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How to Remove Apple ID Without Password Using Easy Steps

remove apple id without passwordBefore someone can fully utilize all the features of an iPhone, they have to create an Apple ID account first and password. The Apple ID is what they will use to log in on the different features of Apple that can help them manage iDevices. Examples of those features are iTunes, App Store, iCloud, and more. Transferring data, subscriptions, and settings is also easier using the same Apple ID on different iDevices. Additionally, it will be easier to manage the iPhones remotely if they are connected to another device with the same ID. You can access them with Find My and Family Sharing. Protecting your Apple ID with a strong password is vital to prevent unauthorized access to all your associated devices. But the problem with making hard to guess passwords, sometimes the users forget them too. Forgetting your password will be a hassle when you want to do tasks on your iPhone that needs password confirmation first. Moreover, if you want to sell your iPhone or give it to a friend or relative, you’ll first want to remove your Apple ID. But doing so will need you to enter your password. This comprehensive post will teach you how to remove Apple ID without password.

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Sign Out of Apple ID from iTunes and App Store

One of the times that you will most need to enter your Apple ID password is when downloading applications from the App Store. There are apps in the Store that cost money to download. So, it is only natural for the downloads to be password protected to avoid unwanted purchases. If you desire to remove Apple ID without password so you can download apps, you can sign out of it from iTunes and App Store.


  • Unlock your iPhone, then go to the Application Drawer. Look for the Settings. It is often represented by a gear or wrench symbol. Click it.
  • Navigate to the iTunes and App Store by scrolling down in the options. Hit the button after you find it.
  • Tap Sign Out to remove the Apple ID from iTunes and App Store so you can download the free apps you want without a password. The Apple ID will also be removed, and you can sign in with another Apple ID that you know the password for.

Use iTunes to Restore iPhone

Another way to delete Apple ID without password from your iPhone is by using iTunes. In this method, you will need the latest version of the iTunes software on your computer to access your iPhone remotely. You can restore the iPhone to erase all its data and the Apple ID signed in.


  • Open iTunes on your computer, then link your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable. Wait for the computer to scan your iPhone.
  • After scanning the iPhone, iTunes will also recognize the device and show the controls to manage the iPhone remotely. Click the Restore button.
  • At the following window prompt, hit Restore again to confirm that your want to erase all your iPhone’s data. Doing so will remove Apple ID without password, and the deleted data are recoverable through a backup.

Use the iCloud Method to Remove Apple ID

If you want another method you can perform remotely, removing the Apple ID with iCloud is good. You won’t even need to use a USB cable with this one. Moreover, you can do this both on a PC and another smartphone, as long as they have a browser. Here’s a simple way how to delete Apple ID without password using iCloud.


  • Open the official iCloud website on your browser and sign in with the Apple ID associated with your iPhone.
  • Choose the Find iPhone option, then under the All Devices tab, look for the iPhone that you want to reset from the list.
  • You can either select Remove from Account if you only want to remove the Apple ID or Erase iPhone if you want to delete all data. It is better to use the Erase iPhone button if you’re selling or giving your iPhone away.

Remove the Apple ID with Find My

If you can’t use the iCloud method above because you aren’t signed in on your Apple ID on your browsers, you can use the Find My method. Using another iDevice with an Apple ID associated with your iPhone, you can do this method of how to erase Apple ID without password. Follow the steps below to know-how.


  • First, open your other iDevice, then look for the Find My application. Open your iDevice’s Find My to manage the other iPhone.
  • Click the Devices tab to access the list of the connected devices, then look for your iPhone. Tap the name of the iPhone on the list.
  • At the bottom, you can see an Erase This Device button. Hit that button, and all your iPhone data will be deleted, including the Apple ID. You can restore all your backups to avoid data loss after the process.

open find my, select device and erase the device

Safest Way to Remove Apple ID with Professional Tool

Salient Features: The tool effectively bypasses Apple ID and Screen Time. It can also wipe passwords and unlock disabled iPhones.

Bonus Functions: The tool will also restore and repair the iOS system as a side effect. It will also download the latest firmware version on your device.

If you can’t delete Apple ID without password from your iDevice, you can also use professional software to remove it. Using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is also recommended if you are afraid to mess up your device by troubleshooting. The tool is the safest method because it has safety precautions in the software to prevent device corruption. It even repairs your iPhone system and firmware for you in the process. Moreover, it is easier to restore backups with this method since, with AceThinker, you can restore backups anywhere. The software for Apple ID removal supports every iPhone that works on iOS 5 to iOS 15. With only 200 MB of free hard disk space, 1024 RAM, and a 1GHz AMD/Intel CPU, you can smoothly download and run the software. The steps below are specific for removing the Apple ID from your iPhone. But, you can also use the iPhone to unlock your iPhone and bypass Screen Time limits.

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Step 1 Enter Remove Apple ID Mode

Because the issue is with Apple ID, you'll select Remove Apple ID mode from the main interface's second button. The app will next request that you connect your device to your computer. For this, you'll need a USB cable. After connecting, a message will show, "Device connected successfully."

go to remove apple id mode then connect device via usb cable

Step 2 Begin the Process with Start

A new window will display, telling you that continuing with the operation will wipe all your data. If you don't like to lose any data, backup your device beforehand. Once you're happy with your backups, click 'Start' to move forward. Before proceeding, make sure that Find My iPhone is turned off.

read the warnings and click start

Step 3 Wiped Apple ID

The process of deleting your Apple ID will begin; be patient and don't stop it by shutting off your computer or removing the USB wire. After the procedure is completed, click OK and wait for your iPhone to boot up.


Step 4 Cancel Restore via iTunes

After unlocking your iPhone, AceThinker iPhone Unlocker will warn you not to click the 'Erase All Content and Settings" option. Furthermore, do not use iTunes to restore or upgrade your iPhone. These prevent the device from being connected to the original Apple ID.

don't restore via itunes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I reset my iPhone without the Apple ID password for free?

The best method to reset an iPhone without the Apple ID without a password for free is by entering recovery mode. However, the method involves many risks if users perform the solution incorrectly. It is recommended to use specialized softwares like AceThinker iPhone Unlocker to be safer.

2. Why can’t Apple ID unlock iPhone?

There are many reasons why Apple ID cannot unlock iPhone. Some of the possible reasons are using the wrong Apple ID or the wrong Apple ID password. Another reason is you had a typo, or the caps lock is turned on.

Summing Up

How to delete Apple ID without password when the Apple ID cannot unlock iPhone is something that can be fixed quickly because there are a lot of methods available to do it. However, it can still be scary to some not tech-savvy users. In their case, it is better to seek help from tools like AceThinker iPhone Unlocker to avoid complications in troubleshooting.

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