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5 of the Easiest Ways to Remove iCloud Lock Without Password

remove icloud activation lock without passwordNo one, no matter how old, can resist the excitement of a new phone. The thrill of knowing and experiencing all the device's features and setting it up keeps the rush going. But, this excitement could be a disappointment, especially for iOS users. Sometimes new iPhone buyers or second-hand users have an issue with their bought device and iCloud Activation Lock. iCloud Activation Lock is Apple’s way of preventing other people from using your iPhone if it is stolen or lost. They will not be able to open the device unless they know the Apple ID and password associated with the iPhone. But, there are cases when brand new iPhones are already protected with an activation lock, which causes an inconvenience. Furthermore, some second-hand users forgot to ask the original owner to reset the device’s settings and data. You leave them with an Apple ID that they can’t access and no password. If you encounter this problem, this article will teach you how to unlock iCloud without password. Then, finally, enjoy your bought iPhone. You’ll also learn other alternative steps and get to know some frequently asked questions about the error.

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Remove iCloud Activation Lock with Ease Using a Professional Tool

Distinctive Feature: Can remove iCloud ID, remove Apple ID, remove Screen Time and wipe all types of passwords.

Devices Supported for iCloud Activation: It can reset every iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Unlocking iOS devices, Apple IDs, and iCloud Activation Locks without a password is what AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is designed for. It is a professional unlocking tool that supports wiping out all types of passwords on iPhones 4 up to 12 Pro Max. Additionally, it will not just remove iCloud Activation Lock without password. But, it can also update your bought device to the latest version. It will install updated firmware on your device. It also has low system requirements of only 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU and above. 1024 RAM, and only 200MB of free hard disk space.

Hit the button of the correct version below to start downloading. Then install the software and launch it on your computer.

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Step 1 Choose Wipe Passcode Mode and Connect Device

Click on the Wipe Passcode Mode, the first from the top. It will address the problem of wiping out the iCloud Activation Lock. After that, connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB cord.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Verify the Device Information

The program will scan the connected iPhone and display the specifications after connecting. To avoid issues with the process, double-check that the presented information matches the iPhone's. If the data is incorrect, use the drop-down option to pick the correct information.

verify the device specifications

Step 3 Start Downloading the Firmware

A firmware will begin downloading, which will allow you to reset your iPhone. It will also delete the iCloud account currently logged in on the device, allowing you to use your iCloud instead. The progress bar below will display the details, making it simple to keep track of the download.

download the firmware

Step 4 Enter the Confirmation Key and Unlock iCloud

Before using the firmware to reset and unlock your iPhone, you must first confirm by typing the confirmation key '0000' into the empty text field. To unlock your iPhone, click Unlock or hit Enter on the keyboard.

Unlock iPhone Password

Other Ways to Unlock iCloud Activation without Password

1. Ask for Help from Apple Support if You Are the Rightful Owner

The best alternative for this problem if you are the rightful owner of the device is to ask for help from Apple Support. Apple will remove iCloud lock without password for you as long as you can prove to them that you have the full right of the iPhone as the original owner. Showing your receipt and the packaging box is the best way to prove your legitimacy.

remove activation lock using apple support

2. Ask for Help from the Original Owner if they are Nearby

If you encounter this problem with a second-hand phone, this method is for you. You can ask the original owner to enter the activation lock. To ensure that this error will not occur again, you can follow the steps below.


  • Go to Settings, then hit the General option.
  • Scroll down and hit Reset.
  • Select Erase All Content and Settings and ask the owner to enter their Apple ID and Password if required. This will delete all data and passwords from the device. Letting you set up your passwords and accounts after.

open settings, general, reset, then erase all content and settings

3. Remove iCloud Activation Lock with IMEI Number if You Have it

There are also third-party websites that offer solutions on how to bypass iCloud password. One of the best ones to use is Apple iPhone Unlock. But these websites are not free and will need you to have your IMEI number before proceeding with this method. If you still want to try this, follow these steps.


  • Visit the website and enter the IMEI number of your iPhone that needs iCloud Activation. Click the drop-down menu and select the model of your device. Click Remove Activation Lock to start.
  • After redirecting to the payment window, fill up everything and click Confirm.
  • The process could take up to 24 hours, and you can use your phone as usual while waiting for the confirmation that will be sent via email. Please also note that the website has a no refund policy, so double-check all your information.

enter imei, select device model, and click remove activation lock

4. Remove iCloud Activation Lock Remotely with Find My Feature

If the owner is not with you, it is also possible to remove iCloud Activation Lock remotely with Apple's Find My feature. The only requisite for this method is that your iPhone's Find My iPhone is enabled, and the original owner knows their Apple ID and password.


  • Ask the original owner to visit iCloud on their device.
  • Have them tap on the All Devices above and select the iPhone in your possession.
  • Select the third button below, which is Erase iPhone. It will reset all data from your iPhone and remove all passwords, including iCloud Activation Lock.

log in to the icloud website, select the device, then erase it

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Unlock iCloud Without Password on iPod Touch?

You can also unlock iPod Touch without iTunes and remove iCloud Activation without password using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Select wipe passcode mode and connect iPod to computer.
  • Confirm that the device specification is correct, then hit Start to download the firmware.
  • Unlock your iPod Touch and the iCloud Activation Lock by entering the confirmation key, which is ‘0000.’

2. Is it Illegal to Remove iCloud Lock?

It is not against any law, technically. But the device with bypassed iCloud Activation Lock will no longer be eligible for Apple Support services again.

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