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Why Does My iPhone Fingerprint Not Working? Solved!

iphone touch id not working Over the years, technology continues to advance, and manufacturers are improving even our mobile devices. One example is the iPhone which keeps upgrading and innovating its security features. From having only a 4-digit PIN or alphanumeric password, there are now many options to choose from as a lock screen. Users can now use 6-digit PINs, Touch ID, and Face ID as a way to unlock their iPhones. Touch ID is trendy since it gives owners more sense of security when their biometrics are used to unlock the iPhone. The Touch ID works by scanning and recording the owner's fingerprints first. Then, when the owners want to unlock their device, they only need to place their fingers on the scanner. If the iPhone recognizes the fingerprint from its database, the iPhone will be unlocked for the users to access. But what if your iPhone Touch ID not working? This post will tell you about the methods that you can do when it stops working and also tell you some of the possible reasons. Continue reading to learn more.

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Why Does Touch ID Stop Working?

The addition of Touch ID is an interesting new feature of the iPhone as it is more convenient to unlock the device. Users no longer have to type their passwords most of the time and can unlock iPhone without swiping. Moreover, the feature is safe since the recorded biometric is encrypted and can't be accessed outside of the iPhone. However, the remarkable feature also faces some problems sometimes. There will be cases when the iPhone fingerprint is not working. Here are some possible reasons why your Touch ID stopped working for your iPhone.

  • Restarting the iPhone will lock the encrypted biometrics data. So after every restart, Touch ID will not work unless you enter the password first to access the biometrics record.
  • The iPhone can be facing bugs or software issues.
  • A hardware problem is causing the sensor to be unresponsive.
  • You are using the wrong finger, or there is no record of that finger in the Touch ID biometrics.

Use a Fix-All Unlocking Software to Repair Touch ID

Relevant Feature: The fix-all unlocking tool can turn off the lock screen and also fix your device's operating system.

Other Great Features: Users can also use the tool for unlocking disabled iPhones, bypassing Screen Time, and removing Apple ID accounts.

The professional unlocking software AceThinker iPhone Unlocker can help you when unable to activate touch ID. If bugs and other software problems cause the problem, the firmware package installed by the software during reset will help fix the OS problems of your device. After the restoration, Touch ID will indeed work again. Moreover, if you want to remove the Touch ID, you can wipe it without the password. This is useful when the problem is a forgotten password, so you can't access your fingerprint database. However, turning off the lock screen using the unlocker will delete all of the iPhone's data. You can recover them after through a backup if you have one. Download the compatible version of the tool for your operating system. Then you can begin fixing your Touch ID. Ensure that your computer meets the system requirement of 200 MB of disk space, 1024 RAM, and 1GHz AMD/Intel CPU.

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Step 1 Hit the Wipe Passcode Mode Button

Launch AceThinker iPhone Unlocker, then click the Wipe Passcode mode button at the top of the main screen. In this feature, users can fix the iOS system and remove the Touch ID. Next, attach your iPhone to the computer by using a USB Cable.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Verifying the iPhone Specifications

Once connected, the app will scan the iPhone to establish its specifications. The screen will provide details regarding the iPhone. Make sure any firmware you download is compatible with your iPhone before downloading. After you have verified your information, click Start.

verify the device specifications

Step 3 Firmware Package Downloading

The software will let you know that the firmware package has begun downloading. The progress bar below displays the size and rate of the download. The iPhone's system will be both restored and fixed by the update.

download the firmware

Step 4 Remove Touch ID with the Keycode

Drag the cursor to the center after the download is finished, then click the Unlock button. This will launch a new window with an empty text field that you must fill with the number 0000. This verifies that you want to fix the system and remove the Touch ID on your iPhone by returning it to its factory settings. Once you've entered the code, hit Enter or Unlock on the keyboard.

Unlock iPhone Password

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Other Ways to Remove Touch ID That’s Not Working

1. Restore the iPhone Using iTunes to Remove Touch ID

With the iTunes technique, you can disable the Touch ID that's not working without using your iPhone's password. However, it would help if you disabled Find My iPhone. Otherwise, using iTunes to fix the Touch ID is not possible. You can use the instructions below to fix the fingerprint not working on iPhone. However, this will also delete your iPhone content, including the Touch ID biometric records.


  • Connect your iPhone with an unresponsive Touch ID to your PC via a USB cord.
  • Open iTunes on your computer, then select the icon for your device.
  • To restart the phone, select Restore iPhone. All of your phone's data, including password restrictions, will be deleted in this process. You can now unlock your iPhone without using the Touch ID if it is not working.

2. Remove the Touch ID with iCloud

If Find My iPhone is on and the iTunes approach doesn't work for you, you can try the iCloud solution. The iCloud technique also allows you to remove Touch ID without a password. However, it will also remove all your data that can be recovered via backups. Here's how to solve the Apple Touch ID not working using iCloud.


  • To access the devices and iCloud capabilities, go to the iCloud website and sign in using your Apple Account.
  • Select your iPhone from the list by collapsing the drop-down menu for All Devices. It can be found in the uppermost part of the screen.
  • Click the Erase iPhone option below to reset the iPhone and erase all its lock screens and passwords. The Touch ID that's not working well also be erased.

To Sum Up

There are a lot of reasons why the Touch ID or iPhone fingerprint not working. But you can't be sure about the cause, so it is better to use a Fix-All software like AceThinker iPhone unlocker than spend a lot of time troubleshooting.

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