lock without a password using Siri:


    • You can activate Siri by pressing the Home button on your iPad for several minutes. Then ask Siri the current time. "What is the time, Siri?" The clock will appear displayed on the screen. Press the clock icon on the right to access your device.
    • This will open the World Clock, and tap on the "+" icon to add another clock. When you search, enter the city's name and then click "Select All.

ask siri the time, type a text then share with messages

  • From all choices, choose "Share." You will be taken to a new screen that offers a range of ways to share. Tap on "Message."
  • A screen of "New Message" will open. In the "To" field, long press and click on "Paste" to paste the copied text into the field.
  • Wait for some time until you press the Home button. It will take you to the home screen, and you will be able to unlock your iPad successfully.

paste in to, create new contact and choose photos

Why Your iPad Needs a Reset?

Four requirements will determine how you should reset your iPad:

  • iPad is acting strangely, but the buttons and the screen remain responsive. This could be the case if your device appears to be running slower than usual, apps are not responding, or you are having trouble loading specific applications. In this situation, a soft reset can help.
  • iPad isn't responding to your swipes, or the screen is frozen. If your device isn't responsive and has a frozen screen, you will not be able to perform an easy reset. Therefore it’s recommended to proceed with a force restart.
  • iPad is shut off and does not respond to force restart or soft reset attempts. This is the if-nothing-else-helps kind of problem. Do not hesitate to perform a factory reset.
  • iPad is operating. However, you'd like to wipe out all information and settings before transferring it to another person. This is another scenario where you'll have to remove all content and settings.

reasons why ipad keeps freezing

Final Thoughts

No matter what, be sure to keep your data safe and secure. It is impossible to predict what will happen, and therefore, it's best to be ready for the unexpected. Since you can't unlock iPad without restore, if you're looking to utilize the default backup tools, we strongly suggest using AceThinker.

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Last updated on June 2, 2022

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