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The Best Ways to Remove Apple ID From iPad Without Password

remove apple id from ipad without passwordApple ID is essential if you want to avail all the features of your iPad, it allows you to log in to iCloud, download apps from AppStore and also keeps the content of your iOS devices synced. It verifies your identity and allows you to make purchases from Apple Store. Sometimes, it happens you don’t remember the password to your Apple ID or you buy a second-hand device from someone and now you want to remove it. How to remove apple id from iPad without password? In this article, we have provided methods that we are certain will work.

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When You Need to Remove Apple ID from iPad without a Password?

As we are well aware that if you don’t know the password of your Apple ID you won’t be able to access your iPad and nor will you be able to utilize the basic functions like downloading apps you like. Under what conditions you will need to remove Apple Id from iPad without password? We have listed them down below:

  • If you get an iPad handed down by a family member or buy a second-handed one.
  • If you want to sell your preloved iPad in the market.
  • In case, if you forget the password of your iCloud account.

remove apple id on ipad

Remove Apple ID from iPad without Password using iTunes

To delete an Apple id from iPad without password using iTunes, it is required that your iPad is previously in sync with iTunes. Then, iTunes allows you to restore your iPad and also can erase the Apple ID without password. Keep in check that Find my iPhone has been disabled on your device. The following are steps you can take to remove apple id iPad without password:


  • Connect your iPad to PC using charging cable. Open iTunes on your PC and click the device on the top.
  • On the left, from the menu click on Summary option. Now, click on Restore iPad and again click on Restore as it pops up.
  • Your device will remove the Apple ID and it will be restored. Lastly, set up your iPad by following the on-screen instructions. Also, if you want to restore your data click on restore from iCloud/iTunes.

Put Your Device in Recovery Mode to Remove Apple ID from iPad without Password

If you were unaware of previously synced your iPad to iTunes and still want to remove Apple ID without password using iTunes. Then, you will be required to put your iPad in recovery mode. You can follow the steps below:


  • Firstly, on your PC go to iTunes. Now, press and hold the top or the side button along with the up/down volume button simultaneously with Face ID to switch off the iPad.
  • Next, to connect your device to PC press and hold the home or the top button of your iPad along with the Face ID for at least 10 seconds or until the logo for recovery mode appears on screen.
  • Now, select the Restore option from Restore or Update. Once the restoration process is completed, Apple ID will be removed from your iPad.

Sign Out of Apple ID without Password via iCloud

To remove apple ID iPad without password via iCloud you can follow any of the two methods below:

From iPad Settings app:

  • Firstly, open settings app and tap on iCloud.
  • In the iCloud window, scroll down to the end and you will tap on Delete Account.
  • Lastly, to confirm the process tap on Delete popup.

From iCloud:

If you have bought iPad from someone and their Apple ID is still active on it, you can ask them to remotely remove iCloud account through PC. It will surely lift off the inconvenience. Here are the steps you can take:

  • On PC, go to and the owner will enter their credentials to log in. Next, click on Find iPhone.
  • Now, click on the iPad you want to remove Apple ID from All devices section.
  • You will click on Remove from account and the iPad will be erased. Now, create a new ID or sign in with your Apple ID.

select ipad then erase ipad

How to Remove Apple ID from iPad without Password Effortlessly?

How to delete Apple ID on iPad without password? If you’re still looking for the simplest or easiest yet most effective way to delete apple id from iPad without password. Then, you should definitely consider using a specialized tool known as AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. This iPhone Unlocker helps you to remove the Apple ID in case you forgot the password on any of your iOS device effortlessly. It takes very less effort and is not time-consuming like other programs. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker can unlock Apple ID and even iCloud activation lock on your iPhone or iPad in a matter of a few seconds.

Features Highlights

  • Advanced, minimalistic and user-friendly interface.
  • Effortlessly removes every type of password on iOS devices.
  • Removes old Apple ID without passcode with ease.
  • Remove Face/Touch ID, 4/6-Digit passcode in few clicks.
  • Removes screen time passcode without losing data.
  • Compatible with all the iOS devices even the new iOS 15.

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Step 1 Connect your iPad

Launch AceThinker iPhone Unlocker on PC and select Remove Apple ID from the main interface of the software. Now, connect your iPad to PC via USB Cable.

go to remove apple id mode then connect device via usb cable

Step 2 Eliminate Apple ID

After your device is recognized, click on the Start button to begin the Apple ID and iCloud account removal.

read the warnings and click start

Step 3 Enable Two Factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication and enter 0000 and tap on confirm. Then, authenticate your device information and tap on the start button to download firmware.

Unlock iPhone Password

Step 4 Complete Unlocking Process

Lastly, after the download is complete tap on Unlock and after that, the Apple ID will be removed.

apple id wiped

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to reset your own forgotten passcode of Apple ID?

  1. Go to Apple ID account page and click forgot apple ID or password.
  2. Enter your Apple email ID.
  3. Enter your linked cell number.
  4. Reset the password by following onscreen instructions.

2. How to remove Apple ID/ iCloud Activation lock of someone else?

If you are not in contact with the previous owner, then, there might be ways to remove Apple ID but the most compatible and efficient way is to remove with AceThinker iPhone Unlocker.


In this article, we talked about how to delete Apple id on iPad without password. You can remove the ID in multiple ways. Apple ID can be removed using iTunes and even by iCloud. You can also remove the password by putting the iPad into Recovery mode. But the most efficient and seamless way to remove Apple ID is with AceThinker iPhone Unlocker in a matter of few seconds.

remove apple id in ipad without a password

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