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Try Out These Current 6 Best Tools To Use as iPhone Unlock Software

feature iphone unlock software Forgetting your iPhone passcode is a normal thing that can happen to any one of us. Forgetting your passcode is not the end of the world. Getting your access back requires you to be able to bypass this passcode. You can easily unlock your iPhone using specific tools available on the internet. Your iPhone can also be locked if you move from one country to another. If you buy a second-hand iPhone, you might need to get the activation lock disabled before you can access it. The above situations are why a tool that takes care of passcode problems should exist. Interestingly, several iPhone unlocking software tools are available on the internet for you to use when you need them. These iPhone password removers come in handy to unlock various parts of your iPhone device. The suggestions below are some of the top iPhone unlocking software you should know about for your iPhone needs.

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AceThinker iPhone Unlocker

Easily unlock Apple devices without passwords.

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AceThinker iPhone Unlocker

AceThinker iPhone unlocker is a top choice for iPhone password unlocker. It is a handy tool that helps you bypass the passcode on your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. This returns access and control of your phone in a matter of seconds. Apart from unlocking your iPhone, this tool also allows you to remove your lock screen passcode, remove your Apple ID from your Apple device, and bypass the screen time passcode seamlessly. Its mode of operation is straightforward. To start using this handy iPhone unlocking tool, you need to download and install this software on your computer and kindly follow the steps below.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iPhone Unlocker.

First, install and launch the tool on your computer. On the internet, run a simple search for AceThinker iPhone unlocker, and Download the option for your computer. Once downloading is through, double click on the file and follow the instructions to finish the installation. Run the program when it has been launched. Following the installation, proceed with registration to access all its features.

Step 2 Select Operation.

You aim to unlock your iPhone. Your next step is to select wipe passcode and connect your phone. Confirm your device information before proceeding to download firmware for unlocking your phone.

select operation from acethinker iphone unlocker

Step 3 Complete Unlocking Operation.

After the firmware download is complete, select unlock to proceed with password-wiping. Enter “0000” where required and click unlock to confirm.


Another top valuable pick for unlocking iPhone devices is the AnyUnlock tool. It helps remove various locks on your Apple devices whenever you forget them. Aside from its unlocking feature, it also allows you to decrypt iTunes backup encryptions and provides a password manager that lets you view all the passwords you have saved on your iOS device. To start using the AnyUnlock tool, follow the following steps below.

User Guide:

  1. Download and install AnyUnlock software on your computer. Make sure you download the installation file specific to your computer’s operating system. Select the “Unlock Screen Passcode” option when you launch this tool.
  2. Select the Start button to proceed with the screen unlock process. This should start the firmware download process.
  3. After the download process, AnyUnlock will automatically unlock your iPhone or Apple device for you to use.

use anyunlock to unlock iphone

Dr. Fone

This is an easy-to-use iOS unlock tool with a straightforward unlocking process. It is handy for bypassing various types of locks on your iPhone or iPad. In a few minutes, you can get past the passcode on your iPhone and remove the locks on your iCloud. This tool does not require any particular type of tech skill for anyone to use, and it works on both the iOS and Windows operating systems. Follow the steps below to start using this tool for unlocking your iPhone device.

User Guide:

  1. Download and install Dr.Fone software on your computer. Launch this software and select the "Screen Unlock" option.
  2. Proceed to boot your iPhone in recovery mode. Before you bypass the lock screen on your iPhone, you need to boot your iPhone in recovery mode. Proceed to confirm your iOS device information.
  3. Unlock your iPhone. Download the firmware on your device and select "Unlock Now." This initiates the unlocking process. After a few seconds, your iPhone should allow you to access your device. Note that this process will result in a complete wipe of your iPhone and iPad.

use dr fone to unlock iphone

TensorShare 4uKey

This is another popular tool for unlocking your iPhone without a password. With this tool, you can bypass the password on your iPhone screen in a matter of seconds. You can use it to unlock your Apple ID as well without using your password. In addition, it helps fix a disabled iPhone without iCloud or iTunes. Follow the steps below to start using this tool.

User Guide:

  1. Download and install Tensorshare 4uKey.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and identify your device. Select start to begin the unlocking process.
  3. Put your phone in recovery mode and allow the tool to download the latest firmware package. After the download finishes, click unlock and wait a couple of seconds for this tool to unlock your device.

use tensorshare 4ukey to unlock iphone


This tool allows you to unlock your iPhone and iPad device without using your passcode. You have nothing to worry about if you forget your passcode when you have this tool in your arsenal. It provides unique device properties that help you regain access to your phone. Please note that you will lose all the data on your device once you finish your unlocking process. With the steps below, you should regain access to your iPhone.

User Guide:

  1. Download and install the ApowerUnlock tool on your computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and download the firmware package.
  3. Proceed to unlock your iPhone screen.

use apowerunlock to unlock iphone

UKeySoft Unlocker

This iPhone screen unlock software that enables you to remove your phone passcode from iOS devices. This includes removing 4-6 digit numeric screen locks, touch ID, and Face ID authentication from your phone. It offers unique services to help you get past passcode issues. It is simple-to-use, safe, and requires no technical skill to use. To enjoy the benefits of this tool, follow the steps below.

User Guide:

  1. Download and install the firmware on your computer.
  2. Select and download the firmware package to your iPhone when you connect it to your computer.
  3. Proceed to remove the screen passcode from your iPhone. This process might take minutes to be completed. Ensure you do not click on any pop-up that shows on your phone from iTunes or Finder while this tool is unlocking it.

use ukeysoft unlocker to unlock iphone

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Last updated on March 28, 2022

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Easily unlock Apple devices without passwords.
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